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GoosbyLPN has 3 years experience and specializes in Rehab, Geriatrics & School Nurse.

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  1. GoosbyLPN

    Florida RN remedial courses

    If I was you I would transfer to another state that has unlimited test taking times and then once you pass endorse to FL. study Mark K videos, UWorld, and that 35 page study guide
  2. GoosbyLPN

    Ridiculous Reasons to See the Nurse

    Scratched a bump, mints, deodorant, I got a new tattoo u have some cream for it. (high school students)
  3. GoosbyLPN

    Ridiculous Reasons to See the Nurse

    I'm a High school nurse... I've heard I have a headache, my stomach hurts, the lunch food made me sick. but these are the same kids that curse teachers out..smh
  4. GoosbyLPN


    If I have the book should I buy the online practice exams too? I also use study apps
  5. GoosbyLPN

    going to take teas soon. any tips, ideas

    Question? If I have the book should I buy the online practice exams too? I also use study apps
  6. GoosbyLPN

    LPN to ADN/ASN Bridge in the Atlanta, GA area

    That might be kinda hard unless you do do an online program. Which can be very expensive. A lot of the programs don't allow you to work, but I need to work. Let me know if you find one. I know some bridge programs are 18 months.
  7. GoosbyLPN

    Upcomoing Nusing Conference-NBNA

    I'm a member of Atlanta Black Nurses Association. We are hosting The the 43rd annual Institute & Conference "Nursing: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Patient Center Care". Please come out and attend the conference it's being hosted by the Atlanta chapter this year. Open to all Nurses (LPN, RN, and NP..etc..) and Nusing students. you can register at NBNA.org. We also have meetings every 3rd tuesday of every month at Morehouse school of medicine. Come check us out!!!
  8. Is it too early to start looking? Where do I look..is there a website?
  9. GoosbyLPN

    30 hour IV certification class for LPN's

    I know this an old thread, but do anyone know of any classes in Jacksonville area? I dont want to only do online need a classroom
  10. GoosbyLPN

    Retaking TEAS V

    I want advice too
  11. GoosbyLPN

    IV certification certification

    Do anyone know where I can take a class online or here in GA or at least close to Atlanta?
  12. GoosbyLPN

    School Nurse Salary?

    I love my kids and schedule, but my pay stinks $24, 000 a year and paid once a month . I keep a prn job on the side to even out everything.
  13. GoosbyLPN

    What cracked me up today

    This is so hilarious it happened today...I work at an HS and the student comes in and say nurse do you have any deodorant? I said "no" she the say "Do you have any powder"? I said "no"...she then say OMG what am i gonna do...She then go and put 2 band aids under her arms...I tried so hard no to laugh...
  14. I need ideas my high school clinic walls are dead!!
  15. GoosbyLPN


    What do I need to get started?
  16. GoosbyLPN

    How to start a CPR business

    What do I need to start business for myself? What materials do I need? I know i will need to take an instructor class..