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  1. pickledpepperRN

    UCLA New Grad Program

    I've worked registry at UCLA. I think it is a good hospital. But some units provide more complete orientation than others. I would ask about orientation for sure.
  2. pickledpepperRN

    Mandatory Health insurance? Is it a solution to health care?

    Under HR 676, a family of three making $40,000 per year would spend approximately $1600 per year for health care coverage. It would be a payroll deduction like medicare. Or payable similar to income tax for thosewhose income is from investments. All...
  3. I don't think any presidential candidate has a workable solution. I also think we must have a healthcare system for Americans. We do not have one now.
  4. pickledpepperRN

    A heartfelt patient's (and future nurse's?) view on healthcare in the US

    I did two weeks registry staff relief in ICU at a Navr hospital. Although the system was very different I was impressed with the high quality and considerate care. The charge nurse anticipated my questions and explained so much to me in a very short ...
  5. pickledpepperRN

    Europe healthier than U.S.

    My friend was denied payment for a mammogram because she was under 50. Her mother and aunt had died from breast cancer and her sister a surviver. She paid for hers. Her insurance did pay for the needle biopsy, surgery, and continuing treatment. She ...
  6. pickledpepperRN

    Take a deep breath, and read

    Rally against medical insurers cites Frankfort man's plight January 16, 2008 By William Lee, Staff writer Using the Rev. Martin Luther King's fight for equality as a jumping-off point on what would've been his 79th birthday, members of a nurses' un...
  7. pickledpepperRN

    Health Reform is the Most Important Domestic Policy Issue

    Obama-Clinton health debate ignores real issue Tuesday, January 15, 2008 THE DEBATE BETWEEN Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on health care probably looks like a small nuance in two proposals that are remarkably similar. But the issue at the...
  8. pickledpepperRN

    Medicare For All H.R. 676

    ■ National healthcare expenditures-$2 trillion (2005). Healthcare is 16% of the GDP (2005), expected to rise to 20% by 2015 (Modern Healthcare, Dec. 18, 2006). Healthcare costs doubled from 1993 to 2004, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medi...
  9. pickledpepperRN

    Medicare For All H.R. 676

    If so why not figure out how to do so efficiently? Safe, effective, therapeutic health care for everyone?
  10. pickledpepperRN

    Making Room at America's Inn for All God's Children

    A friends father taught high school math on a Southern California reservation (without a casino). She was one of his students and is now a nurse. His humorous remark when the subject of immigration comes up, "If those Indians don't like it here; why ...
  11. pickledpepperRN

    A heartfelt patient's (and future nurse's?) view on healthcare in the US

    I am also glad to pay taxes for the original posters surgeries. Now Enduringfaith is a nursing student. I hope for a healthy and useful life for all. And nursing students have a special place in my heart. God bless you all.
  12. pickledpepperRN

    A heartfelt patient's (and future nurse's?) view on healthcare in the US

    Military healthcare and the Veterans Administration hospitals and clinics are government run. I am very happy to pay taxes to provide healthcare for soldiers and their families. It needs to be expanded and improved.
  13. pickledpepperRN

    Ohio Nurses Speak Out

    Ohio hospitals already can staff safely. They don't need a new smokescreen law to do so. Staffing needs to be by acuity of which the ratio is the minimum.
  14. pickledpepperRN

    Medicare For All H.R. 676

    It happened to me here in the US. I was insured. If I'd gone to the ER instead of my primary gatekeeper I would have been X-rayed that day. Maybe after a painful wait in the ER. As it happened I had months of painful waiting, thanks to PacifiCare.
  15. A nurse was on O'Reilly to talk about single payer healthcare: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCQojqCpD8w&feature=related