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  1. Methodist Hospital in Sacramento???

    Just wondering, does anyone have any experience working for the Mercy system near Sacramento? I'm looking at Methodist hospital personally and was wondering if anyone has any insight to share perhaps? Thanks in advance! I really appreciate it :)
  2. Abx after ROM? How long before...

    your unit does this??? I'm wondering because the last hospital I worked for routinely gave abx at the 12 hr mark if a patient was ruptured, but the unit I work for now doesn't give anything UNTIL Mom is showing signs of infection (febrile, etc)... Th...
  3. Walden University?

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone here has participated in (or has opinions regarding) Walden University's online MSN Education program? I would really appreciate learning any pro's/cons or otherwise. In doing my own research, I was told repeatedly t...
  4. early decels during latent phase-advice needed

    Hi, just wanted to add that I agree with what has been posted thus far. I too have seen this type of strip far too often (twice this week so far- ugh!) and unfortunately both babies ended up with c/s. Those cord strips are the worst. I literally s...
  5. Scrubs on LDRP

    What she wrote!!
  6. Applied for L&D again!!!!!!!!

    Best of luck to you! Can't wait to hear what happens! I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for ya. :)
  7. Umm...I will have 47 residence to care for !!!!!

    I also feel that this is far too many pts, particularly for a new grad. It's just not worth risking your license over. I'd advise you to give it careful thought before going into this. There are soo many opportunities for nurses now, and I for one...
  8. Help- a 4 year old with possible STD!

    Oh, that's horrible! I hope the poor dear is okay, and doesn't suffer any lasting effects from her behavior. Poor thing.
  9. I Double Dawg Dare You, Do It!

    I Love this thread...of course, I am also sitting here with my cheeks that are wet with tears, but I adore these stories, nonetheless. So..for mine. One of the first times I *knew* I'd made a difference to a patient was during nursing school. I was...
  10. Re-entering the workforce after 8 years at home!

    Well, I went back to work after an over 2 year hiatus. It can be done- lol. I returned to Labor and Delivery, as that's all I've ever worked. While it's challenging as well, there's not another place I'd rather work. I highly recommend the area. ...
  11. Outta Line........

    Sorry to hear about your situation..I truly hope things are better for you soon. Hang in there!!!
  12. Ever had cervix go down in dilitation...

    Thanks for the advice, ladies, and for listening. I'm going to chalk this up to experience I suppose and try not to lose heart over it. I love my job and I won't let this stand in my way. Thanks again for the support. And I've committed your advi...
  13. Ever had cervix go down in dilitation...

    Hi, I need some advice please...I usually consider myself very confident in SVEs as I've over 2 yrs experience but had a bad experience when I worked a few days ago. In short, I checked a pt who had previously been 5 cms, to find that she was 9 with...
  14. Stillbirths

    I'm so sorry you had to go through that truly i am. *big hugs*
  15. Got a Card from Work...

    Very cool!! And kudos to you for the good work you obviously did with that patient, too. It's always nice to be recognized :)