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I'm an 18 y/o F...i'd love to talk to other students in my age range! IM me or E-Mail me anytime!

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  1. LJoyW_27

    Debate Topic..Opinions needed PLEASE?!?!?

    phew that is over. i argued that with a nursing shortage, what hospital has the funds to pay nurses NOT to work, but instead sit in on classes they have already had in nursing school? we worked our butts off in school, passed the test (even though i haven't yet!) that we shouldn't have to waste our time sitting through more. and thne i got all into the legislative things...gov't. doesn't make physiciams do it, why nurses? and how there have only been 2 mandated classes, child abuse and infection control...why should all nurses have to sit through child abuse classes? nursing home nurses or OR nurses will probabyl never see it. and infection control is drilled inot our heads from day one, and we use it ever single day. i basically pulled a bunch of CRAP out of my A** and got my full 15 points cause i have an attitude that gets my point across plus lots of public speaking experiance! but i am SO GLAD that that is over!!! thanks guys!
  2. LJoyW_27

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    yuck..black friday..usually i'm the one shopping that day...this year i'm working...cashier at walmart...NOT looking forward to it!!! Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone!! :D
  3. LJoyW_27

    Any Guys in school now?????????

    guys in nursing school are great....gives us girls somethin to look at!! :p but seriously....i'm in a class of 35 and 3 of them are male..one is 19, one is mid-thirties, and one is 60. all three of them are great, no discrimination against them by staff, students, instructors, just a couple OB pts...but that's to be expected i suppose. best of luck to you guys..we need more of you with us!
  4. okay...my perspectives in nursing class...bad we have a debate to do...we got assigned topics and our positions on them( which i don't think is fair because how canyou argue something you don't believe in??) but that's beside the point. okay. here it is. I have to argure that I feel nurses should not need any education after they graduate. No inservices, extra classes, nothing. How can i do this? i know nursing is a field where you have to keep gaining education as you go! If anyone has any thoughts on this, please please let me know. you can email me @ LJoyW_27@yahoo.com or Instant message me at LeAnn7481 Thank you guys! :confused:
  5. LJoyW_27

    i need your opinion

    i went to the MD's today...she looked at it and sent me right to the hospital for an xray to see if there were definate edges that meant it wasn't involved in the bone, and a script for a bone scan if they couldn't see that...well after an xray and a bunch of blood work i have an appt. for a bone scan monday and prescription for Keflex..they think it is osteomylitis...i know this is an infection of the bone...it is generally tx with antibiotics, right? would that require being admitted?? i cann't miss class:o :o thanks for the replies :)
  6. LJoyW_27

    i need your opinion

    ok folks..i need you experianced nurses out there (i'm just a student). a while ago i noticed a pea sized bump on my leg, just beneath the patella. well now it is much larger, reddened, and very tender to the touch, and there is another starting below that. do you think it is cellulitis? if so, what is done abuot this..just PO antibiotics, right? is there something else this could be. i know i should not have let this go this long (~2 months ) but i just assumed it would fix itself. well, its obviously not. i'm planning on calling the MD tomorrow after clinical, but i just thought i would try to get some info out of you guys!!please?
  7. LJoyW_27


    Me and my 3 friends from nursing school just booked a trip to Myrtle Beach for spring break!!! something to work towards to muddle through the semester of phsychiatric nursing, maternity nursing, cardiac enzymes, and care plans. I love these girls i met in my class a year ago...we developed a very close bond almost immediately..i think it's because we are all very close in age and we are the only ones in the class that age (19-23 y/o) did you guys get attached to people in your classes like this? the 4 of us have been practically inseperable since our first month of school. just wondering!
  8. LJoyW_27

    Care plans

    do not worry....they are bad at first but they get better. i would NOT have been able to pass my careplans without a careplan book!!! I carry it with me to clinical and class...it's the best $50 i ever spent!! just remember, a lot of the stuff is common sense, just put your knowledge of any disease process or anything into your careplan and you will be fine. And don't try to hard to make it perfect...sometimes the simplest things will work fine...ex...goal: My patient will remain free of infection on my shift as evidenced my a WBC within normal limits. not very in-depth...yet covers what you need. And dont' be afraid to ask people for help...we've all done it! we have all been where you are right now, as have your instructors and the students above you in your program. Good luck...and another hinkt...do it in pencil!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!
  9. LJoyW_27

    Blood pressure

    i had a TERRIBLE time with blood pressures....bad. I started out with a littman classic II SE...(HS graduation present :-D) i couldn't hear anything with that...too much residual was picking up. I bought a sprague for $12 and could immediately hear things..i think it's because the littman was picking up so many things.it was so sensitive..i needed something not quite so accurate. maybe instead of upgrading you need to regress!! best of luck...I remember my BP lab simulation...I hope all goes well!
  10. LJoyW_27

    SO close to home

    today on a break from my nursing201 class, i found a large group of somber college students surrounding the big screen tv in our colleges' forum. after finding out what happened..i almost totally freaked. one of my very best friends goes to law school about 10 blocks away from the WTC. i spent all evening trying to get ahold of anyone that had heard from him...i thank God that he is alright..i found that out after calling his mom. my thoughts/prayers are with everyone there and everyone involved. in such a short time everything can change so drastically. say a prayer tonight and surround yourself with loved ones!
  11. LJoyW_27

    Thoughts on Micro

    We had a lab where we took culture plates outside and cultured anything we wanted...most people headed right for the bathroom to culture. I, on the other hand..headed right for the tanning bed where i go tanning ( i know i know skin cancer etc. etc. etc.) ...and you should see the stuff growing in there..yeast, bacilli, and more yeast...there was a ton of stuff i don't even remember what it was. I took my own bleach solution to clean the bed with the next time i went!
  12. LJoyW_27

    what year

    what year is everyone in? how many do you all have left? this way the new ones know who to look to for support/ help! I am going into my last year of my program...one down one to go! 8 months from now (God willing) i'll be slappin that "R.N." title after my name!! Good luck to everyone this year!
  13. LJoyW_27

    I'm SOOO overwhelmed!!

    it's ok!! i promise. I'm enrolled in the ADN program at my local community college...and i know exactly how you feel. I just finished my first year...fresh out of high school i started these classes. My first semester i took nursing 101., with clinicals and 2 labs, Anatomy 1, psych 101, and an elective (pottery). I felt the same way about the text books....only to find out that we only used two the majority of the time...the fundamentals of nursing text and the pharmacology text. The other ones were basically for referance....ooo except the careplan book!! that was my BEST FRIEND last year. i know you feel overwhelmed...i did too...i still do. i am yound..18 y/o...and people are teling me that in less than a year i will be taking my state boards and taking care of people...i feel the same way you do about having the competence required after only 2 years...or 15 week semesters as the case may be. Just relax...you will be fine. everyone there feels the same way you do . take eveyrthing one day at a time, one paper at a time, one assignment at a time and you will get through. and you will be so proud of yourself when you do get through!! best of luck to you in your first semester. Feel free to email me if you have any questions (this holds true to anyone) or comments or just need to vent to someone...i've been told i'm good at reasoning! have a great semester!! LeAnn7481@hotmail.com
  14. LJoyW_27


    so gross...i have a paper to write for my gym class?! i am takin gym over the summer , along with some other classes, to lighten my load for fall...and we get this assignment comparing and contrasting the isssue of dietary muscle building supplements...i.e. Anabolic steroids, androstenedione, creatine...does anyone know where i can find articles on these? I need to find too..i have searched the internet but with no avail...any help will be greatly appreciated!
  15. From reading the posts here... i would assume that most of you are commuters, in that many of you have kids or husbands (or wives!) But some of you i just don't know about. I commute about 20 miles each way to my college...i live with my parents...can't afford to move out till after i get that RN degree...then i'll be raking in the dough! what about the rest of you? what's your situation?
  16. LJoyW_27

    How many classes are you taking this fall?

    peeps...that does NOT sound fun taking Micro and Anatomy together! I had a tough enough time w/ Micro and Anatomy seperate! Good luck! I am taking Nursing 201, Perspectives in Nursing, and Soc 101....my nursing class is 15 credit hours by itself! however it does include the Psych nursing, OB nursing , and many other areas in it, plus clinical and labs. I will be takin classes 5 days a week again..really kinda sucks for a commuter!! Everyone, enjoy your fall semester...good luck! 2 semesters left for me....