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  1. egg122 NP

    Pressure injuries - WOC nurses, please help!

    Try the leaf device by smith and nephew.
  2. I am finding everyone is calling out. It makes me crazy. I saw some of the same people putting the posts of facebook, "I'm a nurse" or "I can't stay home, I'm an essential worker" and I couldn't fathom the total lack of self awareness. I also notice management abandoning units or SNFs recently and MDs refusing to round. I sincerely hope that the department of health gets involved but I am sure that nothing will come of it. We are definitely at the breaking point in our healthcare system where years of corporate mentality have resulted in inadequate systems and a "me, me, me" mindset.
  3. egg122 NP

    HIPAA violation, or just creepy?

    Problem solved then I guess?
  4. egg122 NP

    HIPAA violation, or just creepy?

    Yikes. Not a HIPAA violation technically but super creepy. Has he spoken to you directly about his expectations of your work flow and why he is doing this? Does he do this to other employees?
  5. We all make mistakes in healthcare. The important thing is to learn from them. This likely did not result in any harm. If it comes it, just acknowledge you made a mistake and how you will take a different course of action in the future if a similar situation arises (such as calling the MD to clarify if you get a verbal report to hold the abx but do not see an order in the order section of the chart).
  6. I find it somewhat ironic that the OP is calling female posters on this forum, "hun", which is inherently sexist. OP, since you are reporting employment discrimination and harrassment and you seek to be a change agent, you may find it more productive to file a complaint with the appropriate state agency or the EOCC rather than arguing with random folks on this forum. But feel free to flame away at this post...
  7. egg122 NP

    Long term care medical director is a jerk!

    Can you find a new medical director?
  8. egg122 NP

    How to deal with mean staff

    I second the other posts about documentation, making sure to clarify everything, and think that what you are doing is great. Also, continue to communicate by email (if possible within the EMR) and text only since you have stated that he is asking you to do something then denying it later. Verbal communication leaves too much he said, she said. I imagine you are not the only one having a problem with him so I would not worry about his ability to seriously impact your job.
  9. egg122 NP

    Is there a Stigma with a Male working in Nursing?

    I find that men in nursing tend to be promoted into management positions more quickly but that is only my personal experience.
  10. Can you transfer to a sister nursing home within the company? Are you in the NY metro area? Most homes are hurting for staff so the likelihood of being able to transfer is probably pretty good right now.
  11. egg122 NP

    Nurse to patient Ratio

    I think this would depend on the general work culture of KSA- would having them be a part of the Lean decision making and implementation be something that would be considered motivating there or are decisions expected to be done in a top down manner? Serious question. I think expressing gratitude for the work they are doing and being very cautious not to nit pick tiny but ultimately inconsequential errors would help. As other posters have stated, cash always motivates hahaha Are the nurses working on this unit from KSA or other countries? What are they hoping to do with their careers? Maybe investing in them personally and working towards building a cohesive team will motivate. Please don't buy food, it drives me crazy that many administrators think nurses are dumb enough to be placated with pastries or pizza.
  12. egg122 NP

    Nurse to patient Ratio

    2-3 more PCAs are probably needed. It seems like you are in a position where you need to look at a team based nursing model as opposed to a primary nursing model if you are truly not able to do anything about staffing levels. Start looking at Lean management to cut out tasks that do not add value (value does not just mean $$$) and to look at the actual set up of the unit. Also, are the nurses stuck taking on roles of a lot of other disciplines (Social work, house keeping, laboratory, case management, etc)? If so, it may be a good time to establish boundaries and get non-clinical tasks off of their plate. What do your nurses tell you they are struggling with? Why are they leaving?
  13. egg122 NP


    This is great advice. You have a job currently so the ball is in your court. Take your time and pick the best unit, pay, locations etc. Think of this job not as your career but something you are doing a few days a week to pay the bills until you secure something better. Make sure to do fun things on your days off.
  14. egg122 NP

    CDC states only 10,000 patients died DIRECTLY from Covid

    Yes. It has been well documented in China, Italy and NYC for several months that COVID tends to kill people who have co-morbidities as opposed to individuals with no co-morbidites. I am a little baffled why this new CDC date is become such as fuss since it really just confirms the data that has already been out there.
  15. egg122 NP

    Hired as a PNP, forced to work as an RN

    Agreed with this post and the other poster. Start looking for a new job and walk. This place stinks. You even have a good story as to why you are leaving before a year - COVID caused decreased visits and RN leaving resulted in your role being changed completely and you are looking for an NP role.
  16. egg122 NP

    Coccyx wound left open to air?

    It is hard because she is in a recliner, and I am not sure what setting she is in, but you might consider if an external female catheter (like PureWick: https://www.purewickathome.com/) would helpful or be appropriate.