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Uniform policies?


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As all your answers so far have been from the west side of the Atlantic ocean, I'll give you an insight to student nurses uniforms here in Northern Ireland (where???), at the University of Ulster anyway. For both females and males, it consists of a white tunic, grey trousers and all white shoes. Not very attractive, but practical I am sure. I'm not so about underwear though, compulsory or not?


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I just graduated from a BSN program in San Diego, CA. We had to wear a white uniform (no T-shirts or jeans), white scrubs, or a white dress (which no one ever wore) with clean athletic or nursing shoes for the first three semesters. For the fourth through sixth semesters, we wore solid and print scrubs in our own choice of colors (all-white was active discouraged for our peds rotation). Dressy, professional clothes (sometimes with a white lab coat, depending what we were doing) were required for community work. Stud earrings and rings without stones were allowed when performing patient care. We had our choice of jewelry during community work. Our hair had to be secured, though not necessarily up off the collar. Name tags were always required, of course. We always complained about having to wear the white outfits in the beginning, but after reading several of these postings, I realize we really had nothing to complain about!

We are required to white pants, white smock, with a over the head apron. We have to wear name tag with school name. minimal makeup, hair pulled back, no jewelry(except wedding ring). It has been the same for years, my sister graduated 3 yrs ago and I have her aprons now.

You should see our uniforms. I am in the nursing program at a community college in North Carolina. We have to wear white uniform pants (or dress) with white uniform shirt, leather shoes, and a teal green vest. and that godawful hat... pinned on our head you must constantly be aware of that extra headpiece...although alot of the elderly patients really like it...

In Nursing School, we had to where white pants and/or whit skirts,that were ordered specifically from a uniform company with pink buttoned collars. The guys had to wear the same colors and they hated it just as much as the ladies did. We had to wear solid white for graduation. We all had to measured. We had to wear nursing shoes, but thank God we didn't have to wear the nursing caps as we did the year before. And as for the name tag, if you caught without it, you got an F for clinicals that day. This was just 10 years ago. We also had to wear our heair pinned up, not on our collars, no jewelry, no polish and we had to have short nails. We could wear wedding bands only.

I graduated 4 years ago from ADN program. We had to wear royal blue scrubs ordered from a uniform shop that cam to our school and measured us for it. But they are standard scrubs, made by Crest. Men & women wore same. Also ordered white lab coat. You had the option to wear the lab coat or not, but whatever one you wore had to have the college patech sewn to the left sleeve. Men had to wear white tee shirts under top to discourage hairy chests from showing! Women to wear white undies, but fer shur no one checked THAT out! Ugh... Had to wear white leather shoes, could be nursing or athletics as long as they were solid white. White socks or hose. Short nails, no polish, "professional" make-up, no tattoos, no piercings except one in earlobes, no jewelry except for wedding rings and watch. Short hair or pulled back and up off collar, altho I have seen this violated a lot. Depends on the professor/instructor. Had to wear ID at all times when in uniform or get an F for the clinical day. One of my classmates would not wear pants for religious reasons, and wore a royal blue uniform dress, white socks, etc.

I thought the uni was very easy to adhere to, and you could recycle the scrubs after graduation by taking the patch off and mix/match with other scrubs. The last day of clinicals, a lot of us gave markers to people we were working with on our floor to autograph our tops and write notes of encouragement! I still have that top and cherish it!

If we were in our Mental Health clinical, we wore street clothes with our ID badge. We were NOT allowed to wear uniforms at all, as at the hospital no staff there wore uniforms, all to help the patients to trust them.

If we were at the hospital or ECF to research our patients, we could wear dressy street clothes (ie: no jeans, no tennies) with our lab coat over top.

Theses are a lot different from what the school used to wear...used to have a pinafore and a cap. Sure glad that was gone by the time I went to school.

The local LPN school students wear all white uniforms....they do not have to be alike, just all white. They can wear a lab coat if they want. Both lab coat and uniform top must have school patch on it. The rest of their code is like mine at RN school.

For our adult health and OB clinicals we had to wear our school uniforms-white pants, shoes and white pleated tunic for females, plain white tunic for males. Then men look like dentists. The other clinicals we wore scrubs of our choice. Community health clinicals and psych we wear street clothes, business casual.

All white with red name tag. For community we just have to dress professionally. I would KILL to be able to wear whatever like northerngirl can....sigh....

am burning my whites in May....:D

White uniform with school logo on left chest area with blue/gold piping on sleeves and white pants. The lab coat is white w/blue/gold logo on chest area also. They're very expensive. Shoes have to be white, it's ok to wear athletic type shoes, but they have to be all white. First year was very strict with hair up, no jewelry(except wedding band), no fingernail polish or perfume, not a lot of make up either. Second year is not as strict, you can wear engagement rings, and hair just has to be pulled back.


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Im in an ADN program in Southern California. we wear white tops (scrubs,lab coats ect), white pants, white shoes (leather, no open heels) only a wedding ring or stud earings for jewelry, hair must be off collar & hair holder are supposed to be the color of your hair (um they dont make dark blonde hairthingies, so I just wear beige or white), our school & hopsitl ID & our school patch on our arm

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White tops with collar, white pants or skirt, all-white leather shoes, our hair tied up, name tag, school patch on the right sleeve, watch with second hand and only one ring and only stud earrings no other body piercings, they even specify white underwear!

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White pants, burgandy top (with collar and short sleeves). The school nursing program is embroidered on the top plus we wear a pinned nametag. I thought at first that the uniform was hideous, but it has sorta grown on me. Scrubs hide a multitude of sins, I've found.

No jewelry except studs in the ears (single pierce only) and a wedding band. Hair needs to be pulledback from the face but they don't really care what color your scrunchie is...

No nail polish except clear, and you have to dress to match your gender.:rolleyes:

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