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Hey all,

I just got accepted to the nursing program at my school. I've been there for about year doing the pre-req's and got accepted for Summer entry!

Part of the requirements clinical is to get all my vaccinations up to date and a TB test.

I'm not a believer in vaccinations. I filled out the paper work to attend college in the first place without getting vaccinated. At the time they called it a religious exception, so while that wasn't the reason I went with it because they didn't ask any more questions.

I'm just not interested in being injected with all the extra crap in the vaccine. The preservatives, the mercury and all the other junk. The high levels of failure of the vaccine as well as the toxins in the vaccines.

This is not a discussion about vaccines and anti-vaxers... this is about my clinical application to nursing school. I understand the hospitals want it because of our exposure to patients but I simply don't want that crap in my body.

Is there a way to get out of the vaccinations for my clinical?

Again no debate on why... I just want to know about possibilities to still enter my clinical without the vaccines.



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John, you're asking us how to get around the requirements for nursing school? You don't want the "extra crap" in your body but you don't want any debate about this?

Sorry. I can't help you. Not in any sense of the word. I'm off to put some extra crap in my body after I get done popping the corn.

Best wishes.

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Just gonna drink my wine and watch this spiral into a hot mess.

or maybe just watch it die a slow death of non responses. After all, OP has made it clear that the only accepted response is to agree with him.

Google Ronald Dahl and measles.



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2 hours ago, skyrookie said:


Is there a way to get out of the vaccinations for my clinical?


No, there is not. Even if you found s program that would enroll you without being vaccinated it is doubtful that any clinical site will accept you.

Best wishes.


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You’d better stop eating apples.

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I've never heard of anyone succeeding in this type of quest. People do post about it from time to time.


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4 hours ago, skyrookie said:

Again no debate on why... I just want to know about possibilities to still enter my clinical without the vaccines. 

Zero possibilities.

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I know how to get around it.

Don't attend nursing school.

There, opinion successfully kept to self.

Good luck with that quest...

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Being up-to-date on vaccines is a requirement of nursing schools because it is a requirement of healthcare centers/hospitals/clinical sites. Some hospitals/clinical sites allow you to opt out of flu shots if you wear a mask for the whole flu season, there are not usually exceptions to other vaccines.

When it comes vaccines you will have to either accept them for nursing school (and employment) or realize that perhaps working in health care is not compatible with your personal beliefs.

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Dont go to nursing school

We currently have an outbreak of measles due to people who didnt want to put vaccines into their body.

There is a whole bunch of people suffering from an easily preventable disease

(look at that, I kept my opinion to myself)

James W.

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Dude, seriously!

I'm currently suffering from the worst bout of 'flu' I can ever recall I've had, (inc' secondary bacterial infection requiring anti-biotic Rx, & bulk palliatives), & since not having had any 'flu' in such a long time, I'd declined the most recently available shot ( due partly, to a - short - adverse response to the last one I'd accepted).

But TB is way, way, worse man....

Not to mention... our profession must deal with proactive evidence-based Ax/Rx/Tx health-promotion, ( regardless of pharmaceutic 'big-biz' hype), so with a 'tude like yours, you're gonna be 'on a hiding to nothin'' in the future.

So yeah, either lose the 'tude, & take the shot, or get the F outa D...


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