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  1. northern girl

    nursing salaries

    Here in the North the RNs start at $27 plus $0.89 living allowance. of course that is in canadian money which equals about $0.50 american!
  2. northern girl

    Uniform policies?

    I am a third year BN student. Our school lets us wear anything we want to clinical (as long as it is a uniform). They do request that we don't wear white (one of my profs did a thesis on the "angel" effect of white uniforms for dementia patients). I have all different colours and patterns). I have only recently found out that other schools are strict about what the students can wear. I would love to hear about your uniform regulations!
  3. northern girl

    Stethescope, what kind should I get?

    My suggestion would be that you get the best 'scope that you can afford. It really really helps when you are trying to learn heart and lung sounds. I recently got an ultrascope (they have a website), it is really is comparable to a friend's littman cardiology 'scope, it was cheaper, and the one of a kind head makes it less likely someone else will walk away with it!
  4. northern girl

    male student nurses

    Here is my dilema with male nurses (and students for that matter). Both my husband and I are nurses. He and all the other male nurses I know are competent, professional, practitioners. My guy floats to L&D and to other places where male nurses are not normally found. I think it is great that male nurses are becoming more intergrated but... but at the same time i can see how there would be problems with the patients. I am a pretty shy person and there are certain times when I would not want a male nurse. One can argue that many of the docs are male and are with the patients, but due to the scope of practice between RNs and MDs there is a difference, I can't explain it but it is there. There are certainly some ingrained social percetions that are going to need to be sorted out before male nurses can just be 'one of the girls'. Good luck with your research!