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  1. hollykate

    Information On Nursing School Before 1972

    you know, I still give up my seat for an MD, IF there is no other seat available and the MD needs to do some writing. Usually I'm right in front of the computer where the MD wants to check labs. But I don't hop right up...
  2. hollykate

    Graduating in May...

    Apply now. Not later. Most students are interviewing right now for the jobs. As far as how hard and easy, it depends on you, what type of position you want etc. I foudn ti easy to find a job but I have seen some posts where people have had a very hard time...
  3. hollykate

    Information On Nursing School Before 1972

    my 88 yr old Grandmother went to Nursing school at Syracuse University probably sometime in 1930 or so. She describes all sorts of things, and is even impressed that I am allowed to take a blood pressure and assess heart and lung sounds. She went to a three year program and was quite annoyed because the next year they came up with a bachelors program, and she wanted to do that because it would have allowed ehr to take the English classes (She is a big reader). She recalls things like sharpening needles...and also sterilizeing them for reuse (eeks!! ) and she describes some strange provess for preparing narcotics for injection, but it could just be her alzeheimers kicking in. Much emphasis was put on appearance. and of course in her program, one could not be married.
  4. hollykate

    Chiari Malformation?

    I'd recommend you head to the hospital that does the most, with good outcomes. 1-2 a year is not enough. 300+ sounds nice, but is it over the past 30 years or is it over the past 8 years. I used to take care of people with the Chiari malformation (not kids). They usually did quite well after surgery. However, it was a teaching hospital and it seemed to depend a bit on the resident as well. Best Wishes with your huband, I can tell you are going to get him the best care available!!!
  5. hollykate

    RN student seeking opinion from pros about stethoscopes

    No. I think cheapy stethoscopes are just plain cheap. If you use them all the time, you most likely aren't hearing as much as you should. So, using them more frequently will not make the cheap stethoscope work any better, nor will it improve your ability to hear anything with them,because it is a cheap stethscope. It isn't really a skill.
  6. hollykate

    she tried to access mediport, it was really a pacer

    Well, a pacer and a port are sometimes in similar locations and both usually appear as a bump under the skin. I suppose it might be easy to look at them and make the error. However, before trying to access something, the nurse should have checked the patient record to see if the patient had a port, or any other device.
  7. hollykate

    Physician bullying/sarcastic comments to nursing staff

    Depends on the situation. Some people are snide and silly: example is one doc who walked out of a room and told me to go in and ask the able bodied pt to put on a gown. She informed me she didn't go to medical school to ask patients to put on gowns. (She had issues with being a female physician and was taking it out on many people... Then though- there are physicians who are actually being nasty and trying to intimidate nurses and other staff members. These physicians make it difficult to work. In one ED i traveled to, they just lost 3 nurses because they do not like to work with one physician, and the manager finally noted that when doing self scheduling everyone was trying to schedulethemselves off on the days he works... it was pretty wierd. Thsi type of physician needs to be confronted by management as they detrimentally affect the department.
  8. hollykate

    she tried to access mediport, it was really a pacer

    I don't think this has anythig to do with IV teams or not. It is more one nurse, who was incompetent.
  9. hollykate

    How To Shadow A Nurse

    I shadowed a nurse before I went to school. I will say it was a completely useless after noon and did not help me decide that nursing was or was not for me. The school set up the shadowing experience for me even though I was not their student. Unfortunately, watching someone do something is very different than doing it yourself, which is why the afternoon was pretty much a waste of my time. I'd recommend doing something like a CNA class, rather than shadowing. If youenjoy doing the basic nursing care that CNA's provide, it is highly likely you will be a great nurse.
  10. hollykate

    going down south

    your pay is going to be a bit lower in the carolinas. But the Cost of living is also less that Long Island. You probably had that figured out though. I've never worked anywhere excpt the piedmont, Eastern NC region so I can't help you out there.
  11. hollykate

    I Need Advice from Experienced Nurses...

    Depends on what you want. Really think about what you want/need based on money considerations, and job responsibilities, and opportunities. Some areas, LPN's will not be hired into psych. In other areas of the country LPNs have broad opportunities. Whatever you decide, enjoy your nursing career, and do not let anyone tell you what is right for you.:roll
  12. hollykate

    Asking Questions

    Once you get more experience, you will realize that there are not that many things you "SHOULD" know. (Except perhaps how to recognize V. Tach on a monitor and act appropriately about it. ) There are billions of medications out there, and it is impossible to know them all- which is why we have pharmacy and books and stuff. I have 6 yrs experience, and I indeed ask a ton of questions. What is interesting is that many times I ask a question and none of us know the answer. So we all end up looking it up, or calling the pharmacy. It is hard as a new grad though, because some people wil make things tough as you ask questions. Try to avoid saying things like, "I know I should know this..." because there are a ton of things to know and if someone gives you a hassle about your questions, remind them nicely that you could not ask at all, and how would that be....
  13. It seems to me that it is beyond just the preceptor. One can have a great preceptor, but if the rest of the department is making catty comments and being snotty it's almost a given that the nurse will fail. If it is only some nurses, it is probably worth having a one on one talk with each one personally. Most ED nurses feel undervalued all the time. Explaining that you value them for their experience, but you do not understand why they must behave in such a way to new staff. It happens also to new staff, not just new grads...This might give the experienced RN a chance to actually vent to you, as well. It is honestly very tough to have a department that has a large percentage of new grads/inexperienced people. In one ED I was in the number is approaching 20% and the staff are starting to react as if under stress. By talking to them personally, you are making it clear that it is their behavior and not another persons. You also have the opportunity to explain your expectations, and an opportunity to listen. SOme of the experienced nurses complaints maybe valid. Doing any sort of blanket meeting and announcement, generally is an invitation for everyone to ignore what you are saying. Best WIshes.
  14. hollykate

    Scrubs: Which are the most Fashionable?

    Wow the coture tops are really a bit short. Just stretch up to get something from a shelf, and pop out comes your navel. I have never though of scrubs as a fashion statement. But I do see a lot of people very interested in them, and since we do spend 12 hours in them, I suppose they ought to suit you. I'm thinking actually lately about getting some of the new type scrubs, like the one on the coture site, but I'd want a normal waist...
  15. hollykate

    When patients discuss other patients.

    I hate it when there is a screaming patient in one room and my patient wants to know all the details. In some ways it is very nice that they show any concern for someone else, but it is usually just morbid curiosity.
  16. hollykate

    nursing schools in southeast NC

    Have you considered a BSN program? I wanted to go to GTCC, but went to UNC because it had less of an applicant pool. I then got a NC nurses scholarship which paid for it. As an in state student the University is not too bad for costs. It might take a year longer, but you'd get in and be able to start on your career.