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  1. caughtbuckinoff

    Describe your 10/10 pain. Piggybacking off of recent pain discussions.

    I don't know. I have a great ability to forget pain shortly after it happens. I got kicked in the knee by a horse. Separated my knee cap. It hurt A LOT, but it was super sharp, super fast, and that screaming pain ended in a minute or two. Still hurt for a long time while it healed but compared to the initial kick, it was nothing. I cut the ends of two of my fingers off. That part didn't hurt, too sharp a knife. Taking the bandaid the ER nurse put on my finger (dry bandaid, mind you) hurt really badly. You know, kind of felt like a flaying. Again, really sharp, really fast. Broke my nose twice. Doesn't hurt as much as I expected it would. I would imagine childbirth could put anything I've ever experienced to shame though. I work on an orthopedic floor. Some of those traumatic injuries, OUCH.
  2. caughtbuckinoff

    Any peri operative nursing book recommendations?

    I graduate in December. I'm sure that would really benefit me but nursing school is expensive and time consuming as is. Sucks the life right outta ya!
  3. caughtbuckinoff

    Any peri operative nursing book recommendations?

    Thank you for the suggestions! As a student very interested in the OR, would joining the AORN be a good decision? It's a bit expensive, but if it would offer me a leg up and help me better understand the technologies and procedures, I'd be happy to do it.
  4. caughtbuckinoff

    What's YOUR Dream Job?

    OR nursing. I like having one patient at a time. I like that my interaction is limited to a smaller group of people (I get socially exhausted after excessive interaction with people, like I currently experience as a PCT). I like the teamwork, the organization, the cleanliness and the technologies involved. I like the 8hr shifts that our hospital system uses for the OR. I can physically handle 12 hour days, but not mentally.
  5. Anyone have a favorite that they'd recommend?
  6. caughtbuckinoff

    Working crazy hours

    To answer simply, yes, you're crazy. :)
  7. caughtbuckinoff

    if you hate nursing, what would you rather do instead?

    Horse trainer. One that actually makes money enough to live comfortably on. This, unfortunately, is nearly impossible. Also, I'm probably not good enough anyway. Still, It's hard for me to be unhappy around horses. Microbiologist. One that actually makes enough money to live comfortably on (in other words, I'd have to pursue the career student path for a while to get a doctorate. Lab rats don't make much and let's face it, the job gets redundant after a while. I'd have to get the doctorate degree in order to travel around playing with gross microbial life)
  8. Our hospital system is color coded. Nurses do get the choice of royal blue or white or a mix of the two. CNAs wear light blue. Pediatric RNs and CNAs can wear pattern/character tops. The only thing that confuses me around here is that both respiratory and radiology wear all black scrubs. Pharmacy and laboratory wear a very similar color too.
  9. caughtbuckinoff

    Med Surg and Pharm Together? Can it be done sucessfully?

    Our school has the students taking Advanced Pharmacology and Adult 1 (essentially med-surg) in the same semester. Luckily we have an AMAZING pharm teacher so there aren't too many people struggling. You'll do fine :)
  10. caughtbuckinoff

    Anyone doing well?

    I don't think that's what the thread is really about. The "book smarts" tends to be the most difficult aspect of nursing school. I know that there are a few people that chose nursing and find the scholarly aspect much easier than the hands-on, caring part, but most folks that pursue nursing are already caring, "people persons", so the patient care and clinical skills aren't where the average student struggles.
  11. caughtbuckinoff

    One thing

    I must be lucky. I've enjoyed most of my professors and even the few that I wasn't terribly fond of weren't bad. I like my classmates too. Save for the hefty time commitment, I like just about everything about nursing school. I really like that I only have one year left :)
  12. caughtbuckinoff

    "There's nothing worse than a FAT nurse!"

    I wouldn't have a problem with an overweight doctor or nurse telling me to eat better. Or a skinny one. Either way is fine with me. The only thing that gets me is how someone sees the results of poor lifestyle choices nearly every day and will still make those same poor choices concerning their own life. I understand that your life is yours to live however you choose, but I can't help but want to hit the gym and add a few extra veggies into my next meal after spending the day at the hospital.
  13. caughtbuckinoff

    If Nursing were a Male-Dominated Field

    Oh boy, you've never worked in a male dominated restaurant then. Those boys can be such drama llamas! I can only assume its similar in other fields. Doesn't matter which gender you're talking about, if you lack class, then it can't be helped. I don't think any field would be much different if it were dominated by the opposite gender.
  14. caughtbuckinoff

    Danskos hurting top of foot?

    Thanks for the replies, glad I'm not too outta whack, lol. My feet have plenty of room so I don't think it's a width problem in my case. I've only had them a short time so I'll wait it out and see how they feel after they're broken in. I'd hate to have to kick them to the curb, they are the only shoe that the bottoms of my feet are comfortable in (plus, they some 'spensive kicks!)
  15. caughtbuckinoff

    Danskos hurting top of foot?

    Got a pair of Danskos for my birthday a while back and started using them recently. They really do relieve all the pain on the bottoms of my feet, which is wonderful. The downside is that when I wear them, I now get some pain on the top of my right foot, about where the bones of all my toes branch out. The pain starts about halfway through the shift and is relieved when I pop my foot out for a few minutes. It comes and goes and is only on my right foot. Has anyone else experienced this? I love that my feet aren't fatigued after the shift but I'm not a big fan of the alternative pain.
  16. caughtbuckinoff

    Muslim nursing students

    Long sleeves are not an infection control issue in my area. Most nurses wear long sleeves under their scrub tops. If you are treated differently by your employer, you have yourself a nice lawsuit. There is nothing we can do about the patients though, unfortunately. I wouldn't doubt that you may run into some very biased folks that will be unfairly judgmental based on how you dress, but you just have to let that roll off your back and keep smiling, no matter what terrible, albeit fitting names you'd like to call them, lol. Good luck in nursing school, you'll have a blast! :)

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