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I'm a member of Atlanta Black Nurses Association. We are hosting The the 43rd annual Institute & Conference "Nursing: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Patient Center Care". Please come out and attend the conference it's being hosted by the Atlanta chapter this year. Open to all Nurses (LPN, RN, and NP..etc..) and Nusing students. you can register at NBNA.org. We also have meetings every 3rd tuesday of every month at Morehouse school of medicine. Come check us out!!!


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I would love to attend! I'm originally from Georgia, but I live in California now. I was just home a few weeks ago.


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Good morning,

I think I saw you on BNR on Facebook. I am a LPN student in Michigan but wanting to relocate to GA, either Laweranceville, or Kennesaw area. What is the rate of pay for LPNs in GA? I know in Michigan it ranges from $18-29 hourly.