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  1. moonisbright

    fail nclex...need help

    Trust me. You will Pass. :) I didn't memorize any names of medication or side effects and guess what?? I passed. I passed the second time with 75. Walked out of the testing center in shock and disbelief thinking I failed. Two days later...I passed! The big thing with medications is an educated guess....elimination will lead you to passing boards. Eliminate each answer that sounds weird to you and then make an educated guess. :) Good Lucks.
  2. moonisbright


    I think going with too many books can be overwhelming. Just stick to LaCharity and maybe Saunders or Kaplan? I think too many books can get confusing and LaCharity should help you with most of the priority type situations.
  3. moonisbright

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    Absolutely sure! I know it's hard to believe after so much time spent agonizing but according to PVT you did pass, so no worries - just also wait for your official results.
  4. moonisbright

    265 questions yesterday! brain-drained...

    Thanks for all your kind words guys! Im trying to eat some ice cream to make me feel better lol....and gonna pray all day today for a miracle...
  5. moonisbright

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    Sunny! that means you passed....that IS the GOOD pop up! Congrats - kick back and relax now, you deserve it.
  6. moonisbright

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    I took 265 questions yesterday....it was so tiring! I am getting the hold pop up... I am 100% sure I failed. Oh well...I will just retest in September...
  7. moonisbright

    265 questions yesterday! brain-drained...

    Thank you so much! Can I buy Exam Cram and Lacharity from Amazon? I already have Saunders! Thank you for your kind words - you can't imagine how much your words have cheered me up...
  8. moonisbright

    265 questions yesterday! brain-drained...

    Wow, I am so tired....I just want to lay in my bed and not get out for a good week. I had 265 questions - pretty sure I failed..... I tried the PVT trick but I am getting the "your results are on hold".... I have already started to come up with a new game plan to retest in 45 days hopefully and pray like a maniac. I am going to lock myself in a library/room whatever and just go over things over and over again - till I feel like i am going to pass out. The PVT trick is not working for me - its showing the hold button, but Im sure that in a some hours - I will see the credit card page, I have already planned to face it. My new study plan: Lacharity book Kaplan book Saunders book god help me. I cant get out of bed!