The Most Beautiful Curls I'd Ever Seen

You were beautiful when you arrived in my PICU, despite the fact that you were so ill. All of 5 years old, scared to death, pale as could be. You had the most beautiful blond curls I'd ever seen on a little boy.

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Brian, ASN, RN

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Wow, what wonderfully written tribute! Thanks for sharing your story!

Thunderwolf, MSN, RN

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I have never been so moved by a story as I have with this one. I felt like I was at the bedside with you, my heart slowly breaking.

Thank you for sharing.

Excellent writing.

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NurseCard, ADN

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Wow. That was powerful. So, so very sad. As a parent of young children... very scary as well. Thank you for sharing.

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I cried so much! :nurse: You and all PICU nurses are special angels! :bow: I don't think I could work with little ones and lose them and console their parents :sniff:

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kessadawn...........I can TRULY say, I have never been moved by anything so much on this site. Your words are so touching.. I've never been moved to such tears on reading a post.


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Kessadawn... Wow! You have a gift for storytelling. Thank you for sharing your experience so personally and emotionally. Reading it, I felt like I was there.


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All I can say after reading this is THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU for being able to share this story and to have the emotional strength to do this job. I know that I have such a horrible time keeping my own emotions in check when it comes to the deaths of these precious children that I most likely could never do the job that you do. I thank God daily for nurses like you.

kessadawn, BSN, RN

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wow, i never anticipated the impact this article has had! thank you all for all of the really nice compliments! :bow:

WildcatFanRN, BSN, RN

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Thank you for sharing this story, such a big heart you have.


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I thank God there are people like you!


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I'm a Homecare Nurse here in Brampton Ontario, Canada. Most nof my patients get better & are discharged but I'm alsi the Palliative Nurse as well with patient ages ranging from 8 weeks to 50's. I have 4 little ones, 8 weeks, 26 months & 13 years that won't be with us for long. They weren't the first & certainly won't be the last BUT each & every one of them is etched in my heart. I can empathize & fully understand your feelings behind your story. I think it is what makes us unique in what we do. I've been Nursing for 25 years, retire in 3 but I will never forget "my little ones".:redpinkhe

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Last night we had a boy with multiple special needs transported to us by air ambulance after having a fall in the tub and 30 minutes of ACLS. We did everything we could for that boy, but were too late to make a difference. After he died, around 3 am, we learned that he was the same boy pictured on a poster we had hanging at our nurses' station celebrating the advances being made locally in treating severe spasticity and dystonia. It was a very sobering moment for all of us.