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  1. debstmomy

    What professional organizations do you belong to?

    Thank you for your input, I appreciate it! (I didn't get an alert that anyone responded, sorry this response took so long!)
  2. debstmomy

    NICU Interview...Please Help

    This depends on the type of interview! We do not conduct an interview that is NICU based but one based on the type of experiences you have had & how you handled them. We are looking for character. We can train a NICU RN, but we can not train ethics, and values. Can we trust you alone in a patient room? If you make an error, would you self report? How do you work with team members? You disagree with an MD order, how do you handle it? That is how we handle our unit interviews.
  3. debstmomy

    Breast Milk Verification

    Breastmilk is now treated like a med admin through EPIC. Scan the pt, scan the med (breastmilk label). Errors can still occur when proper protocol is not followed. We must always be diligent and not take short cuts!
  4. I am in the process of working my way up our clinical ladder (meaning more $$) and if we join professional organizations, that adds more points. Which professional organizations do you belong to and why? What are they benefits? All I have seen are at least $100. Thanks for any input!
  5. debstmomy

    Looking for Guidance on Mistake

    Our hospital is baby friendly in Postpartum only, not NICU. We give out formula all the time. Many times new parents do not have time on day of discharge to prepare at home. This buys them time to get settled. I'd be more concerned to discharging to parents that do not seem capable to care for their infant. I would make sure social work follows up.
  6. debstmomy

    BRN license renewal

    Anyone else having issues with paying their license renewal via Breeze?? It will not allow me a payment process button to click. UGH! My license is due in 15 days & I am beginning to panic!!! I will try to call them, but calling the board is almost like calling Santa Claus. I am afraid if I mail it, it will not be processed in time. Any advice??
  7. debstmomy

    Tips for a New Grad in NICU?

    Listen and ask a lot of questions (but not the same one over & over). Never assume anything. Treat every baby and family as if they are your own. Compassionate care goes a long way! If it doesn't seem right, it probably isn't so double check everything. Good Luck! I am 2 years in, and still learning all the time!
  8. debstmomy

    Men in Neonatal nursing

    We have guys in our NICU, some of our best nurses! I came to the NICU as a new grad through our Children's Hospital Residency/Versant program. It can be done. Good Luck to you!
  9. debstmomy

    Phillips Wee Care

    Anyone else's unit implement Phillips Wee Care? http://www.learningconnection.philips.com/en/course/global-wee-care How did it go in the long run? Where changes permanent? How was reception from nurses to the changes? Just curious.
  10. debstmomy

    Labs/Blood Gases

    Me too, please!!!! If you do not mind.
  11. debstmomy

    Bringing Developmental Care to a Unit

    Start with sharing evidence based practice & research. Elsevier Good luck!
  12. debstmomy

    Baths on your unit

    Looking for some input!!! We are devoleping new bathing protocols for our unit come early next spring. While I do need evidence based information, I thought I would start with some general information gathered from other units. If you could help me out, that would be great! If you have links for evidence based studies, even better! How often do you bath your babies?? Do you use bath tubs on your unit? What soap/lotions does your unit use?? I'll just start with those basic questions for now!
  13. debstmomy

    The Nursing Shortage: A self-inflicted wound?

    I do not believe there is a nursing shortage, there is a hiring new grad shortage!!!!! No one wants to invest in new grad training.
  14. debstmomy

    How long before your NCLEX test date did you start studying?

    Pinklady8888 I test 2/15 too. GOOD LUCK TO US!!! I took Kaplan 3 weeks after graduation. It was a 2 week course. I have been studying a bit each day, for 5 days a week. I take to 2 days off. As it gets closer I get more nervous, but I think I am good. Just need to keep plugging along!
  15. debstmomy

    Please help with Delee suctioning :(

    Are you NRP certified? I am not sure, but isn't it covered in it?
  16. Thank you for telling her to go after her heart. I so needed to hear this! I am a new grad & I am applying for jobs I want to do. I have 10 years of Mother/Baby Lactation experience & seriously, I do not want to work med surg! I feel like I have worked to HARD to take a job, I really do not want to do!! I know jobs are seriously hard to come by & if months pass & I can not get that mother/baby job, I may consider med surg, but why not start off know what is in my heart?? Anyway, it was nice to see encouragement to do so!!!

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