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Unsafe Environment for Graduate Nurse?

KMcRN19 KMcRN19 (New) New Nurse

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6 hours ago, hherrn said:

I just went through mine, and had a look, randomly picked these:

  • Lying about an OUI
  • Stealing a computer from work
  • BAC 0.39 while passed out at work
  • Dealing illegal hallucinogenics
  • Diverting narcotics
  • Diverting narcotics
  • Diverting narcotics
  • Unfit to practice, evidenced by 15 or so documented disciplinary actions by her employer
  • Using a physician DEA number to obtain narcotics
  • Diverting narcotics
  • Lying- charting an assessment not done

They're all bad but who steals computers from work & how they manage to do that? People out here doing way too much. 🤨

2 hours ago, NurseBlaq said:

They're all bad but who steals computers from work & how they manage to do that? People out here doing way too much. 🤨

They sure are and even using the physician's DEA number is doing the most.

On 5/23/2019 at 4:34 PM, KMcRN19 said:

Update: I called talent acquisitions and informed them I want to apply for new positions yet stay in house with the company. She sets me up with a few med-surg interviews in the area, which im ok with to get my feet wet; within an HOUR the DON calls my cell phone. Trying to explain that staffing is bad everywhere (duh), it’s not as bad as I think (that’s why we have to shut half the ER down due to lack of staffing), they’re hiring 2 SWAT nurses, bringing back one RN (yeah the one they caught sleeping on the job in front of family members!) things will get better & more established after we get a new unit director / clinician, that we have plenty of experienced RN’s that aren’t planning on leaving (yeah, 5 of them. 4 full time... and that’s not what they tell me!) and that maybe I don’t realize that med/surg is stressful too & maybe I need to shadow before I interview there... I worked as an intern in their med surg, CCU, and 1 year of ER. I know how things differ between units. Sounds to me she is fully aware of the staffing situation and she is trying to not be one less RN. Thoughts?

She does have a point especially about shadowing the next place but the problem with shadowing is you won't see all of the things you will face. It's not until you start working that you see the more serious issues. Honestly she didn't have to reach out to you and I don't mean this in a mean way, it's just that there are so many nurses looking for jobs and graduating from school that they have their pick. Even if the nurse stays on year and leaves, they can still operate the place, no matter how dysfunctional it is. It's up to you. In a lot of interviews I have had, I was told, O you will only have this many, but when I started working it was always higher. The turnover is so high because many places purposely make nurses work short staffed. If they wanted to do things right, a lot of these issues would never occur. There are so many nurses that want to work in properly staffed places.

Just to add in, med surg is a beast. You can't send you patients up after so many hours, you have them all day. You seem to have the experience and if the patients aren't all as high level, try to make it work. Med-surg nurses always get so many patients. When I worked medsurg oncology, I got six and the med surg nurses got 9. Only leave if you truly can't handle it, otherwise you are going from the fire to the frying pan.

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You have to also remember that you have the power to NOT accept an assignment if you feel that it is not safe or not in your scope of practice. You may lose your job for refusing an assignment or may face disciplinary action (or may not), within the facility, but you do have a choice and have to ask yourself if it is safe or not.

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Since you mention Talent Acquisitions and you are in PA, I believe I know what hospital system you were hired to. Talent Acquisitions is pretty good with getting you interviews with different units, so definitely let them help you out. I would not start on that unit in that situation.

I’m a new grad also, going to work at the OTHER hospital system in the area. I interviewed at both but the other system had a much more streamlined hiring process from my perspective. However since you were also a PCT I understand if you don’t want to give up your seniority with the system. If the seniority doesn’t bother you, check out the other system as well. I applied, interviewed, shadowed and was hired within 10 days.

Good luck!!


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