UPDATE!!! 48 hours to prove or lose job....

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Get an attorney.

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ditto. Also notify the KBN that you have lost your job because of this. Who acredits [sp] prison clinics? They should also be notified. Your boss has asked you to exceed the scope of your practise and is firing for refusing to do so. I would write every beaurocrat I could think of related to prison regulation. It seems to me you are being terminated for refusing to break the law!?! Crazy, man, crazy.

Keep in touch.

p.s., Sorry about your Grandmother. Hope she's feeling better.


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wooo hoooo i love it when nurses get tough! Makes my heart swell!

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Sorry about your grandmother hope she is better. Now for the Prison Job - call all the news stations with your story I bet that is news worthy. Write a letter to the editor and also notify the state board of nursing. Do you have a union? If so get ahold of your steward and start a grievance. Contact a Lawyer. Good luck


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Call a good attorney today. You were fired for refusing to do what is NOT defined under your scope of practice by your State Board of Nursing -- retain an attorney. You have a lawsuit. Big one. You taking time off for your grandmother is your right -- and has nothing to do with refusing to do body searches. I would not contact the news -- I'd get an attorney and have him/her make the determinations ,,, today. Then I would not speak to your former employer -- refer him/her to your attorney.

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Can't add to the fine advice already given - just wanted to throw more support your way. This is total bullpuckey (darnit I'm mad!)

Me too! You don't want to work for those idiots anymore anyway, but I think you should sue 'em just to make life difficult for them!




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Call the ACLU, bet THEY'D be interrested in unlawful cavity serches. Hope Grandmom is better-this couldn't have helped your situation. Go get 'em, Lady


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Get an attorney, YESTERDAY, and go after this city, county, state, or company. This guy is a total BUTT. Be sure that you also file for unemployment.

I am sorry about your Grandma, but this will give you a little more time to spend with her, huh? While you are off work, be sure that you scrounge every scrap of documentation of your situation up for your attorney. Don't forget your communication with us!

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What they said......SUE EM!!!!!!!!!!!

Hire an attorney, call the media (radio, print and tv) and alert your state boards. His licensing board and the department of corrections would love to know what this person is making his staff do and what kind of lawsuits he is creating. This guy is such a butthead. Alert your licensing board and insurance company so they can stand behind you when it hits the fan. Hope your grandma is feeling better. Again THIS GUY IS SUCH A BUTTHEAD !!!


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You mention you were ordered by a jailer,

And were told by your boss,

Are you saying these are the same people?

If so what is the jailer's title?

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Yea, sure good idea.

What's your full name and social security number and a copy of your nursing license would be handy too Amazed.

I'm sure with all of Tramamamma's experience as a nurse they will help you tremendously:rolleyes:

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