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  1. prettyboyswag

    Quit during orientation

  2. I think patient care tech experience in the hospital will be extremely valuable while your in nursing school. I would skip being a CNA in a nursing home since you won't gain as valuable skills as you would in the hospital. Choose a hospital that will teach and allow you to perform phlebotomy and ekg's. Normally, your not taught how to do these two tasks in nursing school. Besides learning how to draw blood, and do ekgs', you'll also learn how to do blood glucose monitoring, take vital signs, measure I/O's, charting, perform basic care skills such as putting a patient on a bedpan, repositioning, dressing assistance, transporting patients on wheelchair or stretcher, and even dealing with codes. Besides performing fundamental nursing tasks, you will also gain these advantages by working as a patient care tech... 1) It's a great way to earn money and learn while you're in school 2) It's a great way to get your foot in the door with a healthcare organization since the job market is tight in some regions 3) It's a great way to build up your resume and references 4) If you float or get pulled to other dept's you can kinda gauge and see what specialty you're interested in or right for you or which 1 you like most and dislike most. 5) Ultimately i think you'll be a more comfortable new grad nurse if you have exposure to working in the hospital as a pct 6) You'll also get to see if nursing is really the career for you. I have some friends that bailed on nursing when they saw what it's really like. It's not for everyone.
  3. prettyboyswag

    To all my non-hospital nurses

    I am surprised you found the hospital setting boring.....I find it more labor intensive, scary, hard, stress, etc...I know hospital nursing isn't for me. However all the non-hospital jobs require experience...so i plan to do at least 2 years in the hospital and then ill probably either switch to dialysis, drs. office, or home health.
  4. prettyboyswag

    My 10 tips for a new RN or PCT

    Good point Calivianya. Nurses do make mistakes which could possibly lead to death but let me ask you. Why is it they made those mistakes. 99% it's probably b/c they are overworked, tired, understaffed. The working conditions make it possible to make those "killer" mistakes. Yes, there names will be forever defamed and will likely not find another job. Nursing essentially destroyed their lives. Those 2 you speak of probably would of never gone into nursing if they could rewind their lives. So basically they make a mistake, workplace created that environment, nurse gets blamed, sued, defamed, and no blame goes to the employer. Coworkers backstab nurse, and nurses life is ruined. Welcome to the world of nursing
  5. prettyboyswag

    New Nurse Fired After 3 months (cant find another job)

    I'm very sorry silent wolf. It looks like you fell in a trap called nursing. You were wrongfully terminated. Your boss used you as the scapegoat. Yes, you were basically backstabbed by your preceptor aka another nurse. That's how this field operates. Your eaten and spit back out so you can endure more pain. You must of fell for the lie that is nursing. You probably see what it's really like now. If i were you, i'd stop wasting anymore precious time and find a career that you'll enjoy. Nurses make 50-75k on avg. Accountants, Engineers, Computer Scientists, with similar degrees make the same if not a little bit more. There are plenty of choices and a lot of job with way less stress.
  6. prettyboyswag

    Quitting tomorrow, in panic

    Run, run like the wind and never look back
  7. prettyboyswag

    My 10 tips for a new RN or PCT

    Look Ekrn2014. I know what your thinking. It is not true. Let me shine some light on what goes through the mind of a prettyboyswagger. Nursing in itself is a great profession that deserves a lot of respect. What i dont like is what nursing HAS become. Meaning, your now a pill pusher, understaffed, treatment in the workplace, admin freezing pay increases, patients looking to healthcare to solve their problems as opposed to the patient trying to help themselves. I guess you can say, i believe our healthcare system is going down the toilet. If their was proper staffing levels, low patient ratio's, you'd actually get to spend time and know your patient, you would have proper ancillary staff to assist you, thus saving your back, your paid what your worth, which i believe should be a lot, you actually get to spend sometime off on the weekends and holidays, and so forth...You get the jist. Again the issue isn't nursing but it's what it has become thats the issue. Good day little cat lover.
  8. prettyboyswag

    Quitting tomorrow, in panic

    You know for most people they cant quit. If they quit, how will they pay their bills? Will they get another job, it could be a month, could be a year? People like me, yes im stuck in this whole called nursing. I need the money. It's 1 of few bachelors degrees where you can start over 50k a year. Some places will start you in the 60-70k range even. Not money degrees offer this luxury. Sometimes, you have to do it for the money. I suck in accounting, engineering, and computer science. Im very good in psych or sociology but what will that do for me? zippo... I am not dedicated and cant afford med school or PT school. So have to do nursing for now and hope i can get away from the hospital scene at some point. Me personally, id never quit a job unless i had a backup or was rich.
  9. prettyboyswag

    Quitting tomorrow, in panic

    Listen carefully, I hold an answer to your troubles. Here it is...."Stop caring".....Your making a very bold and smart move, a move many nurses are to afraid to make out of fear of ruining their careers. But like you said, your tired of nursing and want out. You have nothing to lose at this point. I know how you feel...You want that 8-4 job, with weekends and holidays off, you want to sit in an office and answer the phone, you don't want to deal with patients and their poop, you're tired of running around, standing on your feet for 12 hours, your back and legs hurt, you go home battered and bruised, your starting to become crazy and have mental issues, maybe hallucinating, i know. You want to sleep normally and have a normal life. Nursing is eating you alive. Escape now, while you can, before your stuck.
  10. prettyboyswag

    My 10 tips for a new RN or PCT

    lol yes it is, but i'm sure some will find some truth in those statements.
  11. prettyboyswag

    My 10 tips for a new RN or PCT

    1) Stay out of trouble: Making mistakes during orientation will likely result in security showing you the door. "But I'm human".....Yes you are human but society see's you as superhuman (don't ask me how, must be the movies), so you can't make any mistakes. Also Hospitals are concerned with liability. 2) If you made a booboo, chances are your preceptor will tell on you, to not just the manager, but the whole unit. Your name will be forever defamed. Also it's likely people you work with made similar mistakes. They were just good at hiding it. That's why they still have a job. 3)Work fast/steady or forever be doomed: In healthcare you realize you have to work fast. 1 patient leaves, another comes in. You'll be running around to get things done on time. Expect staff to ridicule you if you're not performing at a fast enough pace..."But i may make a mistake"....Yes you may indeed but they don't care, they have to fill beds for the mullah (money).... 4) Don't take things personally: There is no way you can survive, esp. as a newbie. Like my saying goes, expect the worst, hope for the best. 5) Don't rely on your co-workers: Everyone is going to be busy, sometimes (all-most all the time), you'll have to try and manage on your own. 6) Expect to be thrown in the fire starting day 1: Yes, there is no holding hands in this profession, prepare to work with patients, starting in the very beginning. 7) Your replaceable: As a newbie, your easily replaceable. Hospitals try to maintain individuals who have been working there for many years, since they are the most skilled and will likely not make mistakes, or at least tiny ones=saves money. 8) School doesn't teach you everything you need to know: Don't expect NS to have taught you much, you still have a lot to learn. Think of yourself as a child, starting to learn new things. 9) You will likely be shocked, nervous at first: The amount of work/resp./stress, will seem unbearable. If you manage to survive, things will become more routine. 10) There is a reason why your nurse manager decided to become a NM: To escape the bedside. *My last bit of advice is, you don't have to remain where you are if your unhappy...try finding another job 1st before quitting and if that doesn't work out, quit take a break and try the job hunt again. Realize though, this method won't pay your bills. If your stuck where you are then prayer is the only other method for deliverance.
  12. prettyboyswag

    Graduation, First ever RN job, And Fired within 2 Months?

    This is a major reason why many new grads decide to leave nursing after less than a yr on the job. As human beings, we are prone to error. However in nursing, making mistakes is considered to be automatic termination. You're basically expected to run around for 12 hrs, on your feet, make no mistakes, take no break, and sacrifice your body, for your patients. People on these comments board will tell you something along the lines is, learn from it, move on, etc, but to be quite honest these very same people probably made mistakes, and they didn't get caught. Nursing is a dog eat cat world, you will be chewed, spittin, and eaten alive.
  13. prettyboyswag

    21 Things you never mention at a hospital job interview

    haha, don't get me wrong. I like some of my patients, others, let's just say, i wouldn't like to see them again lol. Nursing is a great profession, but deserves some criticism. I understand hospitals are 24/7 businesses, but employees do deserve to be treated with respect and not run over. In regards to money, if a doctor or RN was making minimum wage, then you would have a huge shortage crises, so obviously people factor in money to their career prospects, let's not kid ourselves.
  14. Unfortunately you cannot practice as a RN if you're not licensed. You can consider trying again although i do not know how many times you took the test. I say, anything above 3 failed attempts requires a remediation course and 6 failed attempts is the end of the line. You can consider practicing outside the country, if you truly feel you can't pass it. Seek help and guidance from others.
  15. Whether you're a soon to be minted or experienced RN, CNA, PCT, LPN, you probably have had some of these thoughts run through your mind during an interview. Let's be honest now. Share your thoughts and feel free to add to the list. try not to take this list too seriously as not everyone behaves or thinks the same way. This is more for humor. 1 ) I hate waking up 5am to get ready for work 2 ) I don't like dressing up for interviews. You also wasted some of my gas so i can be here. 3 ) I don't enjoy wiping butt, do you? 4 ) I'm doing this for the money (mostly) 5 ) I wouldn't do this for free 6 ) I hate dealing with co-workers (most of the time) 7 ) Dealing with doctors can be a nuisance 8 ) No i won't work overnight shift, unless you're paying me time and a half 9 ) I hate being on-call 10) I can think of 10 better things i can be doing with my weekend than being here 11) No i don't really want to work on holidays but i know if i say no, then i won't get the job, so i have to say yes (with a fake smile) 12) If i won the lottery i'd go into early retirement 13) If nursing school showed me what nursing is really like early on i would of probably cut my losses early 14) I don't really care about your mission statement, save your breath 15) A 30 min. break for a 12 hour shift is unreasonable and illegal in my opinion. A 2 hour break is more feasible. 16) Patients can be the biggest drama queens and don't get me started with their family members. 17) Is the interview almost over yet, i have a party to get to 18) Don't call me if i didn't get the job, an email is better. 19) I expect a decision in 3 days, don't give me the 2 week wait period speel 20) I don't have enough experience? Then why am i even here. You're that bored aren't you. 21) What's my dream job? Being a CEO of a multi-billion dollar organization with an office the size of a house.
  16. prettyboyswag

    I am a student being bullied :-(

    I feel for you. But that's how medicine works. You are a fish swimming in the ocean. You don't want to be eaten by a shark. Your co-workers are the sharks. Consider this a rite of passage. Yes, healthcare has a lot of bullying. I bet you didn't know that before going into this field. Well, as a student, you have now received an early introduction. The whole growing a backbone is very true. It'll be very hard to survive in this field if you don't have a strong backbone. People you'll be working with are likely over-worked, stressed, tired, and would probably like to be anywhere else but at work. No one really enjoys working. Most do it for the money, the mullah, the big cheese, the bang-bang, the green stuff. You get the idea. This is just 1 of many challenges you'll be facing throughout your healthcare career. Wait until your actually no longer a student and starting your 1st real job. Normally as a newbie, or even as a student, you really don't have a voice. You can certainly try to speak up, that's up to you, but things may not work out in your favor. You should see how medical residents are treated. Again, they are fish, swimming, trying to find safe haven, before the sharks eat them alive. Welcome to healthcare.

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