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  1. MrsICURN14

    What am I qualified to do? OTHER THAN FLOOR NURSING!!

    No advice but following this post! I'm curious too.
  2. MrsICURN14

    Fort Worth hospitals with weekend plan?

  3. MrsICURN14

    License question

    Thank you. Unfortunately I can't get a PRN job as I only worked in a hospital setting for 6mo before quitting. I was doing part time for a private duty company after quitting the hospital and I guess I could pick up a shift here and there once my son...
  4. MrsICURN14

    License question

    I have searched all over the Texas BON website and cannot find the answer to my question. I'm currently a stay at home mom and was licensed in June of 2014. How long can I stay out of the work field before my license expires from lack of working? Is...
  5. MrsICURN14

    Should I wait to have a baby?

    I wouldn't do it. I graduated with my BSN may 2014 and had my first baby last month. There's no way I could have made it through school with a baby. And clinicals plus late nights studying and stressful tests would have been awful while pregnant. Pe...
  6. MrsICURN14

    Pulse Ox

    Okay, I'll talk to my manager. Thank you. I'm new to PDN so this is all good to know.
  7. MrsICURN14

    Pulse Ox

    Both of my patients require O2 sats as part of the daily vitals, and one patient is new and we are waiting on the DME to send a pulse ox to the home. My other patient has one in the home but it's a POS and sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Seem...
  8. MrsICURN14

    Pulse Ox

    This might be a really dumb question, but I am wondering if I can use my regular pocket pulse ox on pedi patients? Or will I need to buy a special pediatric one? Right now my patients are 10mo, and 5 y/o.
  9. MrsICURN14

    Losing Skills?

    I'm glad I'm not alone. I feel that my GN internship in the ICU helped me a lot, but those skills are like anything else If you don't use it you lose it!
  10. MrsICURN14

    Losing Skills?

    I'm a new RN. Graduated with my BSN last May. I worked in the ICU for 6mo but couldn't handle the 2 hour commute and working nights. I'm almost 7mo pregnant and now working pediatric PDN. I'm afraid I'm losing my skills, but I don't want another ac...
  11. MrsICURN14

    Your Opinion

    I was trying to conceive and having problems during my OB rotation in school. For that reason, I HATED my OB class and rotation. All it did was remind of what I so badly wanted and couldn't have. I'm pregnant now, a year later, but before I got pre...
  12. MrsICURN14

    Advice, please :)

    Thank you so much!!
  13. MrsICURN14

    TX RN positive Ebola

    I work at a big hospital about 5 miles away and my husband has already given me permission to quit if we get an Ebola patient. Scary stuff.
  14. MrsICURN14

    TIPS for New Grads entering ICU

    I'm a new grad in the ICU. Been there 4 months. For me, the hardest part has been the feeling that I'm expected to know everything right off the bat. I left work feeling like an idiot most times during orientation. The critical thinking aspect is hu...
  15. MrsICURN14

    My Reflections on Nursing

    Aw that's awesome.