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This week about Nclex


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Last result was all near passing with one above passing.It is now two months and two weeks since studying and praying for nclex-pn.I have studied Frye's bullets(3000 bullets),Lacharity the whole chapters except the case studies(i don't think i will do the case study because of time and also it is for NclexRN)and exam cram all chapters and the questions after each chapters;i will do the practice test also.I will do the CD(100-205 everyday) for the remaining of the days this week and study my flashcards from previous studying so help me God.I have studied my life off with a 7months old baby boy,21months old girl and a 4years old girl to care for.My life is on hold because of this exam;i sleep nclex,drink nclex and greet nclex everyday since August 1st.I will let you guys know how i did afterward.My hubby(called off work) will stay home with the kids while i take the nclex because i don't have money for babysitter right at the moment.I am extremely nervous because of my past attempt.I changed test center to decrease my anxiety.I really want to get into the field and work now(jobless since 2004).Please pray for me this week while i take the nclexpn as i have studied and need God to help me from now on.Thanks for reading my rants and have a great week.

Approved by Tammy29PNG now LPN...Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I claimed it because heaven knows i derserve it.Watch out for my testimony to come.Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe God helps those who helps themselves, you will pass this test in Jesus name keep it in prayer and i will do the same for you! Thank you so much for the advice you have given me by the way. Continue to study and working hard and continue to claim it, the weapon formed against you shall prosper, by Gods Grace you will pass


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I'm praying for you..Im too in almost the same boat I also changed testing sites...When's ut test? mine is in 2 weeks

I believe that you will pass! You used all the study material that I used....

I took my nclex in July! and two days later I found out that I FAILED! but then I just re-took it Oct 15th.....prayed! and guess what I PASSED!

So....if I can do this, you can do this!


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I was busy doing last minute studying for the past 3hrs also.I am taking my exam this week friday at exactly 2pm(please, say a prayer for me at that time if you can).I claimed all your prayers(amen).

Moonisbright and Ogechi:

Thank you so much for your encouragements.

Just a funny note(I hope it is not too much information):

I was trying to find my breastpump so that i can pump some milk for the baby then i found out my pump is faulty;i started crying(I am too broke to buy a new one right now) and my hubby was like babe! there is still wholemilk and breastmilk in the freezer..........i was like no!!!!!!not that kind of milk lolololol....He mentioned wholemilk and BREASTMILK(so,i don't need to worry about faulty breastpump lolololol);then,i was like oh okay!I know i am going to come back after the exam and smile about my days before the exam.Have a good evening nurses and future nurses.


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Relax before your test :smokin:, make sure you say a prayer and claim the victory as you walk through the door of the testing center (that's what I did),.... as they seat you to start your test.. and especially when the questions seems to be confusing :uhoh3:...What I did was I took the break that they asked if u wanna take after 2 hrs, went to the bathroom got on my knees, said my prayer. walked back down the long hall back to test put my hand to open the door and claimed it as I turned the door knob...sat back did 2 more questions the computer shut off...went home, I waited a few hours did the PVT n got the good pop-up. :D.

My prayer will be with u...be sure to keep me posted :redpinkhe



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redy2banurse :i have seen your post and i said to myself that"i am going to get on my knees and pray so hard during my test".i will pray before,during and after my test.i pray that i guess right on the ones i don't know and remember all that i have read.i am now reviewing flashcards that i made from the last exam;which have definitions of diseases,labs and nnemunics(sp) for infection controls,meds endings and some side effects of meds.then i was only able to do 130 questions yesterday and read my flashcard before bed.today,i am aiming 205 and then read my flashcards and do more practice on medcalculation................somebody help!!!!!!i hope i am doing it right this time.i can't use the word tired but i feel like i am in my first trimester of pregnancy if you know what i am mean.don't forget to keep me in your prayers guys.back to studying!!!!!!!see you later.


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redy2banurse:i will keep you posted after the exam but remember to say a pray for me at 2pm on friday.thanks so much.

Tammy29PNG You will pass! I claimed in the name of Jesus. You have worked so hard and I will continue to pray for you. Please keep us updated.


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almostpedsnurse:amen!!!!!!!!thanks.i feel like i don't know anything yet and anxiety is kicking in serious,but i know it is well.thanks again.


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Scores from exam cram are not encouraging at all;i even got better scores when doing lacharity than exam cram....God!:banghead:


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Hello All:

Thank you all for your support this week.Here is how my day goes.

Lastnight,i found out my driver's license is nowhere to be found in the house and up till now,am yet to locate it.I woke up early to go to the Motor Vechile only to find out that my marriage certificate is not even the authentical one;i had the photocopy.My passport is in my maiden name,so i started crying at the motor vechile.The manager was called by this beautiful heart lady and she said they don't mean to upset me(as if it was their fault right);she said i am going to approve it for you but you have got to have it when you come for your renewal.Boy,was i glad.I ran quickly home at 10am and just head to the testing center without waiting.I got there obviously early and i sat in my car doing last minute review aside from last night review.Then,i started singing praise and worship;i prayed and read my bible for about an hour or less.I walked into the testing center and was told that i could start early...what?thank God!I said.I used the bathroom after reading the info and got picture and finger printed;then!!!!!!!i faced the monster.I took another break when i was on number 44;got another mandatory 2hrs break and went straight to the locker after asking if i could grab something and eat.I brought tuna sandwich and a bottle of water.I ate that and used the bedroom again!!!!!!!!!I am a nervous wreck and went back to finish the test.Each bathroom for me equals getting down on my kneels and pray as well as claiming success.I wrote my name on my bathroom door as a licensed LPN and todays date.As soon as i finished,i prayed again.While taking the test i prayed.When i don't know which answer to pick,i prayed before picking it and after picking the answers(i used method of elimination,similar words,the one with all of the other options in it,the one with the long wordings,C or the one that is different completely from others that are similar).Exam cram taught me that.I had a long of which patient to see first,infection control,about 10 or less SATA,exhibit,listening to breath sound and cardiac arrithymias.A little of OB,psy,peds,and medsurg...I think!Excuse the typo and errors.Thank you for reading and thanks for your help allnurses.com.I can accentuate more on getting lacharity;whilei dont know my result yet,that book helped me alot.I have faith that i pass.I am a chicken...so,no pvt for me!Goodluck to you all and have faith.