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  1. Newnurse

    Why Does Nursing Eat Its Young?

    I am a new grad working for the last 4 months at a small hospital on a very busy med-surg floor. For the most part I have found most of the experienced nurses to be supportive. I ask alot of questions, which must sometimes get tiring for them, but wh...
  2. I'm a new grad whom recently -4 weeks-started a position on a med-surg floor on the 11-7am shift. I love the unit routine and the most of the people I work with (I orientated on days, and find nights more friendly to learning and co-workers more supp...
  3. Newnurse

    Do the squeamish survive?

    As a recent grad working med surg, I sill occasionally get the gags with certain odors. What I do (when possible) is make an excuse to the patient that I need to get a supply or something and leave the room, take some deep breaths and mentally prepar...
  4. T, I graduated in May also , and feel just as you do! I start my first nursing job in a hospital in two weeks and I am nervous that I will be 'rusty' in my nursing skills since not being at the bedside since early May. I was hoping to get a position ...
  5. Newnurse

    To all nurses: Is my life really over?

    HI Rebecca. I also started nursing school after completing all prequisits-its a real plus to have them out of the way so you only have to concentrate on nursing studies. My husband and two school age kids where supportive of me. I worked full time, ...
  6. Newnurse

    getting that first nursing position

    Hi, I'm a new graduate from a associate nursing program in the northeast. I have begun my job search, and I am getting discourged. I graduated at the top of my class and have great referances, but since I have no previous experience in the healthcare...
  7. Newnurse

    Uniform policies?

    I just graduated from a associate nursing program in the northeast where their uniform policy was very strict. We had to wear a teal 'toga'(looks like a over-the-head apron with cloth ties on the sides) that bears a big patch on the chest with the na...
  8. Newnurse

    Scared nursing student

    Dear Rebecca, Reading your e-mail reminded me of myself two years ago when I was starting the associate degree nursing program that I just graduated from this spring.Students started out with 6 weeks of clinical at the county nursing home to learn ...