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  1. Hello All, I searched the threads to try to find an answer to this specifically and I found some that relate to FT nights, but I wasn't able to locate one for rotating shifts, although I'm sure it's been asked before. So I apologize if this is a repeat! I'm a new nurse on orientation. I just got my schedule for the next few weeks and some of the weeks my schedule is like this: Monday day 7a-7:30p, Wednesday Night, 7p-7:30a and Friday Night 7p-7:30a. I am trying to figure out when to sleep - or what is the best sleeping schedule for this. I can stay up late on Tuesday, sleep some during the day on Wednesday and work the night shift Wednesday night. Do I try to take a nap on Tuesday during the day? But how do I get on a schedule with a day between my two night shifts? For example, when I get home from my overnight wednesday, I'm going to want to sleep during the day on Thursday. Do I do that and then try to stay up really late on Thursday again and sleep during the day Friday? Or do I go to sleep regular time on Thursday and try to take a nap for Friday? I'm thinking I almost want to make my schedule like it was 3 nights in a row. Yes? No? Any advice or tips for rotating shifts would be great. If I were all days or all nights that would be easier probably, but since I'm doing rotating, I don't know when to make my "days" and "nights". These will be my very first night shifts as I lucked out in nursing school and never had to work any. Any guidance would be helpful! Thanks!
  2. How did she use people of color? She relied on family stories that said she was NA. When she did her DNA, she apologized to the NA community for claiming that heritage. I guarantee you a lot of the people who think they are of any specific heritage would be surprised when they did their DNA. In fact, I wish every white supremacist in this country took a DNA test to see just how non european and non white they actually are. It may solve a lot of problems. Or not. Beside that point, EW's point on worse outcomes for Black people, women in particular, is well documented. She has a voice to help fix this issue. So why shouldn't she be able to speak on it? Because she once thought she was NA? If it came from any other politician, I'd agree as well. Even if I hated that politician. We need to stand together in the country on FACTS and SCIENCE regardless of the political stance.
  3. Nurse Magnolia

    How to get NICU job without experience?

    I was hired directly into a NICU from nursing school as a new grad, but I've come to realize that I was pretty darn lucky. I had previous experience working with people in crisis as a mental health and crisis intervention instructor and while that wasn't NICU experience, the recruiter thought that it would be a very helpful skill in dealing with parents who are in crisis regarding their ill newborn. I really highlighted my skills in crisis intervention in my interview. So not all of your skills necessarily have to be medical to get into a NICU. I think highlighting any skills that you might have that would benefit the culture and environment in a NICU can be helpful as well. At least, it was for me. I couldn't move....so I applied to all of the level III NICU's in the region.
  4. Nurse Magnolia

    Can you teach as a NICU nurse?

    Thank you for all of that insight! I don't want to give up the NICU - it's something I'm really excited to do. I will have to work in my education MSN in my career somehow, but I'm ok with doing hospital education as well. The hospital I work for has a diploma nursing program (there are many in our area) and the nurse recruiter said that after I'm done with my MSN I'd be able to pick up an adjuct faculty role because they do teach NICU classes there. I don't know....I'm getting ahead of myself. But I'm glad to know what I'll be dealing with later on.
  5. Nurse Magnolia

    Can you teach as a NICU nurse?

    Thanks! That is very encouraging!
  6. Nurse Magnolia

    They don’t tell you

    I live in Pittsburgh. I really lucked out because one of the NICU's in the area announced they were closing about 2 weeks after I was offered the job at a different NICU. After that, all of the NICU's stopped hiring new grads because they were absorbing all of the RN's from the level III NICU that was closing. At this point though, I think that process is complete. All of the NICU's in the area will hire new grads. You likely need a BSN to get into the level IV NICU at Children's hospital, but they also hire new grads. There are several level III's in the area and a few level II's that hire new grads.
  7. Nurse Magnolia

    Can you teach as a NICU nurse?

    Hi All, I'm a new grad starting in a level III NICU this month. I am sort of a non traditional new grad in that this is my second career and I am 47. I was teaching mental health classes prior to nursing school and I really enjoyed that. I'd like to eventually teach down the road when I am feeling too old to do bedside - which is sooner than most new grads! I'd love to do professional development in the hospital, orient new nurses, teach families, etc... and then eventually teach clinical/didactic at some point. I plan to stay bedside for a long while but I am going to start working on my MSN in education soon. I am very excited about working in the NICU and very grateful for the opportunity. Do you think being a NICU nurse will hinder my opportunities to work in professional development or at a nursing school down the road?
  8. Nurse Magnolia

    Onerous Onboarding With Nasty Nellie, The Job That Lasted a Week

    It doesn’t make sense because it’s ridiculous. I live in PA. I was a PCT in PA, went to nursing school in PA, did over 1100 hours of clinical in PA did my transitions in PA and was hired in PA. Currently doing onboarding and it’s going great. I know many many many nurses. This is not their experience at all. Most of the nurses I’ve worked with had been in their jobs for years. The OP is significantly disgruntled with corporations, hospitals, nursing managers, hiring managers and other staff nurses. They have all “stabbed her in the back”, framed her, fired her without cause, talked about her behind her back, hired her just to laugh when they fired her, invited her to job fairs just to watch her fail...the list goes on and on. In my opinion, this isn’t about nursing at all: it’s about the nurse. This particular nurse. Up until two weeks ago, the poster hadn’t posted since 2010 when she was complaining about the exact same things. Personally, I’m starting to wonder if we are being trolled because some of the things are just so out there....
  9. Nurse Magnolia

    Onerous Onboarding With Nasty Nellie, The Job That Lasted a Week

    I said I'm working in Pittsburgh, not for Allegheny, though I might be. I've never actually mentioned where I'm working publicly. Only that I was hired as a diploma grad with two other bachelors degrees. I did post that I was hired into the NICU. There are several NICU's in the area. It's a hard job to get....I am extremely humbled and honored to have been selected out of the pool of applicants. Me with my diploma at 47 years old. It pretty much flies in the face of everything you've posted about jobs in PA (BSN required, Ageism, etc...), but it doesn't make it any less true. I'm only commenting that there seem to be many threads started by you where you are miserable and talk about how someone, somewhere, was out to get you and that's why job X, Y and Z didn't work out. My experience doesn't fit in with your worldview and you refuse to accept that I was hired as a new grad just across the state from you without a BSN. That SHOULD be good news to you based on your complaints in your posts. I'm a new grad and I don't know the ins and outs of the floor yet (thought I DID work as a PCT during nursing school), so I've yet to speak to that. I've only spoken about the trouble, or not, with finding a job in MY PART of Pennsylvania. But that alone put me in your crosshairs on other posts. As soon as comments die down on one of your posts, you start another with a slightly different angle of the same exact thing. *I* get that you are coming here to vent. And I truly wish you the best in finding something that makes you happy. Nursing clearly is not it. I just don't understand why you keep railing against the way things are. Either conform to the requirements of the system to which you are applying or get out of nursing. You are not stuck. I truly wish you the best and I hope you find some happiness, somewhere.
  10. Nurse Magnolia

    If you could start back at the beginning...

    Thank you so much for that! So I've decided on an MSN program. I am wondering how much being certified as a CNE matters for employment. I am between 3 programs right now....Sacred Heart MSN, Carlow University RN-BSN-MSN and WGU RN-BSN-MSN. Sacred Heart and WGU would prepare me to sit for the CNE exam. Carlow University (which is local to me) does not. Also, do you think a brick and mortar school (Carlow and SHU) look better than an online school (WGU)?
  11. Nurse Magnolia

    RN to MSN? Can you skip the BSN?

    I know I posted this many months ago, but I thought I'd just thought I'd come back and update! I graduated in April and passed my NCLEX a week later. I will start my job in a level III NICU in June. So far, everything is going according to plan! I spoke to the hiring manager for the hospital where I will be working and asked if it would be a hindrance not having a BSN if I do earn an MSN - and she assured me that the MSN is all they would need to transition to a unit educator or even an educator in their hospital based diploma program. So that sort of sealed the deal for me since I *really* didn't want to get another bachelors degree. I will start in Sacred Heart's MSN in nursing education program in august. It should take me about two years all told and then I hope I'll have some options to educate within my NICU unit. Thanks for all of the replies!
  12. Nurse Magnolia

    Patient to Nurse Ratios in Pittsburgh

    There are two main hospital systems in Pittsburgh...UPMC or Allegheny Health Network. You will hear a lot of opinions on which one is better to work for. They both have their pluses. AHN has a higher starting salary, but less tuition reimbursement. UPMC has a lot of jobs listed but it takes a lot longer to hear from their hiring managers than AHN. I am a new grad who will be starting in June. If you'd like to PM me I can give you more information about the interviewing and hiring process that resulted in me getting hired. I interviewed for both systems.
  13. Nurse Magnolia

    Unsafe Environment for Graduate Nurse?

    Since you mention Talent Acquisitions and you are in PA, I believe I know what hospital system you were hired to. Talent Acquisitions is pretty good with getting you interviews with different units, so definitely let them help you out. I would not start on that unit in that situation. I’m a new grad also, going to work at the OTHER hospital system in the area. I interviewed at both but the other system had a much more streamlined hiring process from my perspective. However since you were also a PCT I understand if you don’t want to give up your seniority with the system. If the seniority doesn’t bother you, check out the other system as well. I applied, interviewed, shadowed and was hired within 10 days. Good luck!!
  14. Nurse Magnolia

    The Nursing School to Welfare Pipeline

    This has escalated ridiculously. The OP is miserable in nursing and I certainly hope that I don’t have experiences that lead me to be that way. But I didn’t speak towards working conditions, administration etc...I ONLY said that not everywhere has the BSN push and new grads are getting jobs. I didn’t criticize anyone for stating their experience. I stood up when MY experience was ridiculed. That’s an entirely different thing. My mom was a nurse for 50 years. She made sure I knew the good, bad and ugly in this career and I’m happy she did. I know what I’m getting into. I understand that MAY be the motivation of the OP and others here (to explain the pitfalls of the career), but disrespecting others experiences and then expecting respect in turn is not genuine “warning”. What it is is a not so subtle ego problem where they believe their experience is the only one. I clearly can’t speak about the pitfalls in nursing: all I can do is say that in my neck of the woods, the nursing job market is not at all what the OP describes . If saying that makes me a “know it all” or a Pollyanna, so be it but That wasn’t my intention
  15. Nurse Magnolia

    The Nursing School to Welfare Pipeline

    I can't speak for anyone else, but I tried several times to rebut with factual evidence from my area of the same state and *I* was called a liar. I never called the OP a liar. I simply pointed out that the experience was not the same across the state. For my post, I was called a bot, a liar, a possible online school recruiter....all nonsense. I joined this post with good intentions. To say that where I was, you did not need the BSN to get a job. I just graduated from a diploma school and got a job 6 months prior to graduation with a 5k signing bonus. I *thought* that would be good news. Instead, since that didn't fit the narrative that every corporation was trying to force RN's to get a BSN, I was harassed. No one is denying HER experience. No one has baited her. Every post that explained a differing situation where they live was met with ridicule and conspiracy theories. I don't subscribe to the every nurse needs a BSN either, so I thought that my posts explaining that it's different in different parts of the country would be met with relief. The fact that it was not says much more about the OP than anything else. (PS....I changed my username today because I passed my NCLEX so now I could use RN and nurse in my username....not because I'm actually a bot who is here to work for the corporations to post jobs so that they can laugh at the people who come to apply - or wait, I'm supposed to be an online nursing school recruiter...I don't know, can't keep it straight. Just changed my name because I'm now an actual nurse!)