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  1. Don't worry about what others think. If you want to pursue an OR position, by all means, go for it. Everyone has their niche. That's the good thing about nursing, you always have options and a chance to find yours. If you think OR is it, have at it! You're living your nursing life, not theirs.
  2. To add to what @JKL33 said, clinicals should correlate with class lectures. For example, we did psych rotations while during psych that semester. I've heard of people doing clinicals wherever they can get in, like psych rotation during med surg lecture. I don't know how true that is because it's been a while but I've heard horror stories that would have never made the cut during my days. Lordy, I sound like the old folks in my family with that "back in my days...", excuse me y'all. I'm going to go elsewhere now. 😂
  3. NurseBlaq

    You Don’t Know How to Argue

    I've seen a conversation similar to this play out in real life and couldn't help but laugh reading this. It also highlights one of many why I don't have a facebook account and never felt the need to create one. IMO social media has created a generation of sociopathic narcissists and/or people with low self-esteem. People post all types of lies online and get depressed when their online likes don't equate to real life. I've seen people create whole fake online personas and are nothing like that in real life. It behooves me what causes people to dislike themselves that much. Anywho, good article. This should be an interesting thread.
  4. Great! I hope they keep going until they get a satisfactory result. There's no excuse for faking covid results.
  5. NurseBlaq

    How Does This End?

    It will never end as long as this administration is in office. This is what needs to be done but I guess that's too much like right.
  6. So there goes the herd immunity theory......
  7. Why does he need the national guard for covid data? There's something sinister going on here.
  8. He's trying to cut out the CDC because they're not all gung ho about sending our children back to school. Why change up now if it's innocent? The WHO is also being cut out by the Trump admin. Dr. Fauci is also being slandered because he disagreed. I just don't trust this administration. Even Betsy Devos couldn't give a clear answer and kept talking in circles.
  9. What? I hope hospitals don't do this because we'd never have the correct information.
  10. NurseBlaq

    SNF Residents Dying of Broken Hearts Due to Visitation Restrictions?

    It's good to have some visitation than no visitation, but I'm concerned about them being outside in this heat and humidity. Some LTC facilities are offering phone and video chats to residents and families. Maybe LTC facilities should set up computer labs with cameras so families can have video chats with loved ones. They get to see one another just not in person, but some access to family is better than none.
  11. Folks out here playing Russian roulette with their lives. SMH
  12. Not what I meant at all. History is what it is, but ALL history needs to be taught, not the history of a few, and that includes bigoted history. We know all about certain parts of slavery and the holocaust but nothing about post slavery, such as black wall street, rosewood, etc. And even then, history is told based on the people writing the books, not all of it is accurate. All that aside, treat people how they treat you. If you get hatefulness from several people, then you need to look in the mirror. Some people you won't/can't get along with and that's fine, just stay away from them. But you can't force people to think/behave/feel a certain way either. If everyone thought the same then we'd be robots, not individual people.
  13. NurseBlaq

    No Scott Toilet Paper?

    This took me out 😂
  14. The thread title includes BLM so you know off the top it's going to have a racial sentiment to the thread. I'm convinced some people enter these conversations just to create chaos and be disruptive. Then somehow during the conversation, they're the victim after many disrespectful comments such as calling people "dumb" because you can't dictate their POV about how they should view racism while being racist, ain't that something? This is a common theme on these here AN streets. SMH
  15. I did read it and I didn't say anything to the point of it being the first-ever HIV trial. Why would you assume I didn't? The point of the article is to show how/why people in Africa feel about being tested on and this was an example and duly noted by the people doing the trail. I don't need a dissertation about what I read as if I'm too incompetent to understand it. We haven't misinterpreted anything, you and a few others just choose to dismiss our feelings, even worse try to tell us why our feelings are wrong and how we should think and now, add how to interpret studies. That's problematic in itself. Black people don't "fear science, research, and vaccines" for the hell of it, there's a solid foundation why it's looked at very closely by us but please continue to explain away why we're wrong in our feelings and experiences. Medical trials not being dramatic to YOU doesn't mean it's OK to project that on to others who have valid reasons for being skittish about them. As for the Gardisil, that's your sister and I'm sure she didn't have pediatricians forcing it on her children, almost to the point of borderline harassment like a used car salesman. *sigh* I'm seeing the theme here. You can't/won't/don't understand because it's not applicable to YOU! You're dismissive because "so and so wasn't my experience and I know ABC person who does such and such and did this and that". That's the disconnect. Instead of actually listening, you appear to read something and think of a way to dispute it based on your personal experience. People have different experiences and different ways of viewing things, and despite what some ( not you per se) want to believe, some of those things are race based. I don't think you mean any harm, I just think there's a disconnect because you read things and relate them to what you've experienced or people you know. That may be legit in other medical situations but as far as trials and whatnot, some black people tend to feel a certain way and it's backed by history.

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