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Useful sites for pre-nursing AND nursing students


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I am also taking pre-reqs at a local community college. I would suggest doing a search for NET exams. I have seen a couple, I can look them up again and send the info in a little bit. Good luck!

I have some that have been super helpful to me so far through nursing school.


This is an online medical dictionary


This is an online Medical Abbreviation website. Although abbreviations aren't suppose to be used for certain words, it's still useful.


Medical prefixes


A useful site for Medical Suffixes.

Do anyone out there know how to open up the file for the non-verbal spatial test for the psb exam i went to this site cfcc.netlearninglab and had problems opening up the file. i followed all directions but the file still did not open. it would be even better if anyone out there knew a web site i can go to to practice for non-verbal spatial test for the psb other than the site i mention.please send me a private message.

Thank you


This is one I built specifically for us nursing students :)


If you have practice tests, study guides, etc. plug them into a test that you create, and quiz yourself until you "get it".

If you're at work and can only take time for 5 quick questions - you can do it from your desk w/o getting into trouble for busting out your backpack, etc :) If you have time for a full practice test, that works too!

Each time you take the test it records your performance so that in the "My Scores" section you can see:

1) How many questions the test has

2) How many times you've taken the test

3) What your highest score was

4) What your lowest score was

5) When the test was last taken (date and time)

6) The score of your last test

7) Your Average TEST Score (average based on how many times the test was taken divided into the score total)

8) Your TOTAL Average Score for the test (because you can take a test with as many questions as you want at a time, this tracks exactly what your average is based off of the total number of questions taken and the total number of questions answered correctly)

9) Progress Timeline (In Bar or Line Graph Format)

10) Grading Pie Chart (shows how many A's, C's, etc. you've gotten)

11) Problem Areas

a. Probably the most IMPORTANT section - this calculates which questions are being missed the MOST allowing the user to re-take the test with ONLY those questions. Based on the theory that the more you hammer your worst questions, the easier they are to master. The user gets to select how many "problem questions" to show.

12) Past Test Results (allows the user to view past tests in order to delete test results for a particular date if necessary [example: you were showing someone how the site worked - that shouldn't count against you])

If anyone finds this useful let me know where and how it can be improved - after spending $400 on a SINGLE CLASS, I figured us students could use every ounce of help possible, especially since it's free :)

Oh, and only an email and password is needed to register. Feel free to let me know what you think :)

Hello everyone.. I am taking pre nursing courses. Right now its A&PII and microbiology. I applied to 2 nursing schools for fall 2006 and did not get into either of them..I got a C in Chemistry , the schools are so competetive, one of the schools had over 500 applicants!( for 150 spots), the other almost 400 for 120 spots!!!!..so, after crying it out yesterday, I pulled myself together(had to..4 kids, hubby worked nights last night and I have 2 lab exams this week!! ).. :sniff:I will be re taking Chemistry(ugh!!) and trying all over again next year. I noticed that some of you have listed websites for studying and one of the A&P teachers at my school has a great site.... http://www.lawrencegaltman.com.. anyone else here from Connecticut? Anyone else not get accepted into a program on the first try? Good luck to everyone....

I am starting online courses - Psychology and Human Growth and Development.

Has anyone taken these courses online? I've been told these are 2 easy courses, but I doing them in a 8wk semester. I would appreciate any useful sites also. Thank you!!

:) Good Luck to ALL Pre-Nursing Students and Nursing Students who are taking summer classes!!!! :)

Hi, Fun2

I tried your site & it is great!

I can definitely relate to your beginning the trip, not certain if you will be admitted, etc.! My story is similar to yours.

I got my graduate degree in 1986 [MPH] but for a long time have wanted to get into an RN program. Last week, I finally decided to apply. When going to my old school (where I shall apply) I discovered that my old profs have left or have retired -- no longer accessible to me (for ref. letters). Just trying to "dig one up" is quite a task! I also have a waiting period of two semesters...while here I am thinking, if I am going to begin, then let us begin! On a practical line, I am thinking that perhaps I can take some of the nursing pre-recs at an area school...or even come in as a non-matriculated student and take them. (This means another visit to campus this week for another discussion!) Any experts out there on what NYU will or will not do? Its nursing program has just been upgraded...or at least moved (but that is not why I chose it).

Will be glad to share with any NYU nursing students my experiences in getting my BA & MPH from there -- just on a practical line -- but you would want to recheck, given I got my degree in '86.

Thank you all! Fleur2

One really good site is called Get Body Smart. It enables you to have lots of practice at location and identification. That's the one I used in A&P frequently.


Please help! Does anyone know of any helpful sites for Psycology and Human growth and Development? I would appreciate any info. thanks!

Please help! Does anyone know of any helpful sites for Psycology and Human growth and Development? I would appreciate any info. thanks!

I have a site for you RN Angel. I'm taking Life Span this summer and our professor's page has a favorite links section that has really good stuff if you are doing research, mostly PubMed, which is full of peer-reviewed journals.


You can also see where she posted up some notes from our first quiz at the bottom of the syllabus under the Life Span link on the left.

Hope this helps!!


Pre-RN: to be RN Student Spring 2007!!! :w00t:

This may be duplicate information, but I just found the best flashcard website. I am a slow learner, so I am starting on A&P now for the fall term. When I was looking for flashcards, or something to help me remember and study the systems of the body, I came across http://www.flashcardexchange.com/ they have any subject you can imagine already done up and ready to flashcard yourself...it is VERY AWESOME!

I hope this info can help you!!!!....... ;)

Hey all! I haven't been on here for a long time, but I just wanted to let you all know that we, my sister and I, have been accepted into Pre-Nursing LPN this Fall '06. We are bot excited and nervous at the same time. Right now we, this summer we are finishing our pre-req's for this fall. A and P, and I am also taking Allied Math, we both are doing good in our classes.


Micro is actually pretty easy. Chemistry and math, yucko!

I am quite smart, but one of the biggest mistakes I made was taking A & P with Micro, these 2 classes are quite demanding and I had 4hour labs with each class weekly. So tha put me in lab alone for eight hours out of every week as well as about the same amount in lecture, completely over whelming and I had to divide my loyalties between the two and the expense of the other classes. Not smart, if you intend to be sucessful and make it through it the first time, do one each semester with classes that are not so demanding. Youhave to be completely committed or you will not make it.

I have not gottent through all of them yet, and this might seem stupid to some of you, but I know when I took the test last year, at least one of the questions was about a Law. I didn't retain that information, so maybe this will help someone else!


Hi all,

I hope this helps. It's a website that I stumbled upon awhile ago when I was deciding what to do with my career. This article is all about a first year registered nurse working in San Francisco, she writes about her real life job experience on the job, the highs and the lows. Reading what she wrote really helped me learn about what it was like to be a nurse, here is the link:

Registered Nurse's - real life job experience

it's on the website:

http://www.jobpodge.com which is a website dedicated to real life job descriptions

Good luck all,


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