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I'm a single mom and second-career nurse.

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  1. 817nurse

    Moving from TX to CALI

    It is extremely difficult finding work as a new grad in CA, and 10 times worse in Sacramento. With an out-of-state education and no experience, expect to be without a job for a year or longer. Getting licensed in CA takes about three months at the minimum. The California BRN is the slowest board of nursing in the entire country.
  2. 817nurse

    RN vs BSN, is a BSN really worth it?

    It depends on your local job market. In some cities and states, you will not be hired in acute care without a BSN. If you want a job upon graduation, I suggest you jump through the extra hoops to earn a BSN degree. It is not about salary. It is about getting a job in the first place.
  3. 817nurse


    You are right. Kindred has a bunch of LTC facilities, LTAC hospitals, transitional rehab centers, and anything else they can acquire to make fast cash.
  4. 817nurse

    Help with accreditation please!!

    Is there a reason you're only considering the seediest nursing schools like ITT Tech, Keiser, Rasmussen, et al? These schools are bottom of the barrel and sludge of the crop.
  5. 817nurse

    New grad med passing

    1. I've never heard of any nurse who did "loose" a license for passing meds late. You can "lose" a license, not "loose" it, but I still never heard of any nurse who lost their license for a late med pass. 2. State surveyors only watch nurses pass meds to maybe 7 or 8 residents. 3. When state is in the building, you will see more staff than ever. Ask one of them to help you finish your med pass. Of course, once state exits the building and finishes their survey, all that extra staff will be gone. 4. When state is in the building, you need to use BP equipment provided by your nursing home. Your personal BP cuff hasn't been calibrated. Of course, you can do what you want when state isn't there watching you.
  6. 817nurse

    Advice on getting into NYU nursing

    My advice is to stay far away from NYU nursing. No basic bachelor of science degree nursing program is worth $47,000 a year in tuition. Pick another school. http://www.nyu.edu/content/dam/nyu/financialAid/documents/tuitiongeneral.pdf
  7. 817nurse

    Night Shift Impacting My Relationship

    This is why it's important to date people who already had somewhat interesting lives of their own prior to meeting you. It seems like the girlfriend depends too much on you for a social life, entertainment, amusement, et al. I think it's a red flag when a person leans on her partner to give her the interesting life that she cannot or will not provide for herself.
  8. 817nurse

    New nurse stuck on verge of homelessness

    You posted about getting offered a job at a nursing home at the beginning of this month, OP. Did you decline the job offer? If so, that probably wasn't the brightest decision considering you are on the verge of homelessness. Good luck.
  9. 817nurse

    Are med-surg jobs extremely competitive?

    Correction...you are not an "old new grad" because you have been gainfully employed as a nurse the past two years. A true "old new grad" is someone who has been licensed for longer than a year and lacks any type of paid work experience as a nurse.
  10. 817nurse

    RN to BSN help!!

    Fort Hays State University offers their RN to BSN program for less than $200 per credit, regardless of whether you live in state or out of state. They are one of the cheapest RN to BSN programs I've found.
  11. 817nurse

    Took the board on Friday checked the result on Monday

    It means absolutely nothing at this point. Keep checking the website every couple of days. If you see an RN license number posted next to your name, it means you passed. If you receive a large envelope in the mail with directions on how to retest, it means you failed.
  12. 817nurse

    "They'll hire anybody!"

    Many LTC facilities have high employee turnover rates, especially for CNAs. This is not unusual by itself. It's due to the bust-ass nature of the work.
  13. 817nurse

    Time for a change

    Maybe some people want to work as a CNA while they finish prereqs because they need the money? Just a thought. We all didn't come into this world with a rich uncle or a trust fund to bankroll our educational costs.
  14. 817nurse

    How did you decide on your specialty?

    Well-mother/baby postpartum nursing was my dream when I was a nursing student, but reality dictated that I had to take a job in a specialty that would actually hire me. Fast forward a few years and I am working as a school nurse.
  15. 817nurse


    It's a reputable school that was bought out by DeVry University, but I think that no BSN degree is worth the $85,000 in tuition that Chamberlain charges its students.
  16. WGU's RN-to-MSN program awards both a BSN and a MSN as long as the student is sure to petition for the BSN.