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  1. Athena or Hondros

    I'm preparing for January so I have a financial aid appt in April. My coworker is starting April 11 and the next class after that is July and October. You have to attend a information session to find out all the details. Its only 1 year.
  2. Hondros nursing program-toledo

    Yes I called and the guy cant remember his name, told me that the Toledo campus was filled until September 2018. So I will be attending Athena in January. Congratulations to you though. Keep us posted how thing are going.
  3. Athena or Hondros

    Hondros in Toledo is filled until January 2018. I'm in the process of sending documents to Athena now.
  4. Athena or Hondros

    Congratulations! Are you employed in a hospital?
  5. Hondros LPN Program

    Ok I replied to your post lol!
  6. Hondros nursing program-toledo

    Thanks I'll call on monday
  7. Hondros LPN Program

    I just reLized you are going for your LPN! My apologies thought RN
  8. Hondros LPN Program

    So the one in Toledo started its Lpn - RN program?
  9. Hondros nursing program-toledo

    Did they start the LPN to RN program? They told me maybe April or October. I'd rather go to Toledo than Cleveland. A few ladies I work with drive 2 1/2 hours to Cleveland a few days a week.
  10. Hondros LPN Program

    Lundenmeekel, How did you like the school when you went and which one did you go too? I'm researching the school now and want to start in 2017 also.
  11. Athena or Hondros

    Has anyone attended or attending either of these schools for the LPN-RN Program?
  12. I went to a orientation at Athena for their LPN - RN program starting in January and its new. Its Monday - Friday for 12 months. You should check them out. They have 4 start times a year. I am considering them because they are right in Toledo.
  13. I just got hired in dialysis as an LPN!

    What's the going rate for a LPN in dialysis?
  14. NCLEX-PN exam in ONE WEEK. Been using UWorld to study.

    I'm using UWorld now for my test December 6 and right now I have a 52% overall so far but I'm not done with all the questions yet. Go back over the ones you got wrong, see if you can improve your percentage. I'm sure you will pass on the first try,...
  15. Vivanurse, You didn't want to do the RN program at Hondros?