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    Why Nurses Are Leaving the Bedside In Droves

    It is not as simple as you make it appear. I had a non-nurse supervisor at a hospital call center. All my boss needed to get the job was a master's degree in business and some experience. When ever I had questions about how to handle some of the patients medical issues, he quickly let me know that he is not a nurse and would not be able to help me. These types of situations are becoming more and more common.
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    Failed class, still continued, not fair

    It may or may not be justified but it is common in the field of nursing. No not always fair but pick and choose your battles going forward.
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    You do have a point as to some of the videos are in correct or done differently depending on who and what.
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    ICU Nurse Fired For Refusing 3rd Patient

    Sometimes it isn't an easy choice.
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    Confused and Depressed about Performance

    Try to get used to hearing, you need to improve on this or do better at this, it is at the core of nursing. However know that if you aren't in danger of losing your job, you are doing things right enough. Your preceptor does not seem to know how to communicate without sounding to harsh. You are coming into a setting where people are used to their crew and have to find away to accept you plus help you. Keep that in mind.
  6. A higher up admin lady visited my unit and asked if we needed anything, if any changes could help the unit to run smoother and the nursing supervisor (this is the same one that rarely leaves her office to help the nurses out but she is great with delegating work to nurses that are already bombarded to help her buddy nurses out) said, we only need more techs but not anymore nurses, we have enough. Do we really? Where I work, the nurses are overworked due to not having enough nurses. We are each doing the work of atleast two nurses. Stuff like this pizzes me off. One of the nurses agreed. I disagreed. The nurse felt that if we hired more nurses it would affect the current nurses in that, we would not get raises. Well when the turnover rate is so bad that the loss in many of nurses leaving exceeds the cost to just higher enough nurses, creating stability for the unit, what is the point in not hiring more nurses?
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    So we have enough nurses nursing supervisor, really?

    To me it is the same (for just a few minutes, let's throw out the idea of saving money because right now it isn't happening), they may as well put the money to a better cause (don't hire a ton more of nurses often, just staff appropriately, it's the same thing), they are hiring the nurses often (high turnover rate) that they claim are to expensive (when staffing appropriately).
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    Tired and burnt out from the abuse

    All I can offer you is a it is rough and even changing this and that doesn't always make it better. You either have to push through in staying with nursing (changing this and that) or get out of it.
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    Great salary but sometimes I wonder...

    Maybe the patients who need to learn how to do it themselves would. Lol!
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    FNP Made to Work Alone?

    Geez, even the FNP can't catch a break. This is why I am not sure I want to become a NP.
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    Would you stay?

    I would not leave, what is the point? You will run into something similar somewhere else. Don't leave unless it gets so bad that you can't tolerate any of it, just stay put. The whole leave if you are unhappy only works if you have the option to work in a place that is super rare. The conditions are making you unhappy and these conditions exist in so many places, that is why nurses job hop so much to the point they leave the field completly. Most places have medical assistants like the one your are describing. If someone at work ask me for a tylenol I tell them no. There is too much that can go wrong. Just focus more on providing care to the patients. Keep professional boundaries between you and the staff. If you don't understand what that means, educate yourself on it, like is this or that appropriate before you act. If the staff member did not check in to see you, she is on her own, sorry but that is just the way it goes. Not saying you don't assist her to get help but you don't given her an injection that requires a precription from you. The staff will come around in time. They just have to get use to you. Sadly many assistants do pretty much run places because they are allowed to by higher powers so it will take some gentle pushing to get them to listen. Management or your boss most likely knows this stuff is going on and does not want to get involved so be careful how you go about addressing it. I find that getting the staff to respect you is more effective then reporting them to a boss that doesn't care. It takes time and it is all in how you ask sometimes.
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    Don't yell at co-workers in front of people

    If only we could put some of these animalistic people in cages, O well.
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    Suspended for touching a child's head and face

    Has anyone ever said anything to you about not touching children they way you did? Your situation just reminded me of an admission that I did. I sad down in the room in front of the computer and the patient a female, sat her chair close to mine. I had to tell her that I have to move back because I can't be that close to her. She took it well. Nowadays as nurses we really have to watch our backs because there are so many of us (so many nurses being pumped out of schools) that we are easily replaceable. The other thing is I am noticing many nurses whom are close to reaching retirement being fired. I personally would have asked the patient if it is okay for me to touch them in an appropriate way of course. I also notice many nurses at my job doing IM injections in the patients butt but if I can go for the deltoid I do. I know that the buttocks allows for more medication adminstration versus the deltoid so I weigh my options and see if the deltoid is a choice I can make.
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    I Was Fired...for Being Abrasive and Having Attitude

    Shame about it is a hospital will allow a slacker that is friendly to retain the job over someone who is trying to get the job done that is more direct. Nothing in your post warranted you being fired the way you were. You weren't given enough time to be allowed in the cliques environment (nursing politics at its finest). There are way more post of new grads suffering abuse from co-workers then I can count. Since you weren't the bosses favorite you weren't given immunity either. Next time don't cry in front of a co-worker who is making a judgement about you, it comes across that they are completely right about what they feel about you. I have a feeling that this place does this all the times until they find the right one that they can push around. The people complaining had no real examples of what you were doing and saying that was wrong but just told you to change. Provide an example of something you were asked and how you responded with no filter.
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    My career is costing me my mental health and I am afraid

    Isn't there atleast a 100 number that you can start with? Most jobs provide this information during orientation.
  16. I will give you some advice as you seem desperate. One thing that will make a big difference is if you have noise maker door that will sound when someone opens doors to go outside. It will alert you that your son is trying to leave the home. It is like having a bell on a door but this method I am speaking on is electronic. Your son is bored in the home and that is why he is wandering besides his condition. He needs to be engaged in something at the house. I think it will get better but you will have to create some more structure for him.

  17. So you should know healthcare isn't for you, if you would even consider accounting with that much healthcare experience. 11 years of healthcare experience and you are working on an accounting degree? I hope it works out for you as a nurse but I won't be shocked when I see a, I was going for accounting but now I regret being a nurse. I was a CNA for many years working around nurses and thought I knew what it would feel like working as a nurse but boy was I in for a rude awakening when I became an RN and had to deal with RN responsibilities.
  18. You didn't make a mistake, you are just facing some challenges and you can face challenges with nursing. You may have to work in a nursing home for a year or two, maybe more before you can get a hospital job, you may not get to be the type of nurse you want. You could go to school to be an ER nurse and end up only a med-surg nurse etc. You went to school to be an accountant and you will definitely graduate as an accountant. Please don't give up on accounting because you can own your own practice without all of the stress that you will face as nurse. Many people don't have an analytical mind to do accounting so they are stuck with nursing. Keep plugging those applications in. This is nothing new, nurses after graduation get tons of rejection letters and have to get jobs at starbucks temporarily, many just completely give up and don't even use the degree. Yes it can turn out alright for you as a nurse but you only have a bump in the road with accounting and are giving up too easily.
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    Getting fired for not answering call bell?

    The joys of working in a LTC. I worked in one many years ago and I was scheduled to work 3-11 but we were so short and the patients needed so much help (many should have been on a medsurg floor) that none of the people I worked with including me left until 3 am in the morning.
  20. I understand there may be times when us nurses are running late. I get it. Poo Poo happens but don't get off topic in this long rant that has nothing to do with shift report. I need to give you my patients so I can go home. Especially don't say something dumb like, O you could have given report to the charge, you didn't have to wait. I will tell you, I don't operate that way if you are only a few minutes but don't waste my time. I will bring it to your attention that you are wasting my time, meaning I will say excuse me, I need to give you report on so and so. Sorry guys but I just worked 4x12 hour shifts. It's amazing what sleep deprivation brings out in a person. Please tell me if you nurses have experienced this and what did you do about it?
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    Running late?, during report stay on topic so I can go home!

    Thank you all for your comments that explain your different experiences. Sometimes you can wait for someone (if they aren't going to be too late) and sometimes you have to put your foot down and let them know your time is valuable.
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    Running late?, during report stay on topic so I can go home!

    You do have a valid point.
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    Running late?, during report stay on topic so I can go home!

    After 12 hours, I am like, it is time to go. I give my reports as fast as I can.
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    Running late?, during report stay on topic so I can go home!

    Exactly! This is the first time I have encountered this with this person so I am now going to be two steps ahead.
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    Running late?, during report stay on topic so I can go home!

    Ummm Umm, o man. Not good. I once had a nurse that acts a a charge nurse at times (whom was giving me report) tell me everything went well and the patients BP is 70/40. I was like go sort that out before you leave. He did and came back to me with the new BP. Really like I am suppose to start out my shift dealing with a BP that low.

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