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Uniform policies?


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Jennerizer, ASN, RN

Specializes in PCU, Critical Care, Observation. Has 13 years experience.

We have to wear all white.......no scrubs are allowed. I swear we look like we're trying to be ice cream men. At least we are allowed to buy whatever style we like other than scrubs. Future classes all have to buy the exact same outfits from one place.

They aren't too picky about the hair on the collar, it just needs to be out of your face if you lean over.

At my school we wear royal blue scrubs with our school patch, any white sneakers and our ID badge. We have a white lab coat with our patch on it. Not bad I like our scrubs.

Every nursing school uniform is hideous. Grin and deal with it. Have a uniform burning party when you finnish!

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