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nurse2033, MSN, RN

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Your are starting your professional training. Think about that.

If I had had a classmate who wore that to class, I would be very, very torn.

Ledger as the Joker is my favorite rendition.

But what he represented was the OPPOSITE of nursing.

I'd be wary of a classmate who thought of this shirt as the epitome of nursing humor.


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I guess I just don't get it, I myself am a male going into Nursing what the hell would you want to wear something like that ?!?! Maybe you should pursue a art degree.

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it screams "look at me im immature". also screams "dont take me seriously".


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That would give you a bad Impression in my opinion :cautious:

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Who remembers leisure suit larry? "It's an idea, just not a good one."

Mavrick, BSN, RN

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Shows poor judgement. You are one of those students that has a long way to go.

How about a beanie with a propeller?


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I love that movie. I love ledgers rendition of joker. I don't get it though.... Also. Nursing school has strict dress code... Have you not reviewed your rules of conduct yet?

As a fellow student in your class I would be unamused and unphased. Also, grateful that the class douche made himself known and rather quickly. Yay! As an administrator I would think "that was easy"...

Remember the phrase about first impressions? Making a positive one (that you are there to learn and be professional and serious about it will get you further than Batman :)

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Bringing attention to yourself for what reason? Do you think your doctoral level nursing instructor will think it is funny? Then when you get called out you get defensive. Good luck man. When I was in nursing school I liked a few people like you in the canary in the coal mine. As long as the unprofessional goofballs were still there I had nothing to worry about.


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Nice to see authoritarianism is still alive and well in people like you.

I really hope I get a prof as "brutally stupid' as yourself. They won't be a prof. long after they pull the kind of idiocy you are describing. After losing their job, I would take them to court over damages, and be living in their house afterwards as they spent the rest of their lives wishing to god they didn't throw their careers away over a movie t-shirt.

So you have one of 2 problems.

1. You are stupid enough to do something like what you described. In which case I hope you like Spam and trailers for the rest of your life.

2. You're just a loudmouth and need to grow up.

1. You have just attacked someone who only offered you suggestions on how YOU might avoid looking truly stupid upon your first appearance in nursing school. Not sure how you find a correlation between recognizing your poor attempt at humor as poor taste and poverty, but....I suspect HE isn't the one who will be living in poverty, drowning in debt because of an inability to work well with others.

2. Name-calling (loudmouth? Really?) is a signal to the population here that it isn't THEM who needs to grow might just be the person tossing around the names. Consider that.

Zooey, there is a LOOOooonnng road ahead of you, I suspect, based on not only your overreaction to a professor's testing style but your belief that a t-shirt like you describe would be a really good idea. A "must have" for nursing A "must NOT" is more like it.

There is nothing professional in what you posted, and the reactions you got should clue you in to the fact that you really must make some changes in your attitude if you have ANY prayer of graduating this program. Honestly. It doesn't bode well for you at all unless you do.

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I think this thread was made tongue-in-cheek. However....its also run its course. Closing for review.

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