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  1. It's a mix here. At the main hospital where I was until Feb., we still charted on paper. But labs, test results, Xrays, H&P, etc., are on computer. A paper copy of same is on the chart. We also enter VS, I&O onto computer at the end of the shift. (That info is also on the paper chart.) In Home Health, where I am now (same hospital), we have laptop computers for OASIS, and we all fill out our time sheets on computer. Two of the RN's have "gone live", meaning they do *all* their charting for daily visits as well as everything else on computer. We will all be going "live" by the end of the year. The two RN already there are helping streamline the program, sorta "beta-testing" it before mass comsumotion. Getting back to the hospital itself: I see several of you mention MDs being resistant to the use of computers. We had a hard time getting ours to look up results for themselves also. But finally Nursing Admin mad a rule that we WERE NOT ALLOWED to look up results for the doc. They all are able to take the same course *we* took when we were hired in that taught us how to use the programs. And they are all able to have free hook-up from the hospital to their homes to be able to look up values and results at their homes, then call in with orders if need be. We were told by Admin to tell Dr. Ihatebeingadocandihateyoutoo, "It is not my job to do *your* job." Actually, I have never had a problem.....even the most resistent MD finally "got it" and calls up his own results (while we all hear him cursing out loud - hee hee) :chuckle
  2. Scavenger'sWife

    Artificial Fingernails

    Yes. our hospital has a facility-wide rule forbidding artificial nails if you are in a job where you give direct patient care. This means it covers: nurses/aides, housekeeping, unit clerks, pharmacists, PT/OT, lab/EKG techs.....etc. It allows persons in office-type positions to have "nails". I will say, however, many choose to not obey. It seems to depend on who your manager is, whether you get "busted".
  3. Scavenger'sWife


    Some great ideas here. I hated SASS, but my sister swears by them. I do love the pair of clogs I have. Didn't think I'd like them, but they are nice. I have wide feet and have to find a size 10 W in whatever I buy....that is not easy. I currently wear Nikes but need new shoes. I am recovering from ankle surgery and the Doc said I need to wear good support shoes for at least 6 months and NO heels or flat shoes at all (even off-duty). After reading these entries, I may try the Birkies.
  4. Scavenger'sWife

    Charting Bloopers

    OY VEY!!!!! BWAAAAHAAAAHAAAAA!!!!! :roll
  5. Scavenger'sWife

    Charting Bloopers

    LMAO! I don't know why, but of all these entries, this one made me spit my pop laughing! These are great!:roll
  6. Scavenger'sWife

    Charting Bloopers

    Ummmmm.......how you spell it could mean a difference in the location of the infection......(get it? )
  7. Scavenger'sWife

    Bumper Stickers-add your own

    Love all these!!! :chuckle How about mine: They are not bumper stickers, but are my favorite pins. I collect pins with sayings that make me laugh and wear them to work. "Prozac & Starbucks - Breakfast of Champions" "I dress this way to bother you" "My life is a Soap Opera" "I may not look busy but on a cellular level, I am really quite active."
  8. Scavenger'sWife

    what's your "fun" job?

    WOW - lots of you have really interesting lives! I feel like a "Schlub".... I work as a Home Health nurse, which is great. My "fun" work is teaching CPR. I just love doing that. If I could get a full-time job at it, I would! I like the idea that one day, someone might save a life because I taught them CPR...
  9. Scavenger'sWife

    I was just frowned upon by an old classmate

    YOU GO GIRLFRIEND!!!! :wink2: Believe me, she has a loooooooong way to go in med school and she *WILL* get hers at many, many times in her education (*IF* she even finishes it! With her attitude, she may not!) heh heh You were cool and that is definitely the way to go. Another redhead here (tho I am Germanic by heritage>>>>>>What is this? A Redhead Board? lol) But I have learned the best revenge is to be above revenge. People like her have low self-esteem and they have to keep reminding others (and in that way, themselves) how important they are. People who *KNOW* their importance in life do not need to remind everyone of it.
  10. Scavenger'sWife

    Stick a fork.....

    Congratulations!!! Now the real work begins! LOL :rotfl:
  11. Scavenger'sWife

    Blessing in Disguise ?

    I am sorry to hear about your friend. I think it is wonderful of you to go to the funeral home. I had an elderly gentleman touch my heart the same way many years ago. It has been almost thirty years and I still remember him from time to time. Prayers are with you & for him & his family.
  12. Scavenger'sWife

    Dreams about Passed Patients.

    I think you should try to call the widow, even tho, or maybe even *because* it has been 5 years. Most Hospice programs only follow for a year, and then send a remembrance once a year after that. I think the widow would be very touched that you called. Just maybe say, "I have recently been thinking about you. How have you been?" My brother was a hospice patient...I would love to hear from his nurses.
  13. Scavenger'sWife

    What I like about my job

    Agnus: You will LOVE Hospice!!! I worked it for a year and a half. I would still be there if I could have gotten full-time. It takes a special nurse to do it.....Good luck and God bless ya!
  14. Scavenger'sWife

    What I like about my job

    Gee, Tom....some women just aren't as trusting of their menfolk as I am..........
  15. Scavenger'sWife

    What I like about my job

    What a neat thread! I love starting IV's! Maybe that sounds vicious, but I get a kick out of feeling that needle slip into place and seeing flash! I especially love it when I get it the 1st time, or get it after another nurse has not been able to get it, and then have the patient say," HEY! That wasn't bad at all!" I love Home Health! I love being out there, on my own, having to meet each challenge and learn some really innovative ways to fix problems in the home. I love being able to really work one-on-one with the clients and spend some time meeting their needs! And I love that my job allows me to drive my new car!
  16. Scavenger'sWife

    LTC owner/manager "invents" new nurse title?

    Yeah, we used to joke that "LPN" was "Let's Pretend Nurse" and "RN" was "Real Nurse" and that "NA" was for "Not Anything". But that was just among ourselves...plus I said that "RN" stood for "Really Nuts" for putting up with crud that we do.... Well, anyhoo....that Admin should be reported to the BON and/or State for her misrepresentation. Question: Did she recently also raise the residents' monthly rates???