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I have been an RN since 2012 and am currently pursuing my BSN with the hopes of being in an FNP program in the near future.


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  1. Kallie3006

    Pain management in nursing

    Pain is what the patient says, bottom line, even if their physical demeanor or perception does not meet "your" idea of what "you" should be able to see. I give oral before IV when possible, especially if IV is ordered for breakthrough and you can not experienced breakthrough is there is not a barrier already being used. Have I had patients that I have thought are seeking? Yes, all the time. My job however is not to render judgment on whether they "need" the meds or not, but to take care of them. If the patient is calling before I can give or asking for different meds in addition to, I reevaluate the situation and ask the doc for a different order, some of the time the patient does not want the meds messed with and then suddenly their pain is better managed. If a patient is stating their pain is not controlled and they are referencing their chronic pain, they get educated on pain management methods and not being able to receive IV meds at home for the chronic pain.
  2. Kallie3006

    Code Blue

    We have colored bands on ours as well. I would not personally delay starting CPR to call the nurse and ask, that could be the difference between breathing wa in damage or not if successful ROSC obtained. Think about BLS and ACLS you get dinged for not performing 2 min of CPR before calling for help
  3. Kallie3006

    Help me name my baby!

    Yay!! I'm never the winner!! I'm printing this and putting it above my desk!
  4. Kallie3006

    Holiday Bonus

    We used to get turkeys until this year where we got a wonderful frozen pie.............
  5. Kallie3006

    Help me name my baby!

    Avalyn Name meaning is "beautiful breath of life"
  6. Kallie3006

    Life's little irritations...

    Does this same excuse work when not giving the patients their flu shot prior to discharge?
  7. Kallie3006

    Unsafe staffing with 4:1 ICU ratios 8:1 on floor.

    You and me both
  8. Kallie3006

    NCLEX Math question

    The test will tell you what placement they are looking for in the question. They dont try to "trick" you by having 2 answers both correct depending on the rounding placement sought and not tell you what they are wanting you to compute. Remember to not read more into a question other than the information presented.
  9. Kallie3006

    Unsafe staffing with 4:1 ICU ratios 8:1 on floor.

    When I first started at a hospital there were nurses on the step-down unit that would take an extra patient for a $100 bonus. I told them numerous times that this would come back and bite them. That they was putting a $100 price tag on a patient's life and telling the admins at the same time that the ratio could be increased by another patient. Now the ratio is up by a patient, nursing gripping and stating how unsafe the assignment load is yada yada but they put themselves in that position all for that dollar. Nothing is going to change unless we rally together. If a couple people accept that assignment and others refuse, they are not team players, or a strong nurse, or whatever else managment wants to say in an attempt to belittle the nurses that are standing up. If we, nursing profession as a whole, keep allowing this to take place and all we do is gripe about it, nothing is going to change for the better. There are only so many times you can threaten something without following through. Just my 2 cents.
  10. Kallie3006

    Unsafe staffing with 4:1 ICU ratios 8:1 on floor.

    Refuse the assignment, they may fire you but you will still have your license. You accept the assignment, you accept repercussions when something happens and the BON will not care that the ratio is not safe, but they will care that you accepted an unsafe assignment and there for accepted responsibility.
  11. Kallie3006

    Blended ACLS skill session

    I've done this at 2 different hospitals. One I did the online portion and only had to do compressions for the in person part and the second did the online and had to complete a mega code
  12. Kallie3006

    Force to change unit in the middle of shift

    I have been floated to 3 units within 4 hours, that was horrible, they tried to float me back to the original unit in the end but I called the house supervisor and said that I have taken report on 15 patients so far and given report on 10, someone else needed to go, stinking ridiculous. I used to work float pool and loved the diversity and increased knowledge set acquired. So even when I get floated from my home unit now, I'm comfortable and competent to take the different patient set. I try to go in with the thought that if this was my unit that was so short wouldn't I want to welcome someone that came to help, even if they didn't have a choice. You can either get bitter and have a black cloud from it, or take it as an opportunity to learn new skills, establish a rapport with other unit staff and grow more in your practice. The wider your practice experience is the more marketable you are if the need arises to find other employment
  13. Kallie3006

    Seasoned Nurses - This one is for you

    EMR- love /hate relationship, older programs with redundant, outdated systems, or lack of physician compliance- ease of access and patient safety check a plus, not having to play guess that word as much for written orders Pyxis- wonders over a med cart Medical information access- easier to find relevant patient education information but also harder for patient care whe. Dr. Google diagnosis a cancer not there Work phones- direct number to be reach for needs or paging doctor: awful when also ringing for random crud all shift long Insulin pumps and glucose monitoring systems Cardiac devices that monitor pt in outpt setting sending data to phone program or dr office Internet forums for advice, education, social interaction, and venting
  14. Kallie3006

    Need help from anyone crafty

    My daughter is in dance tutu!! Do you have a dollar tree? Bare with me I'm going to try to explain a dance figurine and I'm hypothetically getting my supplies at dollar tree: Water bottle- maybe you fan find one in the colors mentioned Ponytail holders Bobby pins Tulle Clear snag free Rubberband Link 2 clear rubber bands together Take the ponytail holders and run the linked clear band through to middle the tie the clear bands in a knot You can either take the top off the water bottle and wrap the clear band around the lid ( spout to inside) or wrap the clear bands around the round part of the lid Spread the ponytail holders out around 1/2 lid diameter this is going to be the hair of your dancer Take a clear rubber band and put around the water bottle itself about 1/4 way from the top ( you may need to link 2 so the bands dont snap when stretching them) Take some Bobby pins and hook through the clear bands, up to you on how many Position Bobby pins on the sides of the bottle ( optional to secure the ends of each bunch with a clear band to keep together) congrats, you have made the dancers arms! Link 2 or 3 clear bands together and knot an end ( this needs to fit snug against the water bottle) Cut the tulle 1 and 1/5 the diameter of the water bottle Glue the tulle to the clear bands, bunching the tulle together throughout so it bunches and has more volume (optional to use the bobby pins to attach the tulle to the clear bands) Position this halfway down the water bottle - this it the tutu for your dancer Optional: fill bottle with candy, lip gloss, lotion, bath bombs. .... whatever your heart desires Handmade note: Santa sure thinks you're on pointe!
  15. Kallie3006

    My coworkers dont like me because I bragged

    I understand what you are saying but I disagree with this piece of advice. I do not understand why she would apologize for not knowing as much as she thought she did, what did she not know when moving to days and expressing her enthusiasm and family stress relief from the position change? Being brand new or a seasoned vet, no one should have to apologize to anyone for changing shifts, or expressing relief about the change. I do not view this as a newbie mistake and do not believe it should be treated as much. The senior nurses should not "make allowances" for this, or anything else if they are not going to take the time to teach and educate the new nurse. How do we know if it is the nurses with more experience or seniority that have a problem to begin with?