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Surgical, Home Infusions, HVU, PCU, Neuro

I have been an RN since 2012 and am currently pursuing my BSN with the hopes of being in an FNP program in the near future.

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Kallie3006 has 7 years experience as a ADN and specializes in Surgical, Home Infusions, HVU, PCU, Neuro.

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  1. Kallie3006

    Questionable actions that make you go hmm?

    Surgical unit-- Goal of the day- pain >4 DC instructions- no important decision making, driving or Facebook while taking Norco Report that patient has been here for a couple days post fall and we are not doing anything for them- pt had surgery 2 d...
  2. Kallie3006

    Surgical Center Nursing

    I know in Tx the BON has the scope of practices available to look at
  3. Kallie3006

    New Electronic Medical Record + Short Staffing = Danger

    When we went live with computer charting, from paper, we had super users available, only had 2-3 patients at first and employees of the program company that came around and checked on everyone. The doctors also had extra support staff on their side ...
  4. Kallie3006

    This is horrible

    I couldn't imagine what families are going through when it comes to the involvement of their children, and how their lives are affected by this woman. I know first hand how life-altering a false positive drug test is and how completely time, mind, b...
  5. Kallie3006

    Feeling like a new grad all over again. Stick it out?

    When I changed hospitals I felt like being a new grad would have been easier, the charting system about killed me. Learning anything new takes time and how much depends on you and the exposure you are getting to whatever element you are having to le...
  6. This was my thought as well, triaging is a skill that is developed over time and experience, IMO
  7. Kallie3006

    Expiration date checks on supplies

    I work at a hospital in Texas and we do not do anything of this sort and we get surveyed like anyone else. Seems like a waste of time and manpower that could surely be used in a more productive way.
  8. If this was the worst thing that happened to her ( The Doc) this shift, then I would say that is a pretty good shift.
  9. Kallie3006

    I am not good at nursing

    I once gave a 1x dose of ativan for a patient that the neurosurgeon wanted to watch his EEG on. The doc told me he was ordering it and for what so once it came up to pull I did so and pushed it, then told the doc. Was the doc ready to go? Heck to t...
  10. Kallie3006

    Sam's Law

    Sam was working as a camp counselor for children with special needs over Labor Day weekend in 2016 where she hit her head on a bunk bed and that caused her to have a seizure. This seizure was the first one she had and was healthy in all other aspect...
  11. Kallie3006

    Unsafe Environment for Graduate Nurse?

    You have to also remember that you have the power to NOT accept an assignment if you feel that it is not safe or not in your scope of practice. You may lose your job for refusing an assignment or may face disciplinary action (or may not), within the...
  12. Kallie3006


    My school passing was a 78 and if you failed you had an opportunity to join the following class if space permitted. Each class we had a Hesi and Capstone at the end and if you didn't get above a certain score then you were required to take a remedia...
  13. Kallie3006


    Have you approached the techs in a nonthreatening manner asking what they feel you didn't help with and what can be agreed upon to reestablish your coworker relationship? If not then I would start there.
  14. Kallie3006

    New Graduate, Only one interview, Should I Be Picky

    I would call the unit manager. Be short and sweet, " Ms. OB, I was just following up with my email to schedule a shadowing shift. I know you are extremely busy but I was wondering if I could schedule that?" Show interest but don't be wordy. If you...
  15. Kallie3006


    Any more openings?