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Grad 2020 BSN, RN

Psychiatric Mental Health

New nurse, just graduated this week (8/20).

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Grad 2020 has 2 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Psychiatric Mental Health.

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  1. Grad 2020

    UCHEALTH New Grad Residency July 2020

    Has anyone heard anything more? I applied to the October start, and I received an email saying that my "multipage" document has been accepted and I should expect an interview request for the first week of September. Still two weeks out, but haven't heard any more. Curious if you all have heard anything more, if not what more have you done to get a new grad job?
  2. Grad 2020

    Banner New Grad Nurse Program

    OK, thanks! My still says pending. I grad 8/13, and plan to NCLEX early September. Was hoping to secure something sooner.
  3. Grad 2020

    Banner New Grad Nurse Program

    I recently applied to Banner Health Thunderbird. I see other posts here, but nothing current. Can anyone share anything about current hiring and interviewing? I received an email about two days later saying, they are reviewing current applications. Also wondering if I applied too early, their website up to two months in advance. I graduate in August. I'm applying from out of state, it appears they are likely to hire from out of state. Interview questions they ask? Thanks
  4. Grad 2020

    Memorial Hermann Fall 2020

    Yeah, I have PTSD like symptoms to my phone making any notifications sounds. haha I haven't checked the website, not sure it will do any good. Oh I had a question similar, I think they were assessing prioritization. I hope they get back to me soon. I've accepted a teaching position for the Fall semester, if I'm moving back to Houston I need to let know I can't teach. Hope we all get our positions, we'll have to go to one of the favorite spots for our favorite beverage. haha
  5. Grad 2020

    Memorial Hermann Fall 2020

    No, no indication of when they contact. What question are you worried about? I was worried it was short. I always hate the extreme questions, when did done go badly and then when did something go well? The 5 year plan question we just covered in class.
  6. Grad 2020

    VALOR program interview

    Terrible. I never heard anything. A classmate of mine was there with me interviewing, and she got a call back for the second set of interviews. Apparently the second interview reviews the first with everyone's comments. She also had to come up with a discharge plan for a different patient. She told me she was offered the position, but they told her the paperwork time with the federal government would take too long. Meaning she would not be able to finish the program before we all graduate. So basically we interviewed for no reason. In the latest case of a small world, the nursing director who read our applications after they were screened is our Nursing Leadership instructor at our school. Crazy how that all went down! Although she seems like a very chill instructor so who knows. Good luck to everyone interviewing, sounds like a great program.
  7. Grad 2020

    Memorial Hermann Fall 2020

    Hey all, I applied a while back and received an email for match days and made my appointment. I'm not sure what to expect. What does it mean that I made it this far? Do I have a position? I'm excited, I got my first choice. The Woodlands, Med-Surg. I want to start in a unit that it's too crazy as I hone my skills as a new nurse. Later moving up the acuity ladder, IMC and maybe ICU one of these days. I think I also want to focus on respiratory along the way, not sure if we can specialize in a certain system. I may have to wait until I go for my APRN. I'm also an instructor at my local community college (not nursing!), so maybe I can apply to be an instructor at Lonestar or HCC. I lived in Houston from 2006-2012, so it would be amazing to get back to Houston. I've lived in the Las Vegas area for almost 8 years, so I would be leaving my community but I think it's worth it. Looking forward to good info!
  8. Grad 2020

    I was not close to anyone during nursing school.

    Ever? We have a four semester program, first semester I was getting along well with my clinical group and a few others. Last semester those that couldn't use me seem to ghost me. Now this semester no one really talks to me at all, even my clinical group at the hospital. I'm significantly older than all of them. This is my second career that I'm going to school for I have some of these kids beat by more than double in age. also even through high school and a first-round through college and always been fairly introverted so I don't write make conversation well and I don't really believe in forming cliques. So I'm having a tough time with that myself. I do think that as the semester goes on it will eventually come to a close and then I have one more semester, and then I am out of there. Probably never going to see these people again. Our city is pretty big here so there's well over a dozen hospitals around town and I will find a job at one of them and again probably not see any of them. I've struggled with this feeling myself pretty much my whole life so I'm trying to take it in stride but I do understand how that is something that is difficult to do. I'm hoping again that I can just get through this and get done pass my test get my license and go off on my own. I see this post is about 2 years old so I'm sure you're off and doing well don't worry about other people I'm glad you posted it because I was actually just having that feeling now so that's what I searched for and your post came up.
  9. Grad 2020

    Memorial Hermann Grad Nurse Program Spring 2020

    I graduate in August and have started to look at different grad nurse programs. I'm considering staying here in Las Vegas, or going to Houston (Memorial Hermann - I lived in the area for 6 years before coming to LV) or maybe Colorado Springs, CO. They all seem to have the same program - StaRN. So I'm thinking I'll apply to ask three, hopefully interview then go from there. Good luck you! MH seems to aggressively advertise on FB at least, I get lots of posts from "Memorial Hermann careers."
  10. Our State Board of Nursing has NCLEX pass rates. The university is required to pass their 2/4 year finish rates. I've also seen that information on the FASFA website.
  11. Grad 2020

    ATI comprehensive RN Exit

    I'll take a copy too if possible. I take mine next semester/this summer. Thanks!
  12. Grad 2020

    VALOR program interview

    Hey all, I had my interview today for the VALOR program. I'm feeling terrible about part of it. It's a 4 part process, I did well on the initial panel interview, the communication challenge went ok and the final reflection went ok as well. However, the second part was a simulation just like school. I wasn't prepared for this at all, actually I had no idea what to expect for the whole thing to be honest. Anyway, as I lay awake here for hours at home I keep reflecting on what I did wrong. As I was walked towards the room I was asked to set down my stuff on a bed with a mannequin and the person walking me over said Sim man will watch it. My stethoscope was there. I wasn't told I could go back to grab it. So... I didn't get to listen to lung sounds, or heart sounds. Which I'm assuming I was supposed to do. I also messed up big..the patient was NPO and asked for water. He had two sips, he said it helped with his pain. I've seen my nurses in clinical do this, but they shouldn't. Then I was to give SBAR at the end and I had no idea what time the SBAR was occurring, so I don't know if the patient had their surgery yet or not. Also without the time, I have no idea if they got their scheduled meds or not. I know how to do all of this, I just didn't think to do it right while in the moment. What can I do? I really want to email them and ask to repeat the simulation. I doubt that will happen, and I don't want to appear desperate. This will probably hold me back from acceptance to the program. :( Do you all think this alone is enough to disqualify me? Obviously, I'm a student and need a lot more practice. That's what the program provides. Basic things I should know by now though. Should I hold onto hope? I find out Tuesday, whether or not I made it to the next step.
  13. Grad 2020

    Vaccination for clinical

    Hello all, Even though I knew nearly 100% of the responses would be negative, I wanted to hear the possibilities. Interesting how we are all in the caring sciences, but can not showing caring compassion for someone trying to enter the profession. I had a fear of needles due to experiences as a child with my mom being in the hospital. Also there is know plenty of research around the preservatives used in vaccines. I never once mentioned the autism argument. Just like the copious amounts of sodium added to our foods to preserve them, vaccines also contain a lot of preservatives. Many of these preservatives are toxic to certain people. As for my personal path over the last several weeks, I ended up getting the Tdap vaccine to update my tetanus. My school suggested the Tdap instead of just tetanus because apparently Pertussis has made a come back. I've also had Pertussis as a child. During the same visit to the clinic I had titres done for the other required vaccines, as expected I was already immune to the others. Then a few weeks later I changed doctors (as in my PCP, different insurance) so I had to get a CBC w/diff done, so more blood taken. That means I had to get poked 3 times in a few weeks, before all of this it's been years since I've even been in a medical facility. So, yes I'm happy to report after this little bit of drama and a mountain of paperwork, forms other nonsense at school I did make it in! Which makes me proud, because this is best program in our state and it's competitive. Last week, was the first week of my program. It's certainly a full time program, I've been spending about 10 hrs a day working assignments and practicing for practical skills tests coming up. I'd like to encourage all of you with negative responses (which is most), to reconsider your comments and consider where the "OP" is coming from. Maybe instead offer comforting comments or offer research that points towards your view. Sincerely, John R. (skyrookie)
  14. Grad 2020

    Vaccination for clinical

    Hey all, I just got accepted to the nursing program at my school. I've been there for about year doing the pre-req's and got accepted for Summer entry! Part of the requirements clinical is to get all my vaccinations up to date and a TB test. I'm not a believer in vaccinations. I filled out the paper work to attend college in the first place without getting vaccinated. At the time they called it a religious exception, so while that wasn't the reason I went with it because they didn't ask any more questions. I'm just not interested in being injected with all the extra crap in the vaccine. The preservatives, the mercury and all the other junk. The high levels of failure of the vaccine as well as the toxins in the vaccines. This is not a discussion about vaccines and anti-vaxers... this is about my clinical application to nursing school. I understand the hospitals want it because of our exposure to patients but I simply don't want that crap in my body. Is there a way to get out of the vaccinations for my clinical? Again no debate on why... I just want to know about possibilities to still enter my clinical without the vaccines. Thanks, John
  15. Grad 2020

    New WGU application code

    I just entered that code and it worked great!
  16. Can anyone share with me the code to wave the application fee?