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kellyo is a LPN and specializes in CV Surgery Step-down.

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  1. kellyo

    Johnston Memorial Hospital

    I graduated w/ a bunch of folks who work there and really like it. Very much a community hospital w/ a small-town feel and friendly people (did clinicals there). They have a new director who is really trying hard to upgrade the facility and make it grow with the surrounding area. I expect good things in the coming years from JMH. I work at Wake Med Raleigh and really like it. I wanted to work at a larger hospital. Hope this helps. Are you moving to the area? DH is a Realtor if you need info on Johnston County...
  2. kellyo

    Cardiac to L&D

    I have been working in a CV surgery step-down unit since I graduated about 1 1/2 years ago. I love my job, but there was an opening in L&D at my hospital. I applied and got the job (not too many openings ever pop up -- this one was because the unit got more $$ for 2 more nurses). Like I said, I love my job, but have always wanted to be an L&D nurse. I kind of put it on the very back burner because my current unit is great--great teamwork, supportive management, interesting work, and heart surgery patients that I enjoy watching get better. I feel like I've learned so much--certainly there's so much more. Am I nuts to leave a job I like? I'm 37, and didn't want to find myself five years down the road wishing I had given it a try. I really love that there are so many different things going on in L&D. I start Monday! Any advice would be greatly welcome! -Kelly
  3. kellyo

    Just diagnosed with breast cancer

    A woman in my graduating class underwent double mastectomy (with reconstruction) over Christmas break and returned in January and graduated in May. She had chemo prior to the surgery and radiation after. Never skipped a beat. She missed a day here and there. Never complained--always positive. A true inspiration for our class. With love and support, you can do it!
  4. kellyo

    New to Cardio- Thoracic Surgery, Help pls....

    Try "Cardiothoracic Surgical Nursing" by Betsy Finkelmeier. I was able to get it from my hospital's medical library. Also try googling "cardiothoracic surgical nursing". There's quite a few books out there. Hope this helps.
  5. kellyo

    NC Hospitals

    I work for Wake Med and really like it there--not only my unit, but the hospital has a friendly work atmosphere (at least in my opinion). Contact ncbon.org for info on your license. I know a reputable realtor if you want more info about the area. PM me if you like...
  6. kellyo

    How many new nurses like their job???

    I can honestly say that I love my job. I absolutely hated the first 3 months (orientation) and cried at least 2 days a week (sometimes on the job), had dry heaves every morning in the parking lot and eventually went on meds to control my anxiety (been on 'em before). Once I came off orientation (and the Paxil kicked in) something magic happened. Being on my own was so liberating and I actually felt like a nurse rather than a fumbling idiot. It's been six months since I've been on my own, and while I still have so much to learn, I know I have chosen the right job for me. I am very fortunate to work on a great floor (CV surgical stepdown) with an awsome group of nurses. Management is great, too. Very supportive. My days are totally crazy, and I run around like a chicken w/ my head cut off half the time, but it's where I thrive. Yes, there's the regular crap that you get w/ any job--but the best part is my patients. I really love making connections. I sound a bit Pollyanna-like, but it's true. When you're in a good place w/ a supportive group of people, you can learn to like your job...
  7. kellyo

    new grad jobs in NC

    Wake Med has a boatload of positions in all areas (ICU, PACU, ED, endo, etc.), all just for new grads in their Nurse Fellows (new grad) program. Check out www.wakemed.org. Check out the jobs under "staff nurse" and "staff nurse fellow". Good luck!
  8. kellyo

    NANDA help needed - C-Section pt

    Risk for injury Risk for impaired tissue perfusion
  9. kellyo

    Moving to Raleigh (2 Questions)

    New grads start at just under $20/hr, so a nurse w/ experience would make more. Check out Wake Med, Rex Hospital, UNC Hospitals, Duke and some of the community hospitals like Johnston Memorial, Wayne Memorial and Duke Raleigh. Depending on where you're coming from, the Triangle can be very affordable, especially if you live in one of the growing "bedroom" communities. Apex, Holly Springs, Cary and Morrisville are close to RDU. Also the new 540 "outer beltline" has made areas like Knightdale, Zebulon Wendell and Clayton a short commute to RDU. We live in Clayton, and my commute to Wake Med in Raleigh is about 20 minutes. My husband is a Realtor. If you would like more information, just PM or e-mail me. Good luck in your move!
  10. I'm a new nurse (6 mos in) and I proudly wear mine attached to my badge. I have it rigged up to the badge holder. I'm the type that would wash it, so the badge holder was the best place for me!
  11. kellyo

    Highest BP you have ever seen on a pt

    Had a pt w/ 57/37 (manual) this week. Felt "a little dizzy". First time I have had to put a pt in trendellenberg! By the way, pt had history of orthostatic hypotension and the 50's were not "unusual" for him. Scary part though, is that this 80-year-old man still drives... :uhoh3:
  12. kellyo

    Ok, silly/strange uniform question...

    Got some at The Gap Outlet and some at Target. Make sure you get the ones that are cotton AND lycra. They dont lose their shape.
  13. kellyo

    So Glad I found this Forum

    Susan- I sent you an e-mail. I'm so sorry that it hasn't worked out. Let me know how your new job goes! All the best to you... Kelly
  14. So, what do YOU do to psych yourself up to actually set foot in the hospital for your shift? I've been orienting on the floor for a few weeks, and although things are going well, I find myself getting worked up the night before a shift and talking to myself in the car on the way to work! I talk to myself and try to mentally plan out my day! From the moment I step out of my car to the moment I get to my floor, I alternate two prayers (saying them out loud under my breath!). It's kind of like a calming mantra. Anyone else have any little routines they do before a shift???
  15. kellyo

    What makes you like your job...

    I started on a CV Surgical stepdown unit a few weeks ago. My brother spent over a week there at the beginning of nursing school two years ago after his CABG x4 surgery (45 yo). I knew that's were I wanted to work from the start. I was lucky enough to do clinicals on this floor one semester. I then did p/t work as a tech. It quite tough so far, but it's the patients that I love. They seem so motived to get well (well, not ALL of them) after their surgery. I enjoy being brought in on their lives--it's a very intimate thing.
  16. kellyo

    French RN needs books advice

    Chloe: I don't know about the first two books, but I've always thought that books by Mosby are very helpful. I had the RN pocket guide for psych, and NEVER opened it. Good luck! -Kelly