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  1. CardioNRS~DAWN

    My simple method to pass the NCLEX

    Thanks for posting your schedule, I've been out of school a full week know and start Kaplan on Monday. This was really helpful in trying to figure out my schedule.
  2. CardioNRS~DAWN

    Any idea how long it takes to get ATT?

    I live in CA and it took me less than a week. I finished school on Aug 7 (sat) and got my letter that following Wednesday. I think it really depends on how early you complete your paper work and how fast your school sends thier roster to the BRN.
  3. CardioNRS~DAWN

    2morrow the BIG DAY

    Good Luck!!!
  4. CardioNRS~DAWN

    I really CANNOT believe it

    Wow, :ancong!: I can remember when we both posted we were starting nursing school I believe within the same week, and your done already..YAY!! I still have nine more weeks to complete my program. My end date is in August:yeah: I'm right behind you. All the hard work has paid off. I remember reading your post when you were up so many late nights between work and school and still maintained your high gpa. Once again..:ancong!:
  5. CardioNRS~DAWN

    Daytonite has passed away...

    I am deeply saddened to learn about Daytonite, I remember when I first joined this site how helpful she was with answering any nursing questions a student had. If it was math, careplans, or case studies she was there lending her wisdom helping us think critically. Thanks, Daytonite for all your help, wisdom and confidence you gave to a student like me. Thanks for being a friend, teacher and mentor. Thank you for sharing yourself with so many when we were desperate for answers, you always came through. R.I.P
  6. CardioNRS~DAWN

    Christmas gift ideas

    Thanks I like that idea. We are always complaining about we can't wait until christmas break when we get three weeks off. We have not had time off besides the normal holidays. we went straight through summer. So, yeah, we need to relax.:tbsk:
  7. CardioNRS~DAWN

    Christmas gift ideas

    I have a really close clinical group we have been together minus the two we lost along the way since we started nursing school. We have grown to build a really close bond with each other, so I would like to get them something for the holidays. It's 9 people in my group so that means I don't want to spend a lot of money. The thing is I'm stuck on ideas for a group this large. If you guys are planning the same thing this holiday season please share your ideas and give me suggestions. thanks!!
  8. CardioNRS~DAWN

    First day of nursing School *unleashed* post yours

    Congratulations on all you have accomplished to far :yeah:. It must be getting even more exciting for you knowing that you are almost finish. My favorite so far has been Peds and OB I absolutly loved, loved them :1luvu: I'm currently doing mental health and can't wait to be done, It seems every week I diagnose myself with a new mental illness . So starting Jan I just have Intermediate and Advanced Med/Surg and I'm done:anpom:
  9. CardioNRS~DAWN

    Age you will/were graduated?

    I graduate in August 2010, I will be 37
  10. Congratulations!!!!:yeah:
  11. CardioNRS~DAWN

    First Test

    I have my first test tomorrow, I'm nervous too, not really know what to expect. I know it will be the Nclex style, but we have been doing a few questions to prepare us for tomorrows exam. I hope it's true about it gets easier to understand the "rationales" as we go. good luck to everyone!!
  12. CardioNRS~DAWN

    I spent over 600 dollars on textbooks and supplies

    I'm taking Rn1 and RN2 and my books cost me $830:angryfire:eek: for 13 books. And that wasn't including the uniforms, stethescope, and all the other supplies. In an effort to relieve our anxiety about the cost of the books, the instructors told us that they will also be using some of the books when we advanced to the other semesters, and we WILL get our monies worth out of the use of these books. They assured us that the first semester is the most expensive, and that the next three will not be as expensive.
  13. CardioNRS~DAWN

    How many study hours per night (do you average?)

    For me it's 4-5 hours a day. I spend four hours reviewing theory and the other hour going over my skills for the week.
  14. CardioNRS~DAWN

    Can other people smell a woman who has BV?

  15. CardioNRS~DAWN

    Can other people smell a woman who has BV?

    I experienced an unpleasant odor over the holiday shopping at the mall. I absolutly hate to use public bathrooms, but when you've been shopping for hours it's bound to get you one day. The line for the bathroom was out into the hallways, so you had to wait for someone to come out in order for you to go in. Well, when it was my turn the lady came out and I went in and almost threw up in my mouth :barf01:. It was like I did a 360 degree spin. I told the lady that was behind me to go ahead. And she even yelled...ooh wee!! The lady got out of the bathroom so fast it could have made your head spin This is the reason why I like to wait a few minutes (even at school) when someone comes out the stall and let the air circulate before I walk right after someone.
  16. CardioNRS~DAWN

    What to do before taking the NCLEX!