Grad 2020 BSN, RN

Psychiatric Mental Health

New nurse, just graduated this week (8/20).

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Grad 2020 has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Psychiatric Mental Health.

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  1. Grad 2020

    Working as RN before going on to grad school?

    Hey everyone, I was looking for a post exactly like this. I just graduated with my BSN this week! I also just got a job yesterday, I'm literally fresh out of school. Haven't even done my NCLEX yet (our state has emergency qualifications due to covid...
  2. Grad 2020

    UCHEALTH New Grad Residency July 2020

    Has anyone heard anything more? I applied to the October start, and I received an email saying that my "multipage" document has been accepted and I should expect an interview request for the first week of September. Still two weeks out, but haven't ...
  3. Grad 2020

    Banner New Grad Nurse Program

    OK, thanks! My still says pending. I grad 8/13, and plan to NCLEX early September. Was hoping to secure something sooner.
  4. Grad 2020

    HCA Houston StarRN

    Hi all, I applied to the StaRN at HCA Houston - Conroe and second choice Tomball. I've read here some nurses have left HCA and the StaRN program. What made you/them leave? What should I know about before I continue the interview process? I really wa...
  5. Grad 2020

    Banner New Grad Nurse Program

    I recently applied to Banner Health Thunderbird. I see other posts here, but nothing current. Can anyone share anything about current hiring and interviewing? I received an email about two days later saying, they are reviewing current applications. ...
  6. Grad 2020

    Memorial Hermann Fall 2020

    Well, I didn't get it. So sad, I really wanted to get back to Houston.
  7. Grad 2020

    Memorial Hermann Fall 2020

    Has anyone that applied to The Woodlands heard anything yet? Hoping for good news, but nothing yet.
  8. Grad 2020

    Memorial Hermann Fall 2020

    CONGRATS! I hope I hear something soon, while I grind out these virtual clinical for my last semester classes.
  9. Grad 2020

    Memorial Hermann Fall 2020

    Yeah, I have PTSD like symptoms to my phone making any notifications sounds. haha I haven't checked the website, not sure it will do any good. Oh I had a question similar, I think they were assessing prioritization. I hope they get back to me soon. ...
  10. Grad 2020

    Memorial Hermann Fall 2020

    No, no indication of when they contact. What question are you worried about? I was worried it was short. I always hate the extreme questions, when did done go badly and then when did something go well? The 5 year plan question we just covered in clas...
  11. Grad 2020

    Memorial Hermann Fall 2020

    How many people do you suspect they interviewed? vs applicants?
  12. Grad 2020

    Memorial Hermann Fall 2020

    I just finished my interview here in the desert, the Internet is a wonderful tool. I just read some other responses, and it seems I had a very similar situation. I felt my interview was short. Scheduled for 1300, and I arrived around 1250. We starte...
  13. Grad 2020

    VALOR program interview

    Terrible. I never heard anything. A classmate of mine was there with me interviewing, and she got a call back for the second set of interviews. Apparently the second interview reviews the first with everyone's comments. She also had to come up with ...
  14. Grad 2020

    Memorial Hermann Fall 2020

    Hey all, I applied a while back and received an email for match days and made my appointment. I'm not sure what to expect. What does it mean that I made it this far? Do I have a position? I'm excited, I got my first choice. The Woodlands, Med-Surg. ...
  15. Grad 2020

    I was not close to anyone during nursing school.

    Ever? We have a four semester program, first semester I was getting along well with my clinical group and a few others. Last semester those that couldn't use me seem to ghost me. Now this semester no one really talks to me at all, even my clinical gr...