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  1. First Day by myself

    It's part of being a new nurse. Things will get better as you learn the routine. Don't hesitate to ask for help when you need it. You will have tons of questions and remember that there is no stupid question. Good luck.

    Good job. It's nice when you make correct nursing judgements, right? I called 911 myself in the past and sent out patients and getting the orders after the fact. I would just like to make some suggestions when this happens again in the future so you...
  3. PA BON expands LPN practice regarding IV Therapy

  4. Pressure ulcer staging

    I would call it a surgical wound as well on my wound sheet and charting. But now that you mentioned this scenario and if I get a patient like that in the future, I will probably include "Per hospital records, surgical wound was previously stage IV." ...
  5. define

    What break?
  6. New nurse unsure what to use for contact dermatitis...

    Was it fungal rash? If nobody inform the doctor yet, you should. The doctor will probably order Nystatin powder BID x 14 days.
  7. When to remove steri-strips

    Usually, steri-strips is not removed until they fall off by themselves. In your case, I would have removed it as well so I can clean the whole wound properly. If the treatment order says use steri-strips, I would call the doctor to get it changed. Yo...
  8. Patient asked me what an IV med was for..i didnt know

    You are a new nurse NuringBro and willing to learn from your mistakes. I applaud you for that. Same experience happened to me when I was a new LPN. I was embarrassed after a patient asked me and I did not know the answer and that made me look up ever...
  9. discolorations

    Can you be more specific? What kind of discoloration? Bruise? sDTI? In my facility, an incident report needs to written when finding bruise and sDTI.
  10. annual fee r.o

    The day you enroll. You can take two nursing exams before enrolling-Health and Safety & Transitions. You have to apply to do this though. I recommend you do this as this will help you not pay the second annual fee if you finished the program in l...
  11. Passed LS2

    Congrats! Keep the momentum going!
  12. PASSED Nclex-RN 75 questions no Review course

    Congrats RN!!
  13. There is one regular LPN in my subacute unit that I would prefer to take care of a family member over most of the RNs on the sub-acute floor. Maybe who ever is staffing your sub-acute floor prefers some of the experienced LPNs in the sub-acute unit? ...
  14. How to chart location of fingers?

    Wow 8 fingers only? That is new to me but oh well I learn something new everyday. I will start using your system.
  15. How to chart location of fingers?

    Thanks for the refresher. Yup I know the phalanges: proximal, medial, and distal. Thumb only has proximal and distal phalanges. But my question is how did you learn it? If you read the charting "4th finger", would you think of ring or little finger? ...