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  1. OP- Just curious, are you the only RN on the unit and the other nurses are LPNs? Also, is there an RN supervisor on for the house during the day or just unit managers?
  2. Pressure injuries - WOC nurses, please help!

    Try the leaf device by smith and nephew.
  3. Nurses and other staff refusing to Treat COVID patients

    I am finding everyone is calling out. It makes me crazy. I saw some of the same people putting the posts of facebook, "I'm a nurse" or "I can't stay home, I'm an essential worker" and I couldn't fathom the total lack of self awareness. I also n...
  4. HIPAA violation, or just creepy?

    Problem solved then I guess?
  5. HIPAA violation, or just creepy?

    Yikes. Not a HIPAA violation technically but super creepy. Has he spoken to you directly about his expectations of your work flow and why he is doing this? Does he do this to other employees?
  6. Agreed. I had to explain to a supervisor how to reconstitute an IM medication today. They had no idea that IM medications may need that and how the procedure might work. It was quite surprising for me.
  7. We all make mistakes in healthcare. The important thing is to learn from them. This likely did not result in any harm. If it comes it, just acknowledge you made a mistake and how you will take a different course of action in the future if a similar s...
  8. I find it somewhat ironic that the OP is calling female posters on this forum, "hun", which is inherently sexist. OP, since you are reporting employment discrimination and harrassment and you seek to be a change agent, you may find it more produ...
  9. Long term care medical director is a jerk!

    Can you find a new medical director?
  10. How to deal with mean staff

    I second the other posts about documentation, making sure to clarify everything, and think that what you are doing is great. Also, continue to communicate by email (if possible within the EMR) and text only since you have stated that he is asking you...
  11. I think the schools being referred to are the ones that heavily advertise to Americans but cost as much as an American private medical school, like Ross or American University of the Caribbean.
  12. Is there a Stigma with a Male working in Nursing?

    I find that men in nursing tend to be promoted into management positions more quickly but that is only my personal experience.
  13. LTC Covid Care, or I am Legend by default

    I agree with the sentiments above. In my own experience in the NYC area we were consistently left without supplies, had no ability to test until mid-April, we were unable to get CXRs for over a week at times, and there was what seemed like almost a d...
  14. New Grads and Acute Care Hiring

    Most ASN grads also need extensive orientation and are not hitting the ground running.
  15. Can you transfer to a sister nursing home within the company? Are you in the NY metro area? Most homes are hurting for staff so the likelihood of being able to transfer is probably pretty good right now.