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  1. JVoEDrn

    Disciplinary action?

    She called me! It was a MAR issue as in I completed the med rec and stated the pt was on Potassium chl. But the mar from the rehab facility states otherwise. The pt had a 5.2 k+ And the md that admitted her approved the mar without reviewing the labs and ultimately ordered her to start K when already hyperkalemic. The chain goes down to me and the MAR. I've never ever just put in a medication with no proof the pt was on it, and the only thing I can think of was me asking the pt (who had a gcs 15 and a/ox3 -LOC) if she was taking k. Which I always ask if the pt is on Lasix but doesn't show proof of taking potassium chl. the pt is ok and nothing else happened aside from that med error. it came about through a chart audit. they said not to worry but they wee just trying to figure out where it came from and what to tell the auditors. Phew.
  2. JVoEDrn

    Disciplinary action?

    Hi everyone! i just was looking for some words of wisdom. I just got a text message from my nurse manager asking me when I could come in because she wanted to speak with me about a patient I had back in December. I'm meeting with her tomorrow after I complete a mandatory skills labs. I have so much anxiety over this. I don't get called in. The last time I was called in was to verify if another nurse had been inappropriate and to be told that I was doing a great job! They even asked me if there was anything they could do to make me happier.... now im being called in on a pt I had in December. I can't imagine for what!?! It was nearly 6 months ago. No med errors, no complaints, nothing! Now this? this kind of stuff stresses me out. Like, just TELL ME! Call me!!! Ugh but now I have to wait. Florida is a right to work state and they can fire you for anything!! I definitely don't think I'm getting fired. But whyyyyy???? our surveys are three months out so all the surveys for that month would have been in by now. I'm at a loss. 😢 Thoughts? she said "issue" so I know it's not good.
  3. JVoEDrn

    Night shift exercise routine?

    Thank you all for your encouragement and ideas!!! I really think working out after work and right before is the way to go. Meal prepping meals that will curb my hunger and keep me away from those deadly delicious treats!!
  4. JVoEDrn

    Night shift exercise routine?

    I like the idea of working at night and while watching tv! That timing seems doable too...
  5. JVoEDrn

    Night shift exercise routine?

    Hello all! Working nightshift and in desperate need of a restart on my body. Over the last few months I have been thoroughly irresponsible with my health. And I should know better. I'm a nurse. In the ER. What in the world is wrong with me? Actually, no. I know what's wrong with me! It's my coworkers! And their damned treats. Ugh. It's my fault. I know that but now, I'm ready to kick start my health again---and scared. I don't want to die because of my lifestyle. Tomorrow begins day one. I am starting a cleanse. And then I plan on continue with the clean eating. I have that planned. What I DONT have planned is the exercise. So first I have to change my logic... I swear up and down that I don't need to work out because I do enough physically at work... But that sounds like an excuse, and this new kickstart im doing, doesn't do excuses. However for the life of me I cannot figure out when to work out. I mean, I have an idea, but really just want input. Currently I work a ridiculous amount. 4-5 shifts Q. 6 day period. Then I do on call SANE. So I need to decrease my days at work. Anyways... This is turning into a mess in my head. Sigh. When do YOU workout nightshifter??
  6. JVoEDrn

    Now THAT'S a lab result

    Trop 247- dead Hgb 4 - alive Lactic 16- alive-ish Glu 24- alive Wbc 64K - alive but hospice ETOH 440- walking and talking a/o
  7. JVoEDrn

    Thrown From the Tower!!

    I would have already fired you. Seems like she is offering plenty of grace, since you managed to still be employed after your ridiculous behavior. Plenty of nurses looking for jobs that would be there an hour early if it meant employment. Your behavior is inexcusable. Your professionalism is lacking and yet completely necessary in the field you have chosen to work in. Stop the excuses too, because they are terrible ones....IJS
  8. JVoEDrn

    Triage question

    He would have been epigastric pain with recent hx of n/v with. Notations to where the pain has radiated. EKG in triage Bc we are a chest pain facility and to CYA. A 3, and back to the waiting room. Screw the doctor. You're out in triage and as long as you can stand by what and why you did it, that's what counts.
  9. JVoEDrn

    mommy guilt

    Your mommy guilt will get worse once you start working as a nurse. I've come to terms with the fact that this is our family dynamic, mommy is a Rn and daddy is a paramedic firefighter. We work holidays. Have ridiculously early days and crazy late nights. Dinner is rarely on the table by 6 and sometimes I sleep the day away after coming home off shift. what do you do? Love them physically when you can. My daughters understand and occasionally need the "this is what we do" talk as a reminder. If this is the profession you choose, you have to swallow the guilt and learn how to incorporate your profession into your every day life. Days off are family days, days working we spent running and sometimes I don't see them to bed at all. I have a 9year old, 6 year old and 8 month old. It stings sometimes but then I remember, I chose this life and I would do it again in a heart beat.
  10. JVoEDrn

    Valuable life lessons from an ER nurse....

    No. You can't eat Mr. abdominal pain.
  11. JVoEDrn

    Valuable life lessons from an ER nurse....

    That was not a seizure.
  12. JVoEDrn

    Overtime pay and taxes

    I don't want a return. My accountant stresses the importance of breaking even!
  13. JVoEDrn

    Overtime pay and taxes

    My allowances add up to 9. I've allowed 2 on my w-4. Hubby has allowed 0. I think we are screwing ourselves... I'm going to adjust to 7. Leave hubbys at 0. Thoughts?
  14. JVoEDrn

    Overtime pay and taxes

    This was soooooo insightful. Thank you!!!!
  15. JVoEDrn

    How much time do you get for Thanksgiving break?

    I have Wednesday Thursday and Friday off because those were the days I was scheduled off.