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NICU Interview...Please Help

Hi everyone! I've been working in peds medical, and I've landed an interview in NICU (my dream position). In addition to being NRP certified, I've been reading up on neonatal care and attended some neonatal critical care classes. Still, I feel unprepared for this interview. I want to make sure I'm fully prepared, and I was hoping I could receive some advice on interview questions. I'm super nervous :down:. Please help...thanks!

This depends on the type of interview! We do not conduct an interview that is NICU based but one based on the type of experiences you have had & how you handled them. We are looking for character. We can train a NICU RN, but we can not train ethics, and values. Can we trust you alone in a patient room? If you make an error, would you self report? How do you work with team members? You disagree with an MD order, how do you handle it? That is how we handle our unit interviews.

I agree with destmomy; every position I ever applied for used a behavioral based interview format. The only interview in which I was asked clinically based questions was when I applied for a critical care transport position, and even then they conducted a behavioral based interview along with it.

Once again, thanks for your help. The interview was just as you stated, and I was offered a position today!!!! I'm so excited about this new journey :-)


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