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  1. Where are you, Janice? I miss you.

    1. goodstudentnowRN


      Sorry, just found out you died!!! 😭😭

  2. janleb

    Stories from when you where in nursing school

    Boy I got reamed for this one, looking back I can finally laugh. Well the end of my first yr I was getting ready to discharge a pt, and she needed something for heartburn, well the packaging was the same, but I should have know something was wrong w...
  3. janleb

    Honest opinions from nurses please

    Maybe someone could help me remember but in the 1970 something there was a medical comedy sitcom on that represented nursing looking like a bunch of porn stars. seriously, 8" heals, short nursing outfits low cut tops ect. The nursing community had ...
  4. janleb

    doctors order

    When I was a new nurse, and even now I repeat the order back to the physician. I write up a list of topics I want to cover with the doctor, being a pt condition abnormal labs, concerns ect. Because some doctors talk and give orders so fast you can'...
  5. janleb

    Test Taking Tips

    when I was in nursing school, I studied from the NCLEX books. Anything that is important and you need to know about a procedure, or disease or side effect of a med will be in there in a list. I also used the CE on the internet and in nursing magaz...
  6. janleb

    I have to be bathed by my classmate???

    We did somthing similar. We wore bathing suits or sports bra and heavy duty undies. Just get over it, and do it. The reason why they are doing this is to put you in the position of the pt. Let me tell you an experience I had. I was working one d...
  7. janleb

    "I didn't know you were gay"

    I have been a heterosexual female nurse for three yrs now. My husband is a nurse. I think people don't have a clue all that nursing involves. Not just holding someones hand, being compassionate but also some very critical thinking is involved. I ...
  8. janleb


    I work on a med surg floor/tele. I was working tele last night a 22 yo male admitted to etoh detox, MI from cocaine abuse, On the third upon admission he tested positive urinalysis, for cocain, marijuana, barbituates, neg for etoh. I looked at the...
  9. janleb

    Should new LPN grad go into Med/Surg right away?

    yes definitely for a yr or two. you arenvolvrd in a lot of different procedures. And th e expertise you learn is involuable. Learning procedures are important but also is time management and prioritizing. Which you hear over and over in nursing ...
  10. janleb

    Can someone help me with this med-surg question?

    after surgery, especially with the use of general anesthesia. It slows down peristalsis. In a way your body is in a state of shock. think about how traumatizing abd surgery is. Without peristalsis fecal matter cannot move through the intestines. ...
  11. janleb

    What are your routines like on a medsurg unit

    You will be amazed how fast a head to toe gets when you have been doing it for al while. fore example as soon as you walk into the room. Introduce yourself dialogue might go as such hi I m your nurse today my name is Janice and you are.......... ...
  12. janleb

    Do you wear makeup?

    not to much. Just enough so I don't look as bad as my pt. :) base, blush and eyeliner just a little color. With three kids and a twelve hour shift to go it kind of falls to the back burner.
  13. janleb

    IV on the 1st Stick...

    I had to post this a few months ago I found an Iv that was inserted the opposite way it was suppose to go. I got a giggle out of that one.J
  14. janleb

    Surgical Nursing Advice

    I would recomment at least 2-3 yrs med surg experience for every new grad. You get to learn new skills, and practice skills you already learned in nursing school. A typical med surg day is very tiring, but I feel if you can get a good hand on med ...
  15. janleb

    What are your routines like on a medsurg unit

    also don't forget labs and compare to the previous day. Any thing that is abnormal report. Many time I will call the physician just to give him a heads up on the pt condition even if nothing is ordered. Most docs appreciate this.
  16. janleb

    What are your routines like on a medsurg unit

    One thing that is not routine is your patients. I usually work 3 twelve hour shifts in a row and most of the time have the same pt. I always assess my pt as if it is the first time I have taken care of them. Pt conditions can change very quickly. ...