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  1. My best guess is that you have a preceptor (s) who do not have the first clue of how to share knowledge, teach, and keep a new person motivated. Or they simply just do not want to teach/ orient, but they are forced to, because no one else has enough experience. I've experienced both. This is an industry wide problem, and why there are so many nurses that never even transition from orientation to staff. When I was a brand new nurse I had my confidence ruined by a truly miserable person whose only real talent was employment sabotage. In other jobs, my "orientation" was 30 minutes of supervised medication administration on a LTC unit. Other places, I was handed the keys to the cart, with no orientation. My best advice is to stick it out for as long as you can, and hopefully it gets better and less stressful.
  2. panurse9999

    The Worst Interview of My Life! Ever!

    Almost all of my interviews have been a cross section of somewhat tolerable to off the charts obnoxious, with me gathering my things and hitting the road without even saying thanks. One moron even opened up a thick file of resumes and read them while I sat in front of her ugly face during the interview.
  3. panurse9999

    Myth or Truth: The Story Behind the Nursing Shortage

    There is no shortage
  4. panurse9999

    Resign first or wait until I find out if I'm fired?

    they are laying the groundwork for your demise. If you can afford to walk, walk now.
  5. panurse9999

    The Nursing School to Welfare Pipeline

    So has the job market gotten any better, since we were last talking about this "lack of work" problem in PA? Anyone?
  6. Finding work is a major problem, I can promise you that much, at least here in PA. Does anyone know of any decent travel companies?
  7. There is a mega-magnet hospital in my digs that has had a hiring freeze for 2 years, ( and its well known) yet they gobble up broadband space on indeed.com and others spamming the job boards with fake ads, that they have no intention of filling. What is this called? Fishing. Let's see how many people are applying, so we can then , in turn , fire, and re-hire cheap (when we unfreeze the hiring freeze)
  8. yes, yes, and yes.
  9. yes. At the $25,000 conference room table. Don't forget, the deck is stacked against the nurse. The new nurse will be $2.00 less per hour. At 2,080 annual hours, they made back the $25.00 background check fee, and the $100 physical. With $$$ in the bank. I mean their pockets. SO yes...do the math, and see for yourself how much they love it. Trust me on this. It is happening, especially here in PA.
  10. Normally, I would agree, but because corporations are neither bears or bulls, but rather big pigs, it has become one fast race to the bottom. The saturation of the job market in healthcare allows them to keep offloading their staff to hire cheaper workers. The process of onboarding and offloading in a non stop cycle actual keeps their costs down, because they are constantly in a state of no benefits for all. At less money per hour. Each time they offload. Think of it like burger king and mcDonalds. Coming and going at minimum wage and no benes for anyone , because everyone leaves. No raises, no medical, no PTO, no FMLA. No workers comp.
  11. Per diem nursing is a staffing by vending machine model. Tap a button, and a nurse appears. These are "on call" nurses who collect no benefits of any kind. If they actually had to play by the rules and hire full time staff, the costs would rise. Nothing is going to move healthcare in the right direction while corporations own the entire system. Take corporations out of healthcare, and you will see positive change. Staffing to acuity is what we need. When doctors are forced to stop ordering worthless meds, treatments, tests and services, things will change for the better.
  12. Yes true. They "audition" new people. Training is something different. If training actually took place, nurses would not be leaving the bedside in droves. It costs nothing to "audition" new hires. Training is where the $$ is. And training is rare. Onboarding deaprtments, on the other hand, have a vested interest in seeing people fail . That was the point of the article , that Klone missed.
  13. Great advice. I may be vocal in here, but in nursing, I spoke with my feet in the direction of the door. Like I said, the only industry that has sustained itself with constant employee turnover is fast food. Stay tuned for my next topic.
  14. I remember how confident I was as a new grad, with an ADN and degrees from other careers under my belt, as a second career RN. I had a whole lot of life experience before I was a nurse. This only hurt me in nursing. My confidence got under the skin of the hospital groupies who liked to gossip and discuss, and deep six all new nurses, and since I was confident , I became like fresh meat for a pack of flying vultures, circling the newest road kill. It has been my experience that those in positions of authority actually prefer the nurses who have no confidence, zero self esteem, and who routinely break down and cry on the job due to being overwhelmed, battered, broken down, and abused. I cried too...usually in my car, or in my house. I'm out of nursing, it was 20 years of hell, but not out of AN. I'll be looking forward to seeing your topics, as you begin in Western PA.
  15. panurse9999

    Retaliation for reporting abuse?

    You were framed for misconduct because they found a cheaper new hire and forced you out the door, to keep the profit rolling. Been there done that. Yes they need to be sued. Yes it will cost you a fortune. Then you run the risk of being blackballed even more. And bankrupted even more. These disgusting places knowing that you are batting from the bottom of the bird cage, and they're laughing like hell. I am sorry this happened.
  16. panurse9999

    The Degrading "Meet and Greet"

    We spoke of this earlier in the discussion. Some agencies continue to grow the beast by catering to it, with an endless parade of nurses, after an endless rejection by same family. I think the best thing for the agency to do here, is to can the client.

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