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Useful sites for pre-nursing AND nursing students


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My site is www.nursingjourney.com.

Right now, I have lab pics from A&P 1, along with quizzes (including PowerPoint quizzes) which I have made to help me study.

I have pics and/or quizzes for the following: tissues, muscles, bones, nervous system (brain, spinal cord), etc.

Hope it helps someone! :)

Wow! This is great. I start A&P 1 this fall 2007, @ BMCC in NYC. I brought the A&P coloring workbook from Barnes & Noble, to get a head start. This will be useful also. Thanks

I'm just getting into the nursing field and in doing research about the field I found this really great site. I hope it helps some of you out there like it did me! http://www.nursingprograms.com/


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Wow! This is great. I start A&P 1 this fall 2007, @ BMCC in NYC. I brought the A&P coloring workbook from Barnes & Noble, to get a head start. This will be useful also. Thanks

I am also taking A&P I this fall 2007.:monkeydance:

I run a website that has lots of helpful links for both pre-nursing students and nursing students. I also post a NCLEX question of the week. Please feel free to join if you'd like. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dosamigosRN/


Can you please tell me where I can get the NLN-Pre entrance exam study guide from.

I am quite smart, but one of the biggest mistakes I made was taking A & P with Micro, these 2 classes are quite demanding and I had 4hour labs with each class weekly. So tha put me in lab alone for eight hours out of every week as well as about the same amount in lecture, completely over whelming and I had to divide my loyalties between the two and the expense of the other classes. Not smart, if you intend to be sucessful and make it through it the first time, do one each semester with classes that are not so demanding. Youhave to be completely committed or you will not make it.

I actually did the same thing---took anatomy & physiology and micro, but along with two other classes as well (sociology & psychology: growth and development). My social life left something to be desired, and it was rare to get a full night's sleep. I worked my butt off and ended up getting A's in all four classes. However, it completely burnt me out. I ended up forgoing the nursing degree for a B.A. in economics and a short interlude in law school. Now, I want to be a nurse again! Haha.

I still have to take Anatomy and Physiology II in the Spring, and I've applied to UT Health Science Center-Houston. I'm taking the NET exam this Saturday and I'm rather scared....

thanks, that was very helpful

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always check your textbook, the preface, the back cover or its indexes for references to an online student companion website that the publisher has provided to help you in studying the material. these websites often have synopses of the chapter material, flashcards and quizzes on them. if a pin or password is required, contact your instructor or the bookstore where you purchased the textbook. access to these websites is part of the purchase of the textbook that you are entitled to access as an owner of the textbook.

here are some websites that you might find helpful as well. some are instructor websites that include their lecture notes. there are a few textbook companion websites that the general public can get access to:


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these are ALL amazing!

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