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Jack of all trades, master of none

I have been an RN since 2012 and am currently pursuing my BSN with the hopes of being in an FNP program in the near future.


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    allnurses icons

    I have actually searched the FAQs and all about us trying to figure out what the badges mean and why I am unverifiable too. I would give you an experts badge @Wuzzie if I was ever trusted with the bag of badges!
  2. Kallie3006

    Failed Capstone clincial....

    Is it common practice to allow SN access to the pixis and not have to have the RN preceptor access the pixis? When doing anything with any patient, I believe firmly in informing the patient and family, if present, whatever I am doing or preparing to do. This is on patients that are A&Ox4, x1, sedated, in a coma, palliative/hospice, or taking their last breath. You never know what they are able to hear, understand, retain etc. Just a thought. I would also think about future practice, being a student or professional, and do not do anything without an order or verifying the order, even if the preceptor is telling you to do it. Ask to see the order, use the MAR and go through your patient's medication administration rights, every patient, every time. I would also be careful on how you are relating your version of events, this is a public forum and could easily be found and read by someone at your school, someone who could be on your appeal committee and puts 2 and 2 together, just another thought.
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    Adjusting to NIGHT SHIFTS advice??

    I did 5 years of day shift before going to nights and then wondered what took me so long to figure out this shift is amazing for me! I have a function on my phone that allows me to select certain contacts that can make it through my Do Not Disturb selection on my phone, other than those selected my phone does not go off when calls, texts or notifications come in. Depending on where you are located it might be useful to find something that can produce a "white" noise that you can sleep to, this aids in the inevitable day time raucous that could possibly stir your dreams. If you are not wanting to stay on a night time schedule on your days off, you might want to try to keep your shifts in a row, this helps with the sleep confusion your body will be going through when trying to switch back and forth. I personally dislike working every other day because I feel like I am either at work or sleeping, and nothing gets accomplished on my time off, but that is me. Right now my schedule is all over the place doing home infusions as well as working both days and nights at the hospital and having a "sleep" routine is pretty important to me because of this. Skincare wise, I also look at it as wake up and sleep vs day and night. You will find things that work for you and sometimes you will surprise yourself on how creative you can be to get what you need to get done, accomplished. Good luck and welcome to the dark side!
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    Interesting case of the spilled pills

    What in the Sam Hill is wrong with those people? Who wants to play chance with the sharps container? That's Russian Roulette Medical style
  5. Kallie3006

    Help. Input. Agree. Disagree. Thoughts.

    We spike or pour our tube feedings at bedside as well so I do not really understand the whole concept of the bag being mixed beforehand. Our pharmacy mixes our TPN and lipids and they have their proper procedures for that mixology, but to what measures is the dietary department taking when mixing these formulas and transferring them into the administration bag? I would have also used the formula as well, especially if there was not an available alternative. You state that the patient in question was immunocompromised, so I do understand the concern for risk of infection, however, how much time and feedings were lost due to the feeding not being given? That is nutrients missed that the patient needs in order to aid with the healing process. I'm just curious if the attending doctor for this patient had anything to say as to the missed feedings. IMO this seems to be overthought, realistically the distal opening of the tubing is a ways from the collection portion on the bag, nor is this process a sterile technique
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    CHG Preoperative Bathing

    Scheduled surgeries get the bottle of CHG and bath before coming to the hospital and admitted patients get at least 1, preferably 2, CHG baths prior to surgery
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    New Telemetry Nurse

    Does your facility have a War Room, a room with monitor techs that read the rhythms and call to alert with changes? If so an idea would be to see if you can work a couple shifts in there and have the techs explain and review the various rhythms with you. The more practice and exposure you have the more confidence you will obtain. From my experience the ones that work in the War Rooms are very knowledgeable and are able to explain what's going on in a way that is understandable. I would also utilize your charge or other nurses in your unit to ensure the strips are being interpreted correctly. Just some ideas!
  8. Kallie3006

    Lab Exam

    I have horrible test anxiety and understand the "freeze" when you are doing skills check offs. Take some breaths and try to calm yourself as much as possible. Being able to take a manual BP is very important and something that I personally have to do quite often at work because you can not always trust the machines, or can not get a reading on them at all. I would see if there is anything that your instructors recommend that you can do to aid in honing in on your skills and bring up that zero. I don't think that you should speak with your instructor to explain why you don't deserve a 0, you did not complete the skill on either attempt therefore securing your grade. Everyone has things going on while in school, outside stress or triggers that may have some effect on their grade or studying ability. I am not trying to be ugly, just realistic. I do think that you may need to reevaluate your situation with school and the increased stress having a negative impact on your health, and it sounds like you are at the beginning of the program. It generally does not get easier.
  9. Kallie3006

    Curious if I would be eligible for rehire?

    I agree with contacting HR and inquiring about your hire eligibility status that would at least give you the answer to something that we are not able to answer for you.
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    Juggling Multiple PRN Jobs

    I have been working PRN for the last 5 years and would not change it. I am currently PRN contract for one facility so I have committed to at least 3 shifts a week but I pick my schedule. While being contract I am in the same rotation as FT and PT staff in regards to floating and being put on call. As long as I am scheduled 3 shifts I am fulfilling my end even if I do get canceled. I also work PRN doing home infusions, teaching and injection training. I also have the ability to make my schedule for that position as well and I love the change that comes with it. If you are working at least full-time hours or more I would think it would be financially more sound to only have one PRN position because you would be able to get OT from that job. If you do work more than one or multiple departments I would suggest a calendar app to keep everything straight so you don't double book shifts. I use Cozi, but this allows me to input my kid's dance and gym classes and competitions, my work schedule as well as my husbands and they are all linked together with a family account, so everyone is able to see what is going on each day. Another good app is Jorte if you don't need the calendars to be able to link to multiple devices. Your stipulations to the PRN agreement is dependent on the facility so it would be hard to state whether you just need to be available on a day or scheduled, so I would inquire that information with the facility of interest.
  11. Kallie3006

    2 jobs offers. Should i stay or should i go?

    You will be graduating soon and be working as a GN and then a new RN, both roles which are different than what you are doing now, so change is inevitable no matter which facility you decide to start your career at. Even though you know the coworkers at facility A, your new role changes the dynamics of your job description, work, and unit contributions thus equating to the change that you are attempting to avoid. Where do you think that will give you the growth and nutriment that you will need as a novice nurse to progress towards your ultimate goal of being in the ICU?
  12. Oh no I fully agree that there are wrinkles in the system and there are those that the programs have been a positive presence in their lives, allowing treatment and the ability to keep their careers. There are also those that have been subject to the program unfairly and undeserving of the punishment that they have received. Should people be punished twice for a mistake made? In my opinion no, but I am not an investigator nor a member of the BON. I am a victim of sexual abuse and domestic violence but have not ever diverted, but that's not the same for everyone. And I do not believe that every punishment is fit for each situation.
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    House Supervisor Test Question

    Neither because aliens do not wear purple hats..........
  14. I was sentenced by the BON for a positive drug test, except the drug test was a screening assay and they, nor my employer, made sure that there was a confirmation test completed. I had sent a negative hair test in and got 1-year EEP because this was a "one-time offense", no stips, no restrictions, just checking in and randoms for a year. After going through hell and high water I was finally able to prove my innocence and get my case closed, with prejudice. Apparently, this type of thing does not happen often as the investigator for the BON had to find out what to do with my case. The BON has a job to ensure that those that are taking care of the public are safe and competent. They also receive many complaints, referrals and what have you, taking time and energy sifting through complaint after complaint, determining what is valid or not. I could not even imagine the amount of responsibility that falls onto their shoulders. Better safe than sorry comes to mind when thinking of the board and their enforcement policies. That one person that received a DUI while young and dumb, years before even thinking logically about his or her future and career could be that one that is tempted to divert, even years later, and make a fatal mistake, while under the influence, that costs someone their life. How do you know which one will revert back and which one was really just young and dumb? I am not saying I agree with all the decisions that they make, but I do understand, in a way, why.
  15. Kallie3006

    Is this hurting my resume?

    While I understand the "need" to stay at least a year before trying to relocate, I would not be staying in a place where the patients are in danger and my license is being risked constantly. If you are being told you are getting another patient and you do not feel that you can provide safe and competent care to said patient, refuse the assignment. If you accept the patient you are accepting responsibility of the patient and if something happens the BON is not going to care whether or not the assignment was unsafe but rather you accepting responsibility of the patient. Keep in mind though that if you refuse an assignment there may be repercussions from your employer, including termination. Patient safety is something that I will not compromise on though and there is not one person that will fight for your license like you, the hospital will throw you under the bus in a heartbeat. And remember they can not threaten patient abandonment if you do not accept the patient, there can be no abandonment if there has not been a nurse-patient relationship established. These are just my thoughts on the subject and something that I would do. With future employment prospects keep in mind to not bad mouth the facility or speak poorly on their management etc, state something like it was not a good fit for you or something to that nature, chances are that word is already out on what is going on over there. Best wishes to whatever you decide and the future path you find yourself on.
  16. Kallie3006

    My IV Skills are Terrible!!!

    Some facilities will let you work an extra shift in places like day surgery, pain clinic, GI lab etc that will give you an abundant exposure to IV starts. I would suggest asking your supervisor if they can facilitate this or even ask the supervisor of the department you are wishing to go to for the day. Most places are very accommodating in this type of request.
  17. Kallie3006

    My IV Skills are Terrible!!!

    In addition to all the wonderful tips here, I have also found that when you find a vein you like, place a finger on the distal portion of the vein and hold it down with one finger use another to trace the vein proximally, this will flatten the vein while leaving the valves visible allowing you to locate them and plan accordingly to the "perfect" starting point. I would also go to work and ask anyone and everyone on the unit and start as many IVs as possible to gain the experience and learn the tricks.
  18. Kallie3006

    Freaking out over a patient fall!!

    One thing that you have on your side is that you are taking responsibility for the error on your part and was given some good advice on what to do in order to prevent this from repeating. Best wishes to you
  19. I read that 3 times and believe/infer that I am more confused each time, and I do read/study/reference research.
  20. Kallie3006

    I need my instructor

    When I was in school we had to do everything with the instructor until the last semester when the RN signed a paper agreeing to be our preceptor. Now when we get nursing students on the floor for their clinical, there are some times and some groups, where I don't ever see their clinical instructor.
  21. Kallie3006

    Air in Line

    This right here. I do this with nursing students as well as new nurses, whether new period or new to the facility and the equipment being used. When I started doing home infusions I came across many pumps that I have never seen before, some I'm sure that were one of the first ones made (HAHA). Having a basic understanding of how infusion pumps, in general, give an advantage to troubleshooting the unfamiliar while providing concurrent prudent nursing care. Google and youtube have also been an effective resource in understanding the workings of those unfamiliar and unable to troubleshoot alone.
  22. Kallie3006

    Trigger Warning!

    We have become too conforming as a society that instead of being a big girl or boy we have to make sure that anything we say needs to be articulated in such a sense where political, casual, professional, or ranting needs to be done to ensue that there are not any habored feelings of disagreement to any party privy to the conversation or not... SMH people need to get their big person pants on and get over it.
  23. Kallie3006

    Conflict of Interest

    There are always three sides to every story, in your case we have: Student Side, School Side and truth. For the strangers on the internet, we do not have enough information from any of those sides to form an opinion which may or may not have helped said student to begin with. My take: generally dancers, exotic dancers, strippers, or whatever you may want to label them as, make decent money and more so if they are good at what they do or are charasmatic. Your town meeting neighbor worked as a dancer and had an additional 3 jobs. your conclusion to his dancing skills can be formed now.......... Who goes to a "town meeting" to have an open discussion about problems in their personal lives using their "town neighbors" as a council? Not being ugly just really confused on if this is really a standard "meeting", I always thought it was a meeting to discussion concerns within the community and brainstorm on stratagies for correction etc.. Seems to me there is a umbrage being sought but not being received......
  24. Kallie3006

    Pain management in nursing

    Pain is what the patient says, bottom line, even if their physical demeanor or perception does not meet "your" idea of what "you" should be able to see. I give oral before IV when possible, especially if IV is ordered for breakthrough and you can not experienced breakthrough is there is not a barrier already being used. Have I had patients that I have thought are seeking? Yes, all the time. My job however is not to render judgment on whether they "need" the meds or not, but to take care of them. If the patient is calling before I can give or asking for different meds in addition to, I reevaluate the situation and ask the doc for a different order, some of the time the patient does not want the meds messed with and then suddenly their pain is better managed. If a patient is stating their pain is not controlled and they are referencing their chronic pain, they get educated on pain management methods and not being able to receive IV meds at home for the chronic pain.
  25. Kallie3006

    Should I feel guilty?

    RNOrtho- first off welcome to the family!! As others have posted, DO NOT FEEL GUILTY!!! If there is a time where you could work if you slept tell them that, say you can come at 11 or 1 because you need to sleep some, if you can't or don't want too simply say no or don't respond. You do don't have to justify anything to them, it's your day off. I don't know if your unit gets pulled to float but I would also state you will come for your unit only (if you do go in) I said I would help one day and came in to be floated, I was ticked. Just some food for thought!