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Anyone testing this week?


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I test on Thursday for the Nclex-RN :eek:. I've been studing with, Kaplan, Lacharity and Saunders. I just wanted to see who else will be stressed along with me this week. Whoever you are, I pray that this week will be filled with success. We CAN/WILL PASS. Good Luck to All...I'll keep ya posted.:D

Im taking my test next week all the thing that stress me out is those person who is envy with me i think she has comment with every nurses oh my gosh as if she is so perfect oh yeah as if she is Florence Nightingale maybe she's doing this so that my concentration is with her not on my exam well goodluck for doing this for me...i wont forget you for boosting my eagerness to reach my goal:yeah:

i will also take the exam in a couple of weeks and im so nervous as hell. i try ro answer atleast 75 questions a day after work so i hope it will work. God will help us so goodluck to us! be positive!!


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good luck to all of you!!! be confident and believe in your self.

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I am re-taking this Friday. I used Saunders, Kaplan Q bank, trainers, Lacharity, some websites to practice questions online, about 500 questions from exam cram CD. Currently reviewing videos from kaplan...and also praying that this is the end of my studying... I have left my life in god's hands.

Hello! i took my nclex on Saturday and I still have no results yet. I had the nerve to try the pearsonvue trick this morning and it says my results are on hold....ugh! the lady at the board of nursing says to call tomorrow! im so nervous...what does this mean!! :icon_roll

Taking it tomorrow and a bit nervous. After studying a good deal throughout nursing school I've just been so burned out on studying for this so we shall see how it goes. I just hope its not a miserable experience. I'm going to remain positive and say that it will all be over before I know it and hopefully it will be the last time I have to think about the NCLEX. Good luck to everyone!


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Good luck to all, :heartbeat. I test tomorrow at 8am...i know it is advised not study before the day of your test, but I can't help it. Today I plan to study for at least 5 hours today:uhoh3:. I sent prayers up for all who posted, please come back and let me know how things turn out.