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Unsafe Environment for Graduate Nurse?

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You are reading page 3 of Unsafe Environment for Graduate Nurse?. If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page.

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You have to also remember that you have the power to NOT accept an assignment if you feel that it is not safe or not in your scope of practice.  You may lose your job for refusing an assignment or may face disciplinary action (or may not), within the facility, but you do have a choice and have to ask yourself if it is safe or not.

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Since you mention Talent Acquisitions and you are in PA, I believe I know what hospital system you were hired to. Talent Acquisitions is pretty good with getting you interviews with different units, so definitely let them help you out. I would not start on that unit in that situation. 

I’m a new grad also, going to work at the OTHER hospital system in the area. I interviewed at both but the other system had a much more streamlined hiring process from my perspective.  However since you were also a PCT I understand if you don’t want to give up your seniority with the system.  If the seniority doesn’t bother you, check out the other system as well. I applied, interviewed, shadowed and was hired within 10 days. 

Good luck!! 

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