what type of watch do you prefer?


I'm starting my nursing program in January...Yay! Getting all my supplies and things like that. I was thinking of getting a lapel clip on watch. I don't really like things on my wrist, and it seems kind of like a germ catcher too. So, just wondering what everybody thinks about watches?


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I'm starting nursing school this January too!! Super excited.

Anyhow I did buy a watch, and I made sure I liked it since I'll be wearing it for awhile;)

Good luck to us in this new journey.

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so you will reaching with a contaminated glove hand looking at the face of the watch, instead of glancing at wour wrist?

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You just look down.

Where I work wrist watches aren't allowed for infection control purposes.

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I have to agree with the "bare below the elbow" policy that many facilities (and entire countries) have adopted. I stopped wearing a watch at work after the very first time poop became lodged in every little nook and cranny and I really haven't ever missed having one.


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I've been thinking about purchasing a watch that goes on my stethoscope. Not sure yet. I've used an adidas wrist watch from JCPennys that was on sale for a couple years now and works great. Nothing fancy or expensive is my advise.

If you do wear a wrist watch you will probably want to replace it every so often any way due to cleanliness. There is only so much cleaning you can do. ;-)

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1fastRN - Oh man, I had Casio Baby Gs in various colors for about 10 years, each one would last a good long while and take a beating! Plus I wear my watches "upside down" (with the face down by my palm) so the little plastic bits would keep the face from scratching. Definitely love those!

But these days I wear cheap $10 watches from Target. They come in many colors, and I get the plastic ones so I can wash them off easily. If they do get damaged or too nasty, I chuck it without feeling like I've wasted a bunch of money.

All metal Fossil watches. We have a few outlets in my area so a good looking, durable watch is $40 from them. There is a huge variety of styles in that price range. They may have digital watches but school requires one with a second hand so I only looked at that type. All metal is much easier to clean and keep as sanitary as possible.


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I got a $10.00 one at Walmart for my sister, it has Military time a face that lights up when you push a button. I have a prestige with military time and a face that glows. I personally feel the 2 key elements are military time a face that lights up somehow. Everything else..Muh!

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I have a Timex that has oversized digital numbers, the ability to set a timer (reminder to switch out that IV, do neuro cks, etc.), stopwatch and it glows in the dark.