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  1. JVanRN

    Funny Names

    We seem to have a run of parents that believe that subbing a "y" in place of the letter "o" in an otherwise masculine name makes it "girly" (recent ones...Carsyn, Hudsyn, Dawsyn...) No. It. Doesn't. And if you want to give your kid a unique name then go ahead. Taking a common name and giving it a "unique" spelling just makes it a common sounding name that is spelled funny. I've seen Emily spelled about 8 million different ways by parents that thought it was "unique", but when the teacher calls it out...chances are a few other Emily's will also answer.
  2. JVanRN

    You Know You're a NICU Nurse When...

    You actually groan inwardly at the thought of higher order multiples. (goodness...triplets AGAIN?!) Whereas the rest of the population seems to think it is sooo neat and cute...the more the better.
  3. Yes to this. It just depends on what you like. I used to think I would love to work Peds. But after being pulled there a few times, I hate it. But I absolutely love NICU (where I work now). You also couldn't pay me to work OB. I would do adult ICU or telemetry over Peds or OB. But my first love is NICU.
  4. Because some people are just mean and arrogant...and some of them happen to work in healthcare...and many other fields.
  5. JVanRN

    Assignment Karma!

    Kinda off topic... Fentanyl is what we routinely use for sedation for our vent babies. What does everyone else usually use?
  6. JVanRN

    Valet Parking

    I think the valet parking is nice enough to have, provided the improtant issues like patient safety have been addressed. Most of the time though it's not. Our hospital is pushing all this stuff too. Building a fancy new gift shop, rennovating units, paying the staff attend customer service classes...and closing down units and laying off staff in droves, making staff fill out over-time justification sheets if you punch out (literally ) one minute over your 12 hour shift. All at the same time.
  7. We have internet access at work. Often it's used for obtaining information related to work...but it's often abused. Online shopping, ect...there is NO WAY in hell I would shop on line at work. Just plain stupid
  8. JVanRN

    Empathy or Sympathy for an old woman

    Sometimes it's the simplest things :)
  9. JVanRN

    Nursing hat with ruffles required?

    I have no problem being seen as a nurse in my scrubs. I've never been mistaken for dietary or housekeeping. But it is definitely a problem with non nursing personnel being mistaken for nurses (housekeeping ect...) I don't really see the caps as demeaning, just not very practical and a little dated looking. I would not want to wear one.
  10. JVanRN

    Rediculous "could you be a nurse?" quiz

    I have a feeling whoever takes this quiz will make a great nurse according to the quiz. It seems geared toward that result...no matter what your answer there is the rationale that nursing is perfect for you. You don´t like blood? Plenty of nursing jobs that don´t require contact with the icky stuff...see perfect! (not saying that aversion to blood is an automatic deal breaker...)
  11. JVanRN

    Getting sick when your a NICU nurse?

    Well our hospital policy for calling in sick is the same as the rest of the hospital. But I find my fellow staffers in NICU seem to be much more understanding about calling in than other areas of the hospital even when short staffed. If you are sick, no one wants you near already immuno compromised babies.
  12. JVanRN

    Insane thing?

    I I hope I didn´t come accross as unsupportive. I think it´s great that you want to better yourself. If you have the money to do it then go for it. You can never learn too much. Just that there are also lots of great resources out there for free as well.
  13. JVanRN

    Insane thing?

    I was also going to ask you what is your job now? Most of what you will learn in nursing school is Med surg based. And what exactly are you looking in to buying? Are there ways you can access useful informative material without having to spend that much money? Like I said...I don´t think itś insane to want to learn...but you may not have to spend that much to do it. Especially since your just doing this for your own personal enrichment.
  14. JVanRN

    Insane thing?

    It depends on your situation I guess. Right now it would be insane (not even insane...just kind of silly) for me to do because I work NICU...don´t really plan on going anywhere anytime soon and don´t really have that sort of money to spend. But I still like to read my old nursing school textbooks and read up on the newest things outside of my specialty, just so I´m not SO out of the loop. But I wouldn´t go and get adult ACLS or any sort of certification like that because I don´t really plan to use it any time soon. I don´t think it´s insane to want to expand your knowlege base and learn about things outside of your specialty. Especially if you work with adults, because that knowlege may be useful in your everyday work. There are plenty of ways that you can do this without having to spend lots of money though or any money at all. Itś really up to you though. I guess if you have the money to spend on it and think it will be beneficial to you, then go for it.
  15. Nursing can be stressful at times. Maybe he/she just had a bad day. Maybe they are just a pissy person. It exists in every field of work. Sour grapes isn't unique to nursing.
  16. JVanRN

    Does size of the NCLEX envelope matter?

    I guess it really doesn't matter. It's not like I'm going to chuck it without reading it anyway. *is your "O" key broke or something?*