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    Help Quit New Grad ICU Job

    If your on the rehire list at the hospital you left, try to go back there and work on the med-surg unit. Your information is probably still in the system. It wasn't the whole hospital you had a problem with, it was the unit you were on. Some positions can make you feel like bailing but you have to stay somewhere at some point, and long enough to get some experience. I left place during my orientation. I went to HR and asked the director if I left, would I be rehired? I did this because I was threatened by my bosses boss that I would not be rehirable if I left. I went to HR with my boss to figure out why I would not be rehirable. I did my work, was good to the patients, had no complaints, my boss didn't want me to leave, so why should be not be allowed to be rehired? At that time in my life I was working on my BSN and it was not a good time to be switching jobs but I was miserable at the place and knew it was not a good fit. If I could do it over again. I would have stayed at the previous place to finish school. Well the HR director said I could come back. When you are in a panic to leave a place you have to think of the longterm results. I would seriously call the hospital back and try to explain the situation. The hospital already invested so much money in your training. Maybe they may consider putting you on another unit.
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    Another Tragedy at Vanderbilt

    Bwahh don't take away my thumbs up, lol. Goodnight!
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    Another Tragedy at Vanderbilt

    I can't control or want to control how people rate me.
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    Another Tragedy at Vanderbilt

    For me thumbs and thumbs down are really not that serious.
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    Another Tragedy at Vanderbilt

    I never said you said it.
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    Another Tragedy at Vanderbilt

    How do you feel about the thumbs up?, are those stupid ratings or only the thumbs down?
  7. Workitinurfava

    Another Tragedy at Vanderbilt

    So what she did is childish, really? Your post is not adult like.
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    Another Tragedy at Vanderbilt

    If not everyone than "all"? We are pulling hairs here.
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    Another Tragedy at Vanderbilt

    If the surgeon did the cutting, then it should be on the the surgeon. The surgeon should make sure to the cut the appropriate area, just like the nurse using her hands to adminster the medication. A time out does not replace the surgeon whom is making a cut on a person. What good is a time out if the surgeon doesn't read the chart and make sure the correct site is being operated on. The time out to me is like the rights of medication adminstration minus the extra people. This is assuming the chart was read. If the chart wasn't read, then appropriate charges need to be given to the surgeon and not everyone involved. The MD's go to school and get paid more to make sure they are cutting the correct sites on patients bodies.
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    Fumbled During Interview and Lost the Job

    I remember fumblinga little during my interview but I stayed confident. I said hmm, well, and let me think, to give my brain time to think of certain situations. All questions don't have to be answered straight away. Give yourself time to process the question and run a quick answer to it in your head before speaking the answer out loud.
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    I was slapped by a patient

    "go back to your supervisor and tell her you need to talk to someone". ------------------------------- I am sure she knows to do this. Her situation I feel is helpful to a lot of nurses that may find themselves in a similar situation.
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    Another Tragedy at Vanderbilt

    The nurses are the easiest to throw under the bus. Do you think they want to get rid of their surgeon and start with someone else?
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    Do I have to disclose mental illness

    I have applied for jobs that ask if one has a mental illness. Did you application process consist of this?
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    I was slapped by a patient

    Don't let giving great customer service get in the way of you protecting yourself. Many patients know about the press ganey stuff and they use it to their advantage. I bet he left the part out about slapping you when he filled out the forms. He probably did put on the forms that his experience at the hospital sucked though. Please report this.
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    Working on weekends!

    Apply for a PRN position and ask to be scheduled for weekends. You should be able to get almost any job working weekends and one day of the week if you can make that work. I am not hearing that you need a full-time position.
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    Written Up

    So how did the patient feel after you gave both pills? Did the patient sleep? Were there any adverse reactions that the patient experienced as a result of getting both pills?
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    Written Up

    I am wondering why no other meds were considered to help this patient sleep? Ativan is not normally the first choice an MD goes with to help a patient sleep and not only that it can become addictive especially when being used for sleep. The other thing is if this med is stopped abruptly it can lead to rebound insomnia.
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    Written Up

    You always have to question giving double of anything. The order could explain more but the way I see it is, if you give the med for sleep the patient won't need the other dose. Ativan can be given in so many different ways but typically I have given it every 4 hours. This med was a regularly used in a psych facility I worked in. In fact we often gave cocktails because using it alone was not enough.
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    CNA to RN

    I wish more nurses had the opportunity of becoming nurse techs, granted they meet the qualifications because they would have a better view of how it would be as an RN.
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    Under appreciated or Self-Centered

    Maybe you are too good and they need someone willing to throw people under the bus. Many of the charge nurses I have ran into have been the nurse ratched types.
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    Feeling Trapped!

    Can you tell me some of the reasons ICU nurses transfer to the ER? I am just curious.
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    Job change - anxiety

    I tried working M-F and it was hard. I want to be done with work after 3 days. It is what I am used to. I want to know that I can schedule health appointments etc., when I am off during the week (without using leave), and I also want to be able to take vacations using a minimal amount of days. The days went by fast when I worked M-F and not in a good way. I actually felt more tired working in this way. It would work for me if I worked from home I think, and not with a field nurse type of job. I took a pay cut to work M-F. Training was worse compared to the bedside type of positions. I felt squeezed and was expected to do the work of 3-4 nurses. I am looking to get back into what I was okay with. The work enviornment was the issue. I figured this out recently. Things changed so frequently at the previous place, very minimal organization, we used paper charts, staff was barely around to assist the nurses. At the new place if I end up working at it, there will be a MD accessible 24 hours. There is a schedule in place for the patients so they know what they and we know what they will be doing day to day. I will have less patients. My pay will be higher with the same rank. I plan to do something on the side while I work as a nurse a few days a week. I would not be able to do anything on the side if I work M-F. When I was shadowing the place I saw a nurse eating lunch. I kid you not whenever I shawdowed a place I never saw the nurses sitting down eating lunch. I feel working the 12s may let me test out another type of career without leaving the nursing field all together. Do what is best for you though.
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    Sitting down - New nurse looking for advice

    I mentioned this to someone. If you have IT experience, you have a chance at getting an informatics position. Not all of those positions require years of bedside experience.
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    Nurses being reported on their spare time?

    Say no to drugs if you are a nurse. Your friend well not friend could cost you your job.
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    I have decided to retire!

    Your are fortunate, because some people can't afford to retire from nursing.