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Our school requires us to wear royal blue scrubs to the hospital and we can wear any type of jacket. When we are in the community setting, we wear khaki pants and a college of nursing polo shirt. They used to require everyone to wear the same blue scrub top with puffy sleeves and buttons down the front, but it was so ugly that alot of people complained and got the policy changed.

I am a third year BN student. Our school lets us wear anything we want to clinical (as long as it is a uniform). They do request that we don't wear white (one of my profs did a thesis on the "angel" effect of white uniforms for dementia patients). I have all different colours and patterns). I have only recently found out that other schools are strict about what the students can wear. I would love to hear about your uniform regulations!


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I am in a nursing program in North Dakota. Our school requires us to wear white. Anytime we are at the hospital. If it is not to work we wear dress clothes with our white lab coat. It is so the nurses know we are students I think. If we are doing community stuff we wear dress clothes and our name tag. Their definition of dress clothes is anything but jeans and no writing on the shirts.


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I'm from IL and in a 2yr ADN program. We are required to wear white pants, acceptable nursing shoes, and dark green jacket with scrub top with a patch on them that says our school name and we have to wear a name tag. We must always be in full uniform too.

They sound pretty strict compared to others on this board....



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I just graduated from a associate nursing program in the northeast where their uniform policy was very strict. We had to wear a teal 'toga'(looks like a over-the-head apron with cloth ties on the sides) that bears a big patch on the chest with the name of the college. Under this toga, we had to wear white pants and a white shirt with a collar, hair up (can't touch your collar) nails short, no nail polish, no jewelry, except a plain wedding band if applicable, and white leather shoes,(no athletic shoes) This uniform code was strictly enforced. I think after reading this, most students will feel lucky with their schools uniform policy!


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In my program we wear green scrubs and white shoes. Hair can't be touching neck and no fingernail polish, nails short. I like the scrubs because they are comfortable and easy to work in. I have, however, noticed that everyone basically who works in the hospital wears scrubs including the housekeeping. I agree with whoever it was that posted before about this being confusing for patients and their families. I think if they see someone in scrubs they probably automatically assume it's a nurse when it can just as easily be an aide, tech, RT, housekeeping, etc. And in the hospitals that I've done clinicals in thus far all staff are supposed to wear name tags yet half of them don't, thus adding further confusion as to who you are dealing with. I've been told by instructors that there is a hefty fine if you are found to not wear your ID so I plan to wear mine after graduating as well, even if I am one of the only ones doing it. Just my two cents..

My BSN dress code sounds very similar to the one that newnurse mentioned. Our hair had to be up, short nails with no polish, no perfume, no jewelry except for a watch, plain wedding band and small earrings,& white leather shoes. During our Senior year we were given the option to buy purple scrubs to wear to certain clinicals. Otherwise, we had to wear white pants, a white button up shirt, and an apron that tied on the sides. I absolutely hated that uniform. Thanks goodness since I've graduated, I've found a job with a much less strict dress code. Some of the regulations I agree with, but some, well, I just won't miss at all..


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A few years before I entered Clinical, the guys and girls at my school had to wear these mustard yellow DRESSES or zip up tops (guys). They changed it to the white pants, white top, smock that tied at the sides with yellow and blue piping on the sides- we looked like the marching band- and no I do not think it made us look professional or like we knew what we were doing. Our prof said it was to intentionally make us stick out so that we were not asked by staff to do stuff we weren't allowed to do (Level Two skills) WHile we thought they were strict, I found out from a friend that a corresponding ADN program in town required that the student wear a similar uni. and also full length support hose- and she said they checked to be sure you were wearing the hose, (I wasn't brave enough to ask HOW they checked!) Good Luck in School - Oh yeah, are a graduating pary we tried to burn the uni and found that they were indeed polyester and sort of flame retardent, they melted, but would not ignite biggrin.gif


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I am a senior nursing student at Allen College. For our hospital uniform we wear white pants and top and these hideos smocks that button on the sides. They have a blue border to them. We also wear a white labcoat with our college patch on the sleave. These are completely horrible. Sometimes, we can talk our clinical instructo out of wearing the smock and just the whites. For OB and surgery we wore surgical scrubs. For community we wear nice clothes (khakis) and lab coat. Luckily I only have to wear the smock this semester. Yeah. we joke that we were going to dedicate our new building at the college by burning our smocks. Lucky for those of you that get to wear scrubs. We have tried...


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I am a junior nursing student in a BSN program at the Medical College of Georgia. We just started clinicals a few weeks ago and we have a pretty strict dress code. We are required to wear white pants and either a white or royal blue scrub style top. We have to have an MCG patch on the left arm of the top and wear white leather shoes with closed toes and heels. (That means no clogs!) frown.gif We have to wear white socks or stockings, have our hair up off of our necks and wear only a watch, wedding band, and small stud earrings. We have name tags that must be worn on the uniform and lab coat. If we are in the community or in the hospital not working, we must wear nice clothes with our pressed white lab coat over them. It's all very regulated, but it makes us look professional so that the patients believe we know what we are doing and so the doctors and staff know that we belong. Sometimes it is a pain to follow all of the regulations, but they do serve a valuable purpose. And to all of you who don't have these policies, just remember how lucky you are! smile.gif


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god! i would love to be able to wear scrub tops. out uniform cinsists of... these unisex blue and white striped top thingy w/ these huge pockets...they were very poorly made..i'm only 5'4'', the thing comes down to my knees! they zipper up w/ this crazy collar thing that you can't keep down. white pants, white socks, all white shoes. hair up, nail polish off, no barrates or anything decorative in your hair, name tag on, no jewelry exc. wedding band. our uniforms are not allowed to be worn outside of the clinical area. if they are seen on us anywhere, the college included, we get a proffesional contact. after 3 we are out of the nursing program. granted, not that i would WANT to be seen anywhere else w/ it on...




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Many years ago as an LVN student we not only wore "Alice in Wonderland" costumes= a blue dress with white pinafore and plain nurses cap, the director of education tood female students into the ladies room to make sure we were wearing white cotton underwear!


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