21 Things you never mention at a hospital job interview

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Julie Reyes, DNP, RN

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Funny! I have sat in on a lot of interviews lately, and no joke - i have realized i have "zoned out" in a few of them! This made me laugh!

Emergent, RN

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Why did I leave my last job? My manager was a (female dog). My co-workers were thin-skinned backstabbers, always complaining of being bullied. The hospital was subpar and persecuted me for speaking up.

Skimming resumes instead of reading them... I hate how many questions I'm getting about patient satisfaction. It seems hiring managers for hospitals may as well work for Burger King. How about asking me about my assessment skills, how many code blues I've participated in, what interventions I'm familiar with? "Tell me about a time a patient complimented you." *****! Am I interviewing for the janitor position??!

What have you got against janitors?

And, like it or not, we do have to be nice to staff, peers, pts, families, etc. if we are going to survive in today's jobs.


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What have you got against janitors?

And, like it or not, we do have to be nice to staff, peers, pts, families, etc. if we are going to survive in today's jobs.

I doubt she has anything against janitors, or even Burger King. But maybe she thinks the interview process for a professional registered nurse should maybe have a more clinical aim than a janitor interview. Just a thought; use it as you wish.


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Some of this are definitely true! You maybe new to this profession but I will tell you, you will learn, cry, laugh and will be inspired on the long run! ;)

They were interviewing a CNA who, when asked if he had questions, made a scrubbing motion over his nether regions and asked, "Do we have to do...peri care??" :eek:

I can just see it.. :roflmao: Now that's some funny stuff!!

* Where do you see yourself in 5 years... - Hopefully elsewhere in a position that pays better/has better benefits/etc.

* What do you like about this company.. - That you're hiring.

* What made you apply to this position.. - Uhhh cause you were hiring for it..

Elvish, BSN, DNP, RN, NP

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I think most of us can see at least a little humor here. And frankly, it's a good thing that most of us don't say everything that's on our mind at every single opportunity - job interview or no.

gonzo1, ASN, RN

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I love #20. Thanks for the giggles


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I applied for an internal NICU position and I currently work adult ICU. I got an email for 2 phone interviews and set up a time.

The first thing she asks me is if I have NICU experience, and when I say no, she says oh....well it's required for this job. I wanted to say, "lady, you had my resume...what the eff?" Giant waste of my time.

OrganizedChaos, LVN

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Something like that happened to me before, twice. I wanted to work for an agency & work in hospitals. I had no hospital experience. I went & got ACLS certified, then the woman at the agency said "Oh, I thought you had hospital experience".

At what point when I filled out the application, listing my experience & handed you my resume did you realize that? Ugh.

Also applied to a hospital & they wanted someone with experience. Filled out an application AND handed them my resume. Obviously I didn't get the job.


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"18) Don't call me if i didn't get the job, an email is better."

I actually want the manager to call me if I didn't get the job....I feel like it is kind of gutless just to send me a canned rejection letter. I feel like if I did spend the time then you can at least carve out 2 minutes in your day saying...I'm sorry but.... I interviewed at hospital recently with a manager who was very nice, but felt like he could skate around the rule for peer-interviews. Well, I had to return a second time for interviews with the nurse staff---they were very nice but it did take considerable time return to the hospital because he felt like he could just make the decision without following the rules imposed by HR. So a 2 minute phone call would have been nice..


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I have actually had people say some of those types of things during interviews -- and even more during the first week in employment while in orientation classes. I even had someone give her "30-day notice" during her first week of employment. She had accepted a similar job in another city and wanted our orientation program to train her for the other new job.

Wow...just wow...I would never think to do this BUT if I did...I would definitely not tell the manager that this was my intention!! Did you let her go immediately?

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