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agldragonRN has 5 years experience and specializes in Wound Care, LTC, Sub-Acute, Vents.

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  1. agldragonRN

    Failed LS3:(

    Sorry to hear about the fail. I failed LS3 as well and got the retake waiting period reduced to half. Call Excelsior and they will tell you exactly how to do this. I remembered writing a letter explaining why I needed the waiting reduced and what would I do differently this time and sent it to the dean or something. It got approved. Good luck with your retake. You can do this!!
  2. agldragonRN

    Passed LS1 Today!

    great job!! good luck with the next one!!
  3. agldragonRN

    I'm finally able to get back on this site! :)

    welcome back rutha! glad you're all better now.
  4. agldragonRN

    Why are LPNs only hired in LTC?

    i believe it's because of the lpn's scope of practice. you can't iv push. you can't assess, etc..of course the scope differs in each state. heck hospitals don't like rns with adn also because of the magnet status crap (in my area).
  5. agldragonRN

    Sad state of affairs!

    makes you wonder huh. that is sad..
  6. agldragonRN

    Passed First Exam.....yay!!!!

    congrats!! yay!!
  7. agldragonRN

    CPNE 30 March- 01 April...nervous now!

    good luck tasha!
  8. agldragonRN

    If I see one more post titled....

    oh wow that's a nice feature! i did not know that until now. thanks!
  9. agldragonRN

    I love my job.

    i give you kudos for working the 11-7 shift. i do it once in a while for ot and it is tough not to fall asleep. what floor are you working on that you are "so laid back"? it is nice that your job is letting you watch t.v. and use the internet. just make sure they don't use these against you in the future.
  10. has it been 8 jobs? i remember your new job posts every other week and told myself wow she keeps job hopping and hopping! my advise is wait for your rn license and secure a full-time rn position and stick it out for a while. i would not even lists all those positions in your resume. just tell them you were in rn school. obviously these interviewers see a potential in you because they keep offering you jobs. that's a good thing! just don't be so quick to say "i quit" every time there is a problem. good luck!
  11. agldragonRN

    Are UK RN's considered LPN's in America?

    where do you want to practice? what state? do you have a u.s. social security numbers (ss#)? each state has their own requirements for foreign trained nurses. let me know and i will give you the link for the website of all the requirements for that particular state. you should apply for the rn since you have a uk rn license. and yes my lpn program included peds, mental health, and ob.
  12. agldragonRN

    Just got offer for overnight on tele: Brand new LPN!

    congrats op!! get that acute experience and you won't have problems looking for rn job when you finish!
  13. agldragonRN

    Just got offer for overnight on tele: Brand new LPN!

    hi ashley, it depends on the school. the lvn school might take some of her general education classes like english and math. so she would be taking less classes. in my lpn school, we had to "challenge" their final exam for that particular general education class. if you pass, then we get the credit and do not have to take the class. if you fail, you have to take the class even if you have taken that class already in college. the best for your friend to do is call the lvn school and ask them. hope that helps and happy new year as well.
  14. agldragonRN

    Passed NCLEX RN

    Congrats loops!!Are you changing your name here? LoopsRN? :)
  15. agldragonRN

    New RN, should I renew my LPN license?

    Good point Meriwhen!I am able to keep both my LPN and RN licenses at the same time in NJ.I am willing to work as an LPN if I'm interested in the position and it is only being offered for LPNs.Do you have any other reasons OP other than for a job?
  16. agldragonRN

    LPNs help please

    if you can, do the rn first and only use lpn as a back up. i made 60k my first year of lpn in 2008. it was worth it for me. good luck with nursing school!