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  1. TiffanyMonroeRN

    NICU to Pediatric OR

    Hi everyone! I'm an experienced peds medical and NICU nurse. I currently work per diem at a level IV NICU, but I will be training in pediatric OR this week. It's exciting because it's something new, and I've always wanted to learn OR. Does anyone have any tips or information on things to look for as an OR nurse, specifically with pediatrics? Thanks!
  2. TiffanyMonroeRN

    NICU Interview...Please Help

    Once again, thanks for your help. The interview was just as you stated, and I was offered a position today!!!! I'm so excited about this new journey :-)
  3. TiffanyMonroeRN

    NICU Interview...Please Help

    Thank you! My interview is Thursday, and I'm hoping for the best.
  4. TiffanyMonroeRN

    NICU Interview...Please Help

    Hi everyone! I've been working in peds medical, and I've landed an interview in NICU (my dream position). In addition to being NRP certified, I've been reading up on neonatal care and attended some neonatal critical care classes. Still, I feel unprepared for this interview. I want to make sure I'm fully prepared, and I was hoping I could receive some advice on interview questions. I'm super nervous . Please help...thanks!
  5. TiffanyMonroeRN

    Rady Children's Hospital-New Grad RN Program

  6. TiffanyMonroeRN

    Just accepted a peds job offer :) :)

    Congrats! I too will be starting a peds position this coming August, and I think the thread is a good idea.
  7. TiffanyMonroeRN

    Does my RACE matter when applying to Nursing Programs?

    I'm getting that feeling too. As an AA, I don't think color should make the OP not apply to nursing school. However, once you get in, that's a whole different story. Many of my AA friends and myself have experienced discrimination on some level while in nursing school. Nursing is a great career, but it's not above racism.
  8. TiffanyMonroeRN

    I feel like a failure.

    Don't feel bad. Everyone learns differently and at different paces. The only science class I took during the summer was chemistry, and that's because I grasped the material quickly. The other science classes...NO! I didn't grasp A&P as quickly, so I took it during the regular semester. It's good that you realized this. Now you know how to better prepare.
  9. TiffanyMonroeRN

    Does my RACE matter when applying to Nursing Programs?

    Your ethnicity won't be an issue. I applied (and graduated) from a nursing program that wasn't diverse. Actually, I was the only black person in my nursing class, and we had a total of three in the nursing program. Don't let anything keep you from applying. Go for it!
  10. TiffanyMonroeRN

    Rady Children's August 2015 New Grad

    Hi! I was thinking of making a FB group for us who will be working at Rady's, so that we can communicate and get to know one another. Who is interested?
  11. TiffanyMonroeRN

    Start a nursing career in Georgia

    I reside in CA, but I'm originally from ATL, GA. All of the women in my family are RNs, and my best friends in Atlanta are RNs too. There is a "shortage" of nurses everywhere, but getting a job in GA is just as competitive just as any other state. You might have a better chance if you look to the suburbs of Atlanta or smaller cities such as Columbus, Augusta, etc. The cost of living is increasing in Atlanta (especially compared to when I was growing up), but it's still much cheaper than CA. For the price my husband and I paid for our house in CA, we could've bought a mansion in GA. The pay for entry-level nurses in GA sucks though. Get some experience, and you will do better financially. The best hospitals for experience are Grady, Northside, and Emory (I used to work there...great benefits). If you get into any of those hospitals, you're set. If you want to work in peds, CHOA is really great. The benefits package is wonderful too, especially for working moms. Good luck and keep us posted :-)
  12. TiffanyMonroeRN

    Disappointed in the book format

    I used the hardcopy form for my major textbooks (i.e. Fundamentals, Med-Surg, OB/Peds), but I used the digital form for classes such as gerontology, public health, etc. I couldn't imagine using the digital format for my major textbooks, but I enjoyed it for the other classes. I have a MacBook and an iPad, so I was able to download the content on more than one device. I enjoyed being able to highlight and make notes in the digital version.
  13. TiffanyMonroeRN

    Will I be able to come back to California?

    I'm not from California, but I went to nursing school in Arizona. I had to relocate to California due to family, and I was able to get a job and CA endorsement for my license.
  14. TiffanyMonroeRN

    Rady Children's Hospital-New Grad RN Program

    Hello! I'm a new grad RN, and I've just accepted a position at Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego as a new grad RN. I'm excited about this venture, but I'm also nervous. If anyone has completed this new grad program, would you mind sharing your experience with me? What did you like the most? Like the least? Thanks in advance!
  15. TiffanyMonroeRN

    Upcomoing Nusing Conference-NBNA

    I would love to attend! I'm originally from Georgia, but I live in California now. I was just home a few weeks ago.
  16. TiffanyMonroeRN

    Nursing Specialties - Dream Job

    My dream jobs were either L&D or peds. I've recently been accepted into a new grad position in peds, so I'm happy about that.

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