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  1. 2011LPNJ29

    Studyguide 101 content

    I just finished lacharity chapter for health safety.I finished the ATI book which have alot of topics on fundamental of Nursing which is what i think health safety is all about after taking the two exams stupidly before receiving ATT,and zero study.Now i don't know if i should wait for the saunders or go take the exam at this point after reviewing my flashcards that i did for NLCEXPN.What do you ladies and gentlemen think?I am always like this until i take the first exam and am like "Oh i can do this".Thanks in advance for your input.
  2. 2011LPNJ29

    New student please help.

    thanks for your t-lo.
  3. 2011LPNJ29

    New student please help.

    Thanks.I also took the practice exam a and b and i got 56 at the moment on both without studying;i am thinking i better study hard because those are low scores for safety.Thank you for your responses.
  4. 2011LPNJ29

    New student please help.

    Thanks LunahRN...I have alot of textbooks for references and studying at well for each class.Quick question,so the exam cram is still okay instead of saunders right?Thanks for your help.
  5. 2011LPNJ29

    New student please help.

    Hello Nurses and graduate RN from excelsiour: Please i need help with my classes as i like to plan ahead of time and then go with the plans.I want to know if exam cram,lacharity and practice exams sounds like a good plan to get all my classes out of the way?I also don't know where to find the sg101 that people are talking about.I don't really like using saunders,i prefer exam cram;what do you guys think?I have completed all of my prereqs and i don't need to take info literacy.I have taking the first two nursing classes first before enrollment.Please,i need you ladies and gentlemen to point me to the right direction and if possible when to find the resources needed to be successful.Thank you for much for helping.
  6. 2011LPNJ29

    Advice on reproductive health exam

    where can one find sg101?I am taking the two nursing courses before enrollment and then try and get saunders this week.Is exam cram ok instead of saunders pls?thanks you for your help.
  7. 2011LPNJ29


    frankiebooboo please what books did you use consistently for each of the exams and pass it once.i have completed the application and evaluation process.i have 8classes of the nursing part to complete before the clinical competency exam and assessment something i can't really remember.i want to start in two weeks and i want to be done by ending of the year or september. here are my plans: sg101.practice exam,exam cram,lacharity and maybe saunders;please help if i am on the right track. thanks for you help.
  8. 2011LPNJ29

    Any excelsior students from North Jersey?

    have you started yet?i just got my evaluation done and will be start soon.
  9. 2011LPNJ29

    LPN starting pay $26.50!

    south jersey post,is the facility you at still hiring lpn please!
  10. 2011LPNJ29

    Need advice guys... Taking the NCLEX in October.

    search on here for the Nneumonics for infection control and others.
  11. 2011LPNJ29

    Need advice guys... Taking the NCLEX in October.

    Infection control Nneumonics(sp) lab values exam cram and frye's 3000 bullets were lifesavers. Have a set schedule and follow through it.Gl
  12. 2011LPNJ29

    Need advice guys... Taking the NCLEX in October.

    You must get lacharity book for priority and delegation guys.
  13. 2011LPNJ29

    Took Nclex 7 times, any help!!

    You must have lacharity,exam cram and then frye's3000 bullets.Don't ever use the same material you used when you failed the test.Do exam cram and lacharity together.Know the lab values,infection control and priority and delegation Nneumonic(sp).Have a set schedule of studying and be consistent about it.Goodluck.
  14. 2011LPNJ29

    Failed Nclex PN 3 times, don't know what to do now...

    Ignore your mom and focus.Don't tell her anything again.Lacharity(must have),Frye's 3000 bullets and exam cram.Do just that but be consistent about your studying.Goodluck!
  15. 2011LPNJ29

    Correctional Nursing - can any one tell me about it

    Try homecare agency;alot of the patients are longtime and when you do get hire make sure you have two cases.