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I know that we have enough stress in nursing school without bringing our weight into the picture but I put on 10 pounds this past semester! I was wondering if anyone else had trouble keeping weigt off in nursing school........I think I ate more due to stress and late night studying....I didnt exercise as much and I just.....felt my clothes getting tighter. I would like to lose these 10 pounds so my clothes can fit me again and also avoid gaining weight this next semester......grrr! Does anyone have any advice or has this happened to main goal in nursing school is to pass my classes but I also would like to maintain my health and not put on weight. Help!!:uhoh3:


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Oh yes, that happened to me too this semester. Because I felt guilty if I wasn't studying, and it turned into a vicious cycle of sitting on my butt reading and rereading while perhaps having a kitkat bar! hehehehe So I too gained about 10 pounds and all my pants are tight. I know the solution is to make exercising a priority- I've heard it makes you a better student, etc... So I hope to get that attitude soon . After I finish making Christmas cookies. I guess we can't beat ourselves up over it, but I think it would make me feel better if I dedicated 20-30 minutes a day to some kind of exercise.


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OMG yes I know what you mean...I had a double whammy...nursing school and new relationship = inevitible weight gain. I would try to exercise when i could but I would also make conscious efforts to do little amouts of exercise (stairs instead of elevators...and so on) and Taco Bell was practically a religion in school I tried to pick "healtheir" fast food options. Little things to try to prevent further weight gain. I worked on losing after I finished school and still trying.

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I'm going to try to get back on track this semester. I did Body for Life over the summer and saw great results. I then ate nothing but carbs ALL semester long...


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Wow...I had the opposite problem...I lost weight. But it was because I had no money,and was so strapped all I did was working and schooling. Also I didn't live in the 'girls dorm' with the other gals so I couldn't get together and study and nosh with them...hehe. ;)

I seemed to live on coffee...lots of coffee.

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/raises hand and waves it frantically in the air

Me me me! LOL I'm part of the club too. In the past 2 years of nursing school I've put on close to 15 pounds. It fluctuates, though. I used to do The Firm workout and it burned all that off but then I gained it all back when I quit exercising. :stone

Back to the workouts for me now that school is OVER!

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I've put on 15 lbs since I started school. :imbar I have resolved that I will stop the shenanigans after the New Year. I have to have my mom's homemade fudge and lasagna for New Year. :chuckle

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I'm not even attempting till after January 1st.

Me and a friend of mine are joining the gym at school (Only $35 a semester) and going to get our 30min-1hr in at least 3x a week! And going to do Weight Watchers.....


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I just want to go back to school in about two and a half weeks looking a little slimer and my skin loking a little better.........I just want to look good! I need to start exercising and stop eating so many cookies! LOL

jschut, BSN, RN

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But the cookies are calling your name......(at least they are here in my house!!!) LOL!

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Yes, it happened to me as well. I would just think when I was stressed.."I deserve to eat this junk right now. I'm stressed to the max!". Right now, I'm back to eating right, working out again to relieve stress and I've lost five lbs a couple of weeks ago and kept it off. I hope to lose about 10 more to get back into my size 2 jeans again.

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I'm going to try to get back on track this semester. I did Body for Life over the summer and saw great results. I then ate nothing but carbs ALL semester long...

Body for Life is AWESOME!! I'm kind of doing that again now.

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