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  1. I disagree wholeheartedly and emphatically with this theory. State boards always have the option to do an “emergency” license suspension if the allegations are both serious and there’s any hint that there is truth behind them. Further, the problem with false/retaliatory/exploitive employer complaints against nurses is widespread and substantial enough that my own board of nursing has a laundry list of employer complaints on their complaint website that they won’t even acknowledge- things like, “a nurse isn’t “abandoning” patients if they refuse extra shifts”, etc. There’s plenty of information out there that both patients and employers are quite happy to supply complaints of “abuse” and “neglect” as retaliation- absent a finding by a board that a complaint is substantiated, the license is active and valid. Indeed, like any other state license, the state describes its license as a “privilege” - one that has been both earned and paid for. The license is, in effect, your “property” until the state takes it away through proper legal process. Retaliation by a later employer for unsubstantiated complaints that happened under the supervision of another employer would likely be found to be both illegal and unethical.
  2. Actual answer, based on experience? I had a board complaint filed by an employer that “fired” me years ago. My attorney advised me not to disclose the pending complaint to potential employers, and to actively seek and take whatever position I could find. The meeting with the board investigator was seven months after my “termination”, and the complaint was determined by the board to be “unsubstantiated”. Further, the board investigator literally told me “you were thrown under the bus” by management. There was no record of any discipline by my employer in my employment file, even though I was clearly told that I had been terminated by that employer. my advice? File for unemployment, actively seek work, and let your attorney handle the complaint with the board, no matter how intimidating the charges are. If the charges are substantiated and upheld by the board, deal with it then. The board always has the option of seeking an immediate suspension of your license to practice if they believe that the allegations are both serious and likely to be upheld. Absent that, your license is “unencumbered,” and you have a legal right to work within it.
  3. rzyzzy

    80% BSN by 2020: Where Are We Now?

    The legal jeopardy attached to nursing isn’t a feature that makes anyone safer. In nursing, going against your employer’s wishes will result in termination in nearly every case. Unsafe staffing ratios being the pinnacle of this “professional” double speak. the bottom line that the “professional” camp refuses to see is that the various departments of labor have clearly defined what a “professional” is, and it’s based solely on autonomy and economic power. The ability to say “no” without being walked out of the building and blacklisted. The ability to decide for yourself what gets prioritized, and what doesn’t happen, based on your “professional” judgement.. the vast majority of RN’s only have the autonomy to do the impossible list in whatever order they choose, they don’t have the authority to revise the list based on their “professional” judgement. and this parroting of the “professional” line endangers even the ability to get paid by the hour to complete your impossible mission. “Professionals” , according to the department of labor - are exempt from overtime. Take away the overtime and see how much awesome talent you can attract.
  4. rzyzzy

    President Trump and the First Lady Test COVID Positive

    I don’t doubt it a bit. Congress and the president have the best socialist healthcare available. If you’re willing to lie for no reason at all, lying for sympathy when you’re behind isn’t even a stretch.
  5. rzyzzy

    President Trump and the First Lady Test COVID Positive

    I’m with the fake publicity stunt camp - to push the narrative that covid is minor and not a threat. Nothing has been off limits for trump so far. No reason to believe anything he says.
  6. Yeah, well, it’s all loans and gifts anyway, right? pro-tip: if you need a briefcase full of $20’s to pay for one semester of nursing school, you’re probably paying too much to qualify for a job that requires you to deal with bodily fluids on a regular basis.
  7. rzyzzy

    Do EHRs Push Nurses to Lie?

    Worse yet are the systems with “hard stops” built in, so you have to click a box and type a password if you clicked that box. That’s a fine setting if it happens once or twice a day, but typing 50 or a hundred *extra* passwords doesn’t increase patient safety. much like putting excessive alarms out there, adding duplicate checkboxes and “password verification” - and multiple places where things like blood pressure *must* be entered again and again focuses the care giver on the computer and not on the patient.
  8. rzyzzy

    Nazi-esque Black Lives Matter Protesters

    Whilst everyone here is attacking each other, those with actual power are consolidating that power and getting even richer. https://theconcourse.deadspin.com/how-americas-largest-local-tv-owner-turned-its-news-anc-1824233490 watch closely in the background, and you’ll see logos from abc, nbc, cbs, and fox - sworn “enemies” all saying the same thing in unison at the end. “This is extremely dangerous to our democracy”. you should believe that part. The fact that one corporate overlord can control the news in 200 places in this country at the same time is creepy. Liberal spin here, conservative spin there, it doesn’t matter which one you identify with, they’re both being used to distract you from what is really going on. A few years back, the banker-bro’s trashed our economy and destroyed millions of lives. Hillary Clinton made a lot of money speaking to those same banker-bro’s. Now, covid shot up our economy again, and WOW!.. lots of people who already had more than 97% of the country got even richer. Both parties are incredibly corrupt. Looting - even with a moving truck and an army of looters couldn’t steal even a tiny percentage of what’s currently being looted from our treasury right now. While the forums are lit-up with Americans calling each-other Marxist, Commie and Racist, the ruling class is raking in more cash than they ever have before. Keep your eye on the ball, folks.
  9. rzyzzy

    Nazi-esque Black Lives Matter Protesters

    Yeah, the keyword here being “peaceful” .. The people who got shot in Kenosha weren’t peaceful, and they all had criminal records. Even calling them “protestors” is quite a stretch- was any of them carrying a sign? BLM’s tactics to date have been to hold unpermitted protests on open streets, and they’ve been caught on tape not just passively blocking the roads, but also running ahead to block cars, and attacking motorists who try to leave. If BLM collectively thinks “in your face” tactics like that won’t have repercussions, they’re sorely mistaken.
  10. rzyzzy

    Nazi-esque Black Lives Matter Protesters

    Because BLM is leaderless and unfocused, there are people claiming to represent BLM sending messages like this : https://www.chicagotribune.com/columns/dahleen-glanton/ct-looting-black-lives-matter-reparataions-20200817-xdxu4ipu5rhqzkbdl4fpslsnha-story.html BLM will succeed or fail only with lots of *white* supporters, and you’re alienating lots of them by blocking roads, jumping on cars when people want to just go about their business, and - by defending white convicted criminals like Joseph Rosenbaum- seen here just minutes before his death saying “shoot me!” https://nypost.com/2020/08/28/kenosha-shooting-victim-seen-in-video-confronting-armed-men/ In fact, a quick googling will show you all three “victims” had records & the one who got a bicep-ectomy had a gun in his hand when he was shot. Guys like those aren’t helping the cause and should be ostracized by everyone. If things continue as they are, BLM will absolutely go away. So will chances at meaningful court & police reforms.
  11. rzyzzy

    Over $300k in student loans - help.

    Debt loads like this are why the bankruptcy code was created. File, slough off as much as you can - & work on rebuilding. The first couple years are tough after BK, but after that it’s really not a big deal. 5-7 years post BK, if you’re careful, you’ll be almost back to 100% .
  12. rzyzzy

    Mask refusal

    I don’t think it’s legal or ethical. I quit a job because my (former) employer did the same thing - “required” patients to wear masks, unless they didn’t want to wear a mask. In that role, it wasn’t just me getting exposed involuntarily- there were up to eighteen other patients in the same room getting exposed. And the other patients were all considered immune compromised. If anything, I felt it was unethical to accept care of an unmasked patient who had no medical need to skip the mask. I had to quit. No unemployment & lost my health insurance for a couple of months during this pandemic. I ended up getting a raise at my new job. A few of my former patients are dead of covid. This is, no doubt, why certain people in government want “liability protection” as part of any future stimulus package.. So healthcare employers can intentionally do the wrong things for profit.
  13. rzyzzy

    Fact or Fiction?  Masking and CO2 Dangers

    Alright, calling you out - if “countless” citations were written in your area, it made the news, post a link. This “good people on both sides” attitude towards something that isn’t negotiable (science) isn’t helpful.
  14. rzyzzy

    How to handle patient’s threats

    “I’ll notify the doc of your concerns and get back with you “. Done. you can’t give what isn’t ordered and your algorithm / protocol obviously doesn’t allow what they’re asking for. no reason to tie yourself into knots over something that’s outside your control.
  15. rzyzzy

    Fact or Fiction?  Masking and CO2 Dangers

    Yeah, but no one is using “force” - you’re welcome to skip the mask, you’re just *not* welcome to skip the mask at Costco. If there are more than a handful of people who’ve actually gotten a ticket for refusing to wear a mask or leave a public establishment, I’ll eat my own shoe. Cops don’t want to write tickets for it, some have openly said they won’t write tickets for it, and many governors have openly said no one is getting a ticket for it. So there’s no force being exerted here. On the flip side, there have been quite a few anti-maskers threatening those who call them out. I had to quit a job where “masks for everyone, all the time” became “masks for everyone, except the butt-heads who don’t wanna, even without a legit medical reason” - and this was inside a dialysis clinic - where everyone is compromised and the patients aren’t six feet apart. Later on, there was a government order requiring masks inside the facility, but that order came too late for me, and possibly for at least a couple patients who died of covid. the “personal choice” argument goes hand in hand with the “its not that bad unless you’re compromised” argument- which infers that only those at high risk “need” to mask up. That’s an insane argument simply because the compromised still need to buy gas and kitty litter and cheese, just like you - and there aren’t any “separate but equal” facilities for them.
  16. rzyzzy

    Misconceptions/truths about specialities

    Yech.. Having to do physical holds on two patients before you even finish getting report.. 🙃 Doc, are you absolutely suuuuure we shouldn’t transfer out this chf patient with lungs so wet I can hear the bubbling from five feet away? psych is so easy..